The Adventures of Saffron the Cat

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Saffron the Cat is just your typical orange suburban furry feline companion. But don't be fooled- Saffron is no Garfield and he's about to embark on the wackiest adventure yet!

Submitted: May 05, 2014

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Submitted: May 05, 2014



Okay, I’ve got a pretty hard question for you.  What kind of food do you think is better suited for a cat?  Fancy Feast or Feline Friskies?  Personally if I had the choice, I’d rather eat lasagna or pizza but I’m trying to cut down on my Italian food intake.  Oh, I’m sorry I haven’t introduced myself yet.  Here I go babbling on about cat food and you don’t even know my name. 


Well, my name’s Saffron and I’m a little orange cat.  I live with my owner, Jessica on Maple Road in a big house in typical neighborhood suburbia.  Jess and me are the best of pals.  We do everything together.  We go for long walks, we watch TV, play games, and do tons of other stuff.  I have a bunch of other friends too.  My other two feline companions are Muffy and Tammy.  And there’s Stuart who is my mouse buddy.  Hey, there’s no law saying a cat can’t be a friend with a mouse!  I hate those dumb stereotypes that say cats eat mice.  Eating Stuart would be…. YUCK!  Surely a cat of my social standing would never subject them self to that level.  I never would eat my friends.  That’s just not me! 


You know, all this talk about my friends kind of reminds me of the time I ran away from home.  WHAT?!  You mean to tell me that you’ve never been told that story?  Do you want to hear it?  Trust me, it’s really good.  Aright, then, so let’s get started.  ME-OW!  Keep in mind that as we go through the story all my thoughts will be in blue.  Okay?  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Chapter 1: The Babysitter Blues


“No…this won’t do…nah…negative…not this,” sighed a frantic Jessica, tossing sweaters, shirts, and pants across her bedroom.  Saffron was confused.  He had never seen Jess in such a hurry.  Why was she in a big rush?  Saffron walked up to Jessica with curious eyes and nudged her ankle softly.  “Sorry, Saffron, I can’t play with you right now.  Chris is supposed to come in less than five minutes and I still haven’t picked out the perfect outfit for our date.” 


Chris?  Date?  Right now?  Ugh!  I was afraid of this.  Every time Jess goes out with her boyfriend, Chris she always leaves me with some creepy babysitter.  I hope it’s not Mrs. Moss again, the lady with the dark purple eye shadow and the foot fungus who has been divorced six times.  Or Mrs. Duvall, the one that always forces me to eat really yucky stuff that’s been sitting in her refrigerator for five years.  And to think that woman calls that stuff food.  Yuck! 


The doorbell rang.  It was Chris!  “Oh, my god!  Chris is here,” exclaimed Jessica, trying to make sure she looked just right.  “Hey, how’s my Kessa Wessa?” said Chris busting through the door with wide-open arms and a box of chocolates. 


Kessa Wessa?  That’s got to be the lamest thing I’ve ever heard!  Seriously, where does this guy get all these weird pet-name ideas?


“What’s up, little guy?” asked Chris, patting Saffron gently on the head.  “Alright, Saffron, while I’m out tonight I’m expecting you to be on your best behavior.  Okay?  No funny business,” said Jess, wagging her finger firmly, “The babysitter will be here any minute now.” 


Jeez, why do I need a babysitter?  I’m a cat, gosh darn it!  Have you ever heard of a cat babysitter?  I don’t think so!  Uh-oh!  The doorbell just rang.  Gulp!  Chris is going towards the door…he’s at the door…he’s turning the knob…the door is opening and it’s…


“Hello there, cutie pie!” said a large woman with big lips, tons of makeup, a pearl necklace, and thick glasses.


I knew it.  I just knew Jess would send in a babysitter.  What have I ever done in all my nine lives to deserve this?  Okay, there was that one time on Christmas Eve when I “accidentally” ate all the fish.  But can you blame me?  I’m a cat…that’s instinct. 


“Hello, Mrs. Pester.  Thanks for coming here on such short notice,” said Jess, shaking the woman’s hand.  The large woman gushed, “Oh, Hun-Bun, it’s my pleasure.  Mrs. Peggy Pester at your service.  I’ll do everything I can to make Maffron’s night fun and exciting”. 


