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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
What do you do when all of your friends hate your boyfriend? Your ex wants you back and you've just had an abortion? hmmmmm... Claire "Charlie" surely deosn't know.

Submitted: August 04, 2010

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Submitted: August 04, 2010



In the spring of 1999, I turned fifteen.

In the spring of 1999, my father left my mother and I had to get a job.

In the spring of 1999, I met Zachary Smith. The spring of 1999, I pretty much.,. fell in love.


"Charlie, there's no way you're going out there alone."

"Listen, Josh, I can take care of myself." I opened my hand and sparks flew. "See?"

"Well I'm going to help you. Whether you like it or not."

"Just because you're my boyfriend doesn't mean you have to go with me onto the field every time I had a mission."

"Listen, you're just a rookie. Just because you're fifteen now doesn't mean that you can go out by yourself. Plus, the baby."

"Can too! The baby will be fine, it's not like i'm eight months or anything."

I opened my hand again.

"Oooo, fancy trick."

When Josh opened his hand, a flame shot up about 20 feet.

"There's no way that I'll be able to improve without room to progress. Plus, the baby needs some excitement. It'll probably have powers. Just like us. It'll need to be ready for this stuff."

"Fine, you can do it. But I'll be right there. If this guy tries to hurt you... or the baby..."

"Hate to break it to you, Josh, but it's kind of a... fight."

"Whatever. Come on."

I walked out from behind the charred dumpster and out into a makeshift ring, White chalk was etched into the old pavement to form it, then also splitting it in half. One side for each person.

The guy across from me was a blonde. Rare, kind of. i could tell what his power was right away due to the plants obstructing the sidewalk from all view.

"Zach." he said, opening his hand and releasing another wave of flowers.

"Charlie. but Claire to you." I said, opening my own hand and releasing a tower of blue electricity,

"Woah, impressive."

"I've seen better." i glanced at Josh and smiled.

4 Months Later

"Claire, you shouldn't be with him."

"I love him."

"Come on, Charlie-"

"Don't call me Charlie."

"Zach call you Charlie?"

"No. he calls me Claire."

"Char- Claire-"

"Josh, we're not together anymore. You don't own me, and our baby? It's gone. sorry."

"You're gonna come back, Charlie."

"if i do, it won't be for a while. I love Zach, and completely over you."

"Whatever, Claire. Walk away."

"I will."

I grabbed my bag and slung it over my shoulder.

"See you when i 'come back'"

I opened the door to Josh's apartment after the small recon for stuff I had left. I was a bad, bad fifteen year old.

When I was fourteenI stole a car in Austin, texas and drove to New York, New York. From there, I found Josh, who brought me to where I am. We hooked up about 6 months later, and I was pregnant. Josh helped support me, and talked me into adoption rather than abortion. A month later, I met Zach in a fight, aborted the baby and now I'm here. Although all of my old friends hate him and his friends, i've made new ones and you don't really need friends when you've got love.

I walked up to the stairs and was eventually out of the building, with Zach waiting for me.

"Yo, babe."

"How'd you know I would be here?"

"Mind reader, remember?"


He snaked his arm around my waist and pulled me closer.

"I love you."

"I love you more."

He softly kissed the top of my head.

"Why do you still hang out with him?"


"Josh. The guy who kocked you up."

"We're still friends. He inda helped... shape me."

"He shaped Charlie, not Claire."

"They're different?"

"Claire is new, Claire loves me, Zach, not some doosch who helped her get into a gang, that sucks at fighting anyway."

"All my friends are in that gang!" i yelled.

"Hey, hey, cool. it's all cool, I just want the best for you, baby."

"I know, I know."

1 week later

"Okay, Charlie-"

"Lex, you know i told you not to call me that." My best friend and I were sitting in her living room, playing cards.

"I know, Claire, right?" She put down three kings.


"Well I like Charlie better. I like the old you. The one who was crazy in love witha  great guy, not some dooschbag who can grow plants." she put down her cards, and leaned back on the couch.

"I like Zach better."

"Everyone else likes Josh."

"I know, but Josh is over.I thought it would last but... it didn't."

"Yeah, thanks to this random kid who walks in from the Shark's side."

"He's not 'some random kid' he's my boyfriend!"

"How serious?"

"I don't know."

"Had sex yet?"


"Not serious."

"And with Josh it was?"

"Yes." she crossed her legs "Josh loved you back."

"So does Zach."

"Let me tell ya, kid, that guy is gonna break your heart, just like you did to Josh."

"Raise ya three quarters."


"You know that i live you, right."


"And you love me?"


""Why won't you... go all the way?"

"Because the last time I did that I almost had a baby."

"I have a condom."

"I want a commitment... I want my second time to be with someone i know won't abandon me."

"You know what, this wasn't gonna work out anyway."


"I want to be with someone who truly loves me, and the first sign of love is a leap of faith."

"i love you, Zach, I really do."


"You know what, whatever... you can go find some slut who 'loves you'"


I grabbed my suitcase from his chair and waqlked out the door. Minutes later, and with no thoughts I was at Josh's apartmnt door.

"Back so soon."

"He wanted to go all the way."

"What the FUCK?"


"So... taking me back?"


He leaned over the thresh hold and kissed me softly on the lips. I shocked him. Literally.

"I love you so much more than that man whore."

"I know. I love you too."

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