Skipping Me

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Wow. I needed a confidence boost. No offense to people who have different religious beliefs than I. I'm not trying to start anything.

Submitted: February 19, 2008

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Submitted: February 19, 2008




Growing up with gorgeousness,

it's not hard to wonder why,

I was the one who wasn't included --

That God seemed to skip me by.


I can look around each day,

and see what he has made,

all of the beauty on those people --

that seems to just never fade.


And I sit at home alone sometimes,

trying to figure out exactly why,

I was the one who wasn't included --

Why God wanted to skip me by.


Yet, some people think different than most,

and can see something I cannot,

They can see a special part of me --

it's a part of me I've always fought.


Though differently from theirs are mine,

I seem to sometimes wonder why,

I thought that I was never included --

That God had just skipped me by.


Now I'm working on the truth,

learning to except the way I am,

and though sometimes it may be hard --

I'm sure doing the best I can.


Even growing up with what I did,

now I only wonder why,

I thought that I wasn't included --

That God had really skipped me by.


Now like skipping the stones from shore,

my life tends to ripple by,

But I can sit there actually knowing --

Who thinks differently than I.

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