the diary of Kimberly Green #1 (no one cares!)

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Submitted: December 10, 2013

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Submitted: December 10, 2013



APRIL 7TH 2012

Today we are officially moved to Oregon. Mom and Dad say it's for the best. Me, for the worst. My sister, Leah won't shut up about how great oregon is. She hasn't even been here! My brother, Max dosn't care one way or another! My other brother Kai is just like me, complaining. First of all, let me give you my family: Mom, Dad, April, Max, Me, Leah, Kai and Susan. Yeah... hard life with five siblings. Mom thinks we are little angels! Poor mom must be insane! My sisters are annoying and my brothers are obnoxious. Ugh... i feel like i am just conmplaining! bUT HERE: I get my own room in our new house YIPEE!!! Well, i guess that'll be amazing!

APRIL 8th 2012

My new room is painted green. YAY! We are all moved in in a HUGE house. I am  so happy! We are touring my new school tomarrow! Its called Lincoln Middle School. My old school was Meriwether Lewis Middle School. My old friends were: A spen, Viola, and Ben. I hope they keep in touch.

APRIL 9th 2012

My new school is nice. My new teacher is Mrs. Crawford! She's super nice. I feel as if things are opening up for me!

APRIL 11th 2012

i spoke too soon. My new school is awful. Everyone ignores me. DOES NO ONE CARE?! I guess. A few people tell me hello with a smile. But then thats it. Also i share a locker with a girl. And get this: her pomagranite juice leaked out of her lunchbox and ruined my best coat. Also, Mrs. Crawford JUST had her baby so we get a new teacher: Ms. Candy. She seemes nice but shes a DEVIL! *sigh* well anyway...bye for now

APRIL 12th 2012

can things get  any worse?

APRIL 13th 2012

yes... they did.

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