“It’s Saffron,” said Jess, raising an eyebrow at Mrs. Pester.  “Oh, right…Daffron,” said Mrs. Pester.  “Saffron” corrected Chris.  “Thank you for clearing that up, dear.  It’s Laffron, right?” asked Mrs. Pester.“SAFFRON!” Jessica and Chris screamed exasperatedly. “Oh, now I’ve got it, his name is Frank.  I am getting paid for this, right?” asked Mrs. Pester.  “It’s…oh, never mind,” sighed Jess.


“Alright, you two lovebirds get a move on.  Little Frank and I will be okay from now on,” said Mrs. Pester.  “Are you sure?” asked Jess.  “Oh, yes, we’ll stay up late and watch scary movies and eat popcorn and I’ll bake him cookies and smoother him with the proper love and attention,” she exclaimed, squeezing Saffron tightly.  “Okay, well, take care you two,” said Jess, walking out the front door with Chris.  “Oh, little Frank, we’re going to have so much fun together,” grinned Mrs. Pester, showing all her yellow teeth.


I don’t like this Mrs. Pester, not one bit.  She’s ugly and scary and she smells like mothballs!  How ‘bout a mint, lady?  Ugh, it’s going to be a long night.


A few hours later Saffron was bored stiff.  There was absolutely nothing to do, unless he wanted to watch old soap operas with Mrs. Pester in the living room.  It seemed like nothing could possibly get worse than this.


~Hour 2: Saffron’s Log~


Mrs. Pester has fallen asleep in front of the TV watching “Oprah.”  If this lady were in school she’d get an A+ in snoring.  I can’t believe Jess would leave me with this woman.  I can’t take it anymore! 


Chapter 2: Working the Neighborhood


The next morning, Saffron decided to go around the neighborhood to see all his friends.  Last night might have been a drag especially when he had to watch a million re-runs of “Desperate House-Husbands” and “General Post-Office” with Mrs. Pester, but today it was going to be different.  Today was the day that he’d actually have some fun. 


Two large gray tabbies came walking down the sidewalk.  It was Muffy and Tammy!  “Hey, guys, what’s up?” asked Saffron.  “Hi, Saffron!” exclaimed the twin cats.“You guys will never believe what happened to me last night.  Jess had to go on her date with Chris and left me with Mrs. Pester,” he told them.  “Mrs. Pester?!  Mrs. Pester?!  Not Mrs. Pester!  Anything but her!  AHHH! ” Tammy shrieked, quivering with fear. 

“Pull yourself together,” said Muffy, trying to calm her sister down.  Saffron stared at them blankly.  “Let’s just say…we had a bad experience,” explained Muffy. 


“So, anyway, what do you guys want to do today?  It’s Saturday, which means we can do whatever we want.  We can play with our yarn-balls or raid the milkman truck or…” started Saffron.  “Well, actually Saffron, Muffy and I can’t play today,” Tammy chimed in.  “Why not?” asked Saffron.  “Today’s the day our owner’s going on vacation so we’re spending the day at Grandma’s,” replied Muffy. 


“Sorry, Saffron, I guess we’ll play something together another time,” said Tammy.  “Yeah, I guess so.  But can’t we play for a little while?” Saffron sighed and looked at them with big, wide eyes. “No, we can’t,” said Muffy.  “Not even a game of tag?” asked Saffron.  “NO means NO, okay?” shouted Muffy and Tammy.  “Alright, see you guys later,” said Saffron disappointedly.


Jeez, Muffy and Tammy seemed a little harsh today.  Oh, well, who else should I ask to play with?  Hmm…I know I’ll go see Stuart! 


Saffron walked to the edge of the block onto the main road where some shops and restaurants were.  Then he turned the corner and walked into a dark alley.  Stuart lived in a garbage can in the alley behind Café Napoli.  Stuart was a witty, creative mouse with a big imagination.He was always working on something new and exciting. 


