Lions are Cool

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Jaya and Camryn head to the zoo for their anniversary

Submitted: January 16, 2020

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Submitted: January 16, 2020



Jaya loved celebrations. Any reason to have a party and spend time with her friends. Her favourite celebration, however, was her anniversary with Camryn. Every year, the two of them would re-enact their first date, and would spend the day at the zoo. They were both members, and visited countless times a year, but going on that day always felt special. 


One year, their anniversary just happened to coincide with the zoo's weekly penguin parade. The penguins would form a line, and follow their keepers out of their habitat. The march would only last a couple of minutes, but a large crowd would always gather to join the fun. Camryn had been talking about the parade all week, so had made sure to drag Jaya to the enclosure almost half an hour before it began, so they could watch from the best spot. 

By the time the parade started, the two of them were practically bouncing on their bench in excitement. They set up their phones ready, and joined the other visitors in filming the event. When the penguins reached Jaya and Camryn, one of them noticed a piece of Jaya's sandwich she had dropped on the ground during lunch. He made his way over, and before anyone could stop him, began to pick up and eat the sandwich. People laughed and took photos, but Jaya noticed that Camryn was almost frozen. The penguin had stopped right next to her feet, and she couldn't help but stare in awe at the little guy. 


As quickly as he had ran over, one of the penguin's keepers walked over and guided him back towards the others. The parade ended without any other interruptions, but Camryn remained still, the look of awe still on her face. 


After a minute of silence, Jaya turned to her and said, "And you didn't want me to get the tuna." 


The pair looked at each other, laughed, and began making their way towards the other enclosures. 


It was a warm day, and so by the time they had made their way over to the lion enclosure, the lions were fast asleep. 


" Lions are so cool!" Jaya said quietly. It was her turn to stare in awe at something, and to do so she got as close as the protective barrier would allow. 


"Woah, easy there." Camryn said with a smile. She took Jaya by the shoulders and gently guided her slightly backwards, so not to make the keepers mad. It wouldn't be the first time. 


"Oh come on, you let me get closer the first time we came here." Jaya said with a fake pout. 


"Yeah because I didn't realise how close you would get!" 


"It's not my fault they keep them so far away! A zoom lens can only do so much." 


"What do you mean, you got a perfect shot!" 


"Yeah, because I got so close! Do you see my point?" 


"Ha, yeah okay, I concede." Camryn put her hands up in mock surrender. By this time, the two had made their way towards the zoo's aquarium, where a small selection of fish were on display. 


They walked in silence for a bit, Jaya watching the fish, and Camryn watching how the aquarium lights lit up Jaya's face. She wasn't sure if it was just her imagination, but in that moment, under those lights, Jaya had never looked more beautiful. As she thought about all the memories they had shared under that roof, Camryn had a thought. 


"I just realised, things like the penguin happen every year." 


"How do you mean?" 


"You getting close to the lions, the penguin, plus there was that angry bird last year." 


"Ha, yeah you're right! Only ever on our anniversary." Jaya laughed, not taking her eyes off the fish. "Maybe it's the universe's way of saying it wants to keep us together." 


"... That might be the cheesiest thing you've ever said." 


"Yep! And I challenge you to beat it."


After a moment's silence, Camryn said softly, "Will this do it?" 


Jaya turned around, and found Camryn down on one knee…

© Copyright 2020 Jean Pembroke. All rights reserved.

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