What, Again? (Dead Horse)

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Yes, ANOTHER poem about the media/politics!

Submitted: August 20, 2015

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Submitted: August 20, 2015



You have just seen my latest post,

and thought to yourself, "Give up the ghost!"


Yes another  poem bashing the media's coverage

of the 3-ring circus known as, 'The Candidates!"  The drainage


of the swamps must be complete, because nothing but muck

is clogging the TV screen--this absolute suck,


this clown car sideshow, this total shit!

But the media's having a field day covering it.


You have to admit, they're good for a chuckle,

if you find knowing nothing, or worse, living in the Fox news bubble,


funny. The thought of someone so clueless who actually believes Fox's lies,

becoming president and deciding things on my behalf, cries


"Unacceptable!" to me, but there are plenty of no-teeth voters

out there to whom the small-minded, hate-filled rhetoric blurs


the line between pandering to get their vote, and the wise

course of action. These people actually believe the spewage, and buy


the frankly idiotic and dangerous sewage running from the mouths

of these clowns, who if one should win, we're all headed south!


I hereby promise, no more bashing the media,

at least until tomorrow, when they'll show the next, "We've-just-got-to-show-ya!"


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