“Hi, Stuart.  What are you up to?” questioned Saffron.  “Oh, hey, Saffron,” said the little white mouse, “I just finished working on my cheese sculpture of my great grand-pappy”.  “A cheese sculpture?” Saffron asked, “This I got to see.” 


Stuart pulled a white sheet off a figure, which revealed a big hunk of cheese molded into the shape of a mouse.  “Wow, Stuart, this is amazing!” Saffron cried.  “Well, it was nothing really,” Stuart blushed bashfully, “It only took me two years, five months, twenty days, seven hours, and twenty one minutes to complete.”  “Nice use of the mozzarella and cheddar,” complimented Saffron.  “Thanks, but whatever you don’t…” Just before Stuart could finish his sentence, Saffron accidentally knocked down the cheese sculpture and it broke into a million pieces. 


Stuart was really mad now.  Smoke came from his ears and his eyes turned bright red.  Saffron laughed nervously, “I guess this is something we can look back at in the future and laugh at, right, Stuart?”  But Stuart wasn’t laughing.  Embarrassed and ashamed, Saffron left the alley, leaving a heartbroken Stuart hovering over his once beautiful work of art.


Chapter 3: New Surroundings


Saffron did not know what do to now.  He was hurt and angry with himself.


What have I done?  I’m so stupid.  I can’t do anything right.  Now Stuart’s mad at me.  And Muffy and Tammy were acting like such grouches.  Jess doesn’t even have time for me anymore.  She always leaves me with these weird babysitters.  You know what, I don’t think I need them anymore.  Yeah!  I’ll live alone.  I’ll run away from home, that’s what I’ll do.  Nobody really cares about me anymore so why should I stay here and make them miserable?  I guess this is goodbye…FOREVER!


So that is exactly what Saffron did.  He gathered up all his favorite belongings at home and decided to leave his neighborhood.  He glanced at his house one last time.  A tear rolled down his cheek as he turned the other way and disappeared into the distance. 


After an hour of wandering the streets, it was starting to get dark and cold.  Saffron had no idea where his four little legs had guided him.  He found himself in the middle of a new surrounding, with new buildings, and new people, and new smells.  Everything seemed big and different to him.


This place is kind of scary maybe I should go back home.


Saffron looked in every direction.  But which way was home?


Meanwhile, back at home, Jessica wondered where Saffron had gone.  “Saffron?  Saffron?  Where are you?” cried Jessica, searching the whole house in every which way.  She was starting to panic. 


“SAFFRON?” she shouted.  But there was no answer, just the sound of her voice that echoed throughout the house.  Jessica felt her throat tighten and her vision became blurry.  Tears started to roll down her cheeks and she had an empty feeling in her heart.  Saffron, her best friend in the whole world, was gone. 


The telephone rang.  “Hello?” Jessica sobbed as she answered the phone.  “Hey, Jess, it’s Chris.  Are you okay because you sound like you’re crying?” asked Chris.  “Saffron’s missing!” Jessica cried.  “Don’t worry, we’ll go out to look for him,” said Chris, trying to comfort Jess. 



Chapter 4: A Cat Named Sylvia


Meanwhile, Saffron was still wandering the streets. It was so cold that he saw his breath come out of his mouth as if it were smoke.  If only he were at home cuddled up in his nice warm blanket snuggled up next to Jessica in her bed.  His stomach started to growl.  Just then he looked at a garbage pale.


Oh, no, there is no way Saffron J. Cat is going to eat out of the trash.  Not no way, not no how.


A few minutes later…


I can’t believe I just had dinner from a trashcan.  Yuck!  But wouldn’t you if you were a house cat stranded out in the middle of nowhere?



“Yuck!  That was nasty!” gagged Saffron.  “You’ll get used to it, kid,” said a mysterious voice.  “Who’s there?” asked Saffron.  “Up here,” called the voice again.  Saffron looked to his left and right but nobody was there.  “Up…arriba…north…I’M ON THE FENCE, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!” shouted the voice. 


