Oscar the Ostrich

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This is a story of a nice, kind ostrich who becomes scared and lonely because of the circumstances around him and what he does to overcome them.

Submitted: April 11, 2016

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Submitted: April 11, 2016



Oscar the ostrich lived in a small beach town in southern New Jersey. He grew up loving the ocean and the sand, He spent hours playing in the water and loved making all kinds of sand sculptures.This town was run down and poor and a lot of crime went on. This was a bit scary. Oscar used to listen to conversations people had. One day, he heard someone say, "That idiot was so dumb. I mocked her out and bullied her to death. What a laugh!" Oscar screamed out, "How mean and horrible, how could you do that?" The guy said, "Shutup you stupid ostrich, go stick your head in the sand!" "I will not," cried Oscar. "What else are you good for stupid!"

Oscar shook and trembled. This man had a small mind with little values. It made him feel awful. The next conversation in the deli mart, he heard someone say, "Her wallet was just left there on the blanket on the sand. We just stole it with all her credit cards and had a blast spending the money." Oscar dared to say, "Who are you? I'm gonna call the police!" "You don't know who I am stupid - try it!" Then he held up her wallet and said, "Come and get it!" He and all the gang left hysterically laughing.

Oscar felt scared and totally alone. He went back to his room and fell asleep.  As he slept, he had a dream of digging a big hole in the sand and burying his head in it, so he couldn't hear anything in the outside world, but only felt the quiet inside him and the stillness that it caused. He saw beautiful visions such as people laughing and loving each other, the water purified and the economic conditions improving. He saw beautiful trees stretching out their arms to him and the horizon bringing exquisite sunrises and sunsets from colors borrowed from the rainbow. All different hues, purple, orange, blue, pink - totally breathtaking. He saw all the fish and sea creatures in the water loving each other - the goldfish, snails, jellyfish, crabs, all in tune with the mystique of the tides of the ocean. He felt his fear inside subsiding and realized the sound of silence within him healed him. It gave him positivity and focus. He saw that his vision had been narrow and he could see the universe with all its inhabitants in a connecting bond, even those who were mean and cruel. They, too, became evolved and good. He realized that what he learned was invaluable and was anxious to back into his shore town and communicate with help people in need.

So when Oscar woke up, he felt totally enlightened. He felt stronger and calmer. He felt less afraid. He went to the beach and swam with all the sea creatures, played with all the kids on the beach and talked to the people. He heard some mean voices, as he walked down the street, but totally tuned them out and ignored them. "Hey, stupid!" they yelled.Oscar just walked around them with courage. They yelled some more, but he didn't  hear them and didn't even try to listen.

He grew and grew to a much higher place. People and their bad ways didn't bother him. He focused on all the love around him and the nice people and hoped and prayed that the others would connect with the source of love in the universe. He was a much happier ostrich.


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