They all Laughed, Happily

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic
I heard this concept, viewpoint, during a discussion with friends and after thinking about it I thought that there might be some merit to the idea. It's not scriptural thinking but I sure could tie some Bible quotes to the idea. No doubt others will not see it that way, but hay, it's a free country; so far.

Submitted: July 20, 2018

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Submitted: July 20, 2018



Three religious scholars were having lunch in a Christian University's cafeteria.

The dining area of the cafeteria was part of a former monastery and the university prides itself on the fact that they have incorporated newly built wings into the old buildings; from outside and inside one can hardly tell the difference.

But the dining hall is a different matter. The long and very old tables, the ones that the monks used, are still the only tables available to those who dine in the hall. 

So the professors thought nothing of it when a dishwasher, from the cafeteria's staff, sat down at their table. He sat at a distance, but still within ears shot.


One of the Professors mentioned is Sarah Judith Goldwyn, she teaches "Old Testament History" and she also teaches classes listed as; "God's Words and Deeds, Scripture Interpretations."

The second scholar is Professor Tomas Doubting, he was hired through a Grant to interpret and translates newly found scripture passages into several languages. He is currently working on some pages from the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The third Professor is Sebastian Hilderbrand Dickey, a New Testament Theologian and an author of several books on the subject.


As the professors often do during their lunchtime, they enter into a spirited discussion. This time it was on the subject of Satan's apparent victories in today's world, and they were coming up with all sorts of theories as to why God seemed to be suffering a (temporary?) decline in power. Although attendance is up in most faiths, so is the amount of carnage and human brutality in the world.

"The old testament clearly tells of times when God has setbacks and his followers stray," Professors Goldwyn stated. Just look at any given century and you will see variations. 

Professor Dickey responded with, "Oh that doesn't fit this situation at all. We are talking about outright evil in the world that would rival the days of Noah. How could God allow earth to be under such siege by the forces of evil?"

"Maybe Judgment Day really is at hand, some modern day spiritualists are saying that all the signs are here," Professor Doubting said as he finished off his butterscotch pudding.

Sebastian Dickey shot back with, "Those people are always yelling, “Doomsday!” They are forgetting or ignoring a vital occurrence that must happen first. If they are going to use Scripture in their predictions then they can't ignore it."

"You mean the Two Witnesses that are to come, the ones who are stoned to death and come back to life?" Professor Doubting asked.

Professor Dickey replied, "Exactly! Without them nothing else can happen. They are the warning signs without a doubt; "The End of Days" is coming.

So that leaves us, my dear friends, with the same question that we started this conversation with. Why is there so much pain and cruelty in the world around us?"


At that moment the dishwasher had finished his lunch and was leaving the table. And as he made his way past the three he stopped and asked, "Excuse me, but wasn't God quoted as saying to sinners, "I will send them a Strong Delusion so they will believe a lie."

All three scholars shook their collective heads in agreement.

Then the dishwasher stated as he walked away, "As long as Scholars keep telling us that we are on "God's Green Earth" then none of the pain and suffering makes any sense. But if you consider the possibility that we are already in Hell and don't want to believe it, well then, it makes perfect sense." 

The three scholars were dumbfounded and looked puzzled as they pondered what the dishwasher had said.

Then Professor Tomas Doubting said, "Well it sure doesn't look like Hell."

And they all laughed, happily.



JE Falcon  --- 07-19-2018

© Copyright 2020 JE Falcon. All rights reserved.

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