Saffron looked up and saw the darkest cat that he had ever seen.  She was sitting on the fence parallel to the alley.  Saffron was astonished.  He had never seen such a distinctive cat.  It had gleaming bright green eyes and dark fur that seemed to match with the starry night sky.  “What’s your name, kid?” asked the alley cat.  “Sss-Saffron,” stuttered Saffron nervously.  “I’m Sylvia,” the black cat replied. 


Eerie music went off and lighting flashed through the sky.  “What the heck was that all about?” asked Saffron.  “Nothing, kid…so, don’t tell me.  Let me guess…you ran away from home?” questioned Sylvia.  “How’d you know?” asked Saffron. 


“It’s pretty obvious with you not liking the garbage and being alone,” replied Sylvia as she jumped down off the fence.  Saffron nodded, kind of embarrassed.  “Hey, don’t fret, kid, I ran away from home and look how I turned out,” Sylvia said.  Saffron looked at Sylvia from head to toe.  Her fur was all disheveled and it looked like she hadn’t bathed in years. 


Just then, another two cats walked up to them.  “Who’s the new guy?” asked one of them.  “Yo, homies, chill!  It’s just my new run-away friend, Fron.  You mind if I call you Fron?” winked Sylvia.


Homies?  Fron?  This cat has got some major problems.


“Hey, Fron, my name is Swilvia and it’s a pleasure meeting you.  I’m Sylvia’s sister,” welcomed one of the cats extending her paw towards Saffron.  “Hey, hey, hey and I’m Sylvia’s favorite brother, Shawnvia,” introduced the second cat.


“Oh, brother,” Swilvia sighed, rolling her eyes.  “You know, this kind of reminds me of the time Syliva ran away from her owner,” pointed out Shawnvia.  “Oh, yeah, I remember.  That was hysterical,” giggled Swilvia.“That’s not funny!” shouted Sylvia, “That owner of mine would drive any cat crazy.  You know what she did to me?  She put me on a leash.  A cat on a leash?  Is that sick or what?” 


These cats are weird and their names are confusing!  I can just tell there’s something strange going on.  I got to get out of here.


“Well, it was nice meeting all of you, but I got to find my way back home,” said Saffron, trying to walk away without them noticing.  “Hold it,” Sylvia jumped in front of Saffron, “Where do you think you’re going?  We’re not through with you yet, kid.” 


“Yeah, we want you to be part of our club,” said Swilvia.  “Really?  You do?” asked Saffron.  “It’s called the KKS,” announced Sylvia proudly.  Saffron stood there with a dazed look on his face.  “Haven’t you ever heard of the Krazy Kat Society?  Jeez, Fron, you got to get out more,” said Sylvia, “We’re like the most well known organization in all of the tri-county area.” 


“Um, uh, well, it’s very nice of you to accept me into your club, but I just want to go home…sorry,” said Saffron.  “WHAT?!” shouted Sylvia angrily.  “Uh-oh, now look what you’ve done, Fron,” whispered Shawnvia cowering in fear, “When Sylvia’s mad, it isn’t pretty.” 

“Okay, okay, I’ll join,” said Saffron, shivering in fear.  “Good,” Sylvia smirked with an evil grin.


On the other side of town, Jessica and Chris went out looking for “Fron,” um…I mean Saffron.  They looked everywhere they could think of but still no luck.  They even went down the alley where Saffron had been earlier with Stuart.  “Saffron?  Saffron?” Jessica shouted. 


Stuart was nearby.  He heard them calling for Saffron.  “Saffron’s missing?  This is definitely not good,” Stuart shook his head.  “Hey, what’s going on?” asked Muffy approaching Stuart with Tammy.  “Saffron’s lost.  We have to help find him.”  “Yeah!  Let’s go,” all three of them agreed and set out on their mission to find Saffron.

Chapter 5: To the Rescue?


 “So, what do I have to do to join?” sighed Saffron.  “You have to go through our long and rigorous initiation,” replied Shawnvia.  Saffron gulped.  He didn’t like the sound of that.  “Nah, just kidding, just some harmless fun.  What do you think Sylvia?” asked Swilvia.  “Actually, I have a better idea,” Sylvia had one big sinister smile slide across her face, “To join the KKS, you must attack a human.” 


