You May Go

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A poem with riddles inside. Why? Search me, LOL.

Submitted: December 29, 2016

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Submitted: December 29, 2016



The storm had raged for many an hour

When the Clipper-ship came into view;

It was the Master, to save them all;

A dependable soul, tried and true.


The Master gathered his children,

His wife, his gold, and his servants as well;

Then he took them aboard his Clipper-Ship

And tried to sail out of that hell.


"Look lively mates, it's a Devil-storm,

Women and children should go below,

Only my seamen shall know this deck

'cause the Devil-wind is starting to blow."



The Captain took the Helmsman's place

As the Helmsman was washed from the wheel.

The sails were tattered, the rudder split,

And leakage was noted along the Keel.


The sailors, in fear, began to pray

And the Captain bowed his head

As the ship was hit by the perfect wave;

It split the deck, putting hope to bed.


"Oh Woe Is Me," said the Captain, aloud,

"Take me I beg and spare the rest!"

So the Angel of Death granted his wish

If the Captain could solve a riddling test.


"A riddle for you," said the Angel of Death,

"If you solve this riddle, they'll not go down.

Now tell me true the answer to this;

(In what sea do men sink, but seldom drown?)"


"(In the Sea-of-humanity)," the Captain answered,

"Now do as you promised and send them away."

"You spoke too soon," said the angry Angel,

"You must answer another today."


"If I answer another will you spare me too?"

The Captain asked, in a cautious tone.

"If you can answer the next, I’ll do just that,

But the answer must come from you, alone."


Then the Angel asked in a booming voice,

"Answer me this and do not lie.

Can you name the fish that live out of water,

And do those fish ever cry?"


The Captain thought for a long, long, while

Then said to the Angel, "This answer I share,

They are known as Christians to many

And many do cry, at prayer."




Suddenly, there was light all around!

The rain stopped and the wind fell low.

The Angel of Death laughed and said,

"That answer's correct, as you well know.


Your ship is repaired --- You May Go."



D. Thurmond / JEF


Rew. 03-2018


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