Shawnvia and Swilvia exchanged uneasy glances.  “Attack a human?” asked Saffron.  “Yeah, you heard me, Fron.  What are you deaf?” Sylvia shot back a nasty look.  “But that’s…that’s…. mean!” cried Saffron.  “I know, I’m a mean cat, like it or not,” cackled Sylvia.  “Sylvia no don’t…” Swilvia pleaded, “Don’t make him do this.” 


At that exact moment, Jessica was walking down the alley with Chris.  “There you go, you’re first pair of humans.  Go get ‘em, Fron,” said Sylvia.  “But…but…” Saffron stood with his mouth agape, “That’s my owner.  I can’t.” 


“Sure you can!  Just go!” Sylvia’s eyes glowed in hate.  “No, I won’t do it, I just can’t,” cried Saffron.  “Fine, loser,” Sylvia exclaimed crossly.  “You know what, Sylvia?  I’m sick and tired of you manipulating me and telling me what to do.  I never wanted to join your stupid club anyway!” Saffron yelled with all his might.  “Oh, I’m sorry Fron for acting like a jerk, I won’t make you attack your owner,” said Sylvia.  “You mean it?” asked Saffron.  “Of course not!  If you’re not going to attack those humans, I guess we’ll have to attack YOU!” scowled Sylvia. 


Oh, boy, this is how it ends.  Attacked by a lunatic cat in a dark alley.  Hey, wait a second.  There’s something in the sky.  It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s…


Stuart, Muffy, and Tammy came to the rescue!  The little mouse and the two tabbies karate chopped Sylvia in the blink of an eye.  “Don’t ever pick on our pal again.  You hear us?!” Stuart shouted.  Swilvia and Shawnvia stared at each other with blank expressions.  “And you two, beat it!” Muffy shouted at Swilvia and Shawnvia.  Swilvia and Shawnvia ran away in fear.  Saffron stared in disbelief at his friends.  “Now that’s something you don’t see everyday,” Saffron was stunned, “By the way Sylvia, there’s one more thing I have to tell you…DON’T CALL ME FRON!”  Sylvia groaned on the ground, defeated.


“Thanks for saving me, guys,” smiled Saffron.  “What are you kidding?  We’d do anything for our pal, Saffron,” said Tammy.  “I thought you were mad,” Saffron whimpered.  “Mad?  No way!  A little annoyed, but nobody’s perfect.  And if we want to stay friends we can’t hold on to these grudges forever,” Stuart grinned with a warm smile.  “We love you, Saffron,” said Muffy.  “You guys are the greatest,” Saffron cried and all four of them hugged.


Suddenly, Chris came running down the alley followed by Jessica.  “Saffron!” Chris exclaimed in relief.  As soon as Jessica saw Saffron, her heart felt like it was going to burst.  “Saffron!” she cried happily. “Don’t ever scare me again like that, you silly kitty,” she beamed, clutching Saffron closely to her chest.  Saffron was so happy.  It was good to be surrounded by all his loved ones again.  It was good to feel appreciated and welcomed.  It was good to be snug and warm, safely tucked away in Jessica’s arms.  Once again Saffron felt a feeling of warmth and happiness.  He was home.


So that was the story of the time I ran away from home.  Crazy, I know.  But I’m grateful to have such nice friends who really care about me.  I guess in the long run, I’m a pretty lucky cat.  Usually these kinds of stories have morals or lessons or something. Um…I think the lesson of this story is to be careful what you wish for because you could run into a psycho cat named Sylvia.  Ha ha!  Just kidding!  Anyway, if it’s one thing this adventure has taught me it’s to love your life exactly how it is.  I wouldn’t try to change my life…like exchanging a life of love with Jessica for a life of misfit alley cats.  I don’t think so!  The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, or however that expression goes.  I think it should be the litter-box isn’t always cleaner on the other side, but that’s just my opinion.  I love my friends, my home, my family, and most importantly, my life.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


**~The End~**


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This production has been rated G.



A target audience of kids ranging from about 5 to 10 is recommended for “The Adventures of Saffron” series.





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