Catchphrase introductions

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Catchphrase is a punk band, and these are the stories following them from early bandhood to fame and beyond.

in which Catchphrase does a show and hangs out backstage.

I love this part. About to walk on stage. Hearing some random dude introduce the band. First Joe on the guitar. Then Caistel on the bass. And now…
"Here she is! The beauty among beasts, the base of everything, Roll on the drums!" I grinned, quickly walking to my set, waving to the crowd as I passed. I sat down and started tapping out a steady beat. Everything was drowned out except for the boys, and my constant counting. One. Two. Three. Four. One. Two. Three. Four. Jake was introduced and started singing. I fastened the beat expertly. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. I never stopped smiling. I never stopped counting. The lights beat down, casting strange colours on my dyed hair. Once in a while, I spun my sticks between my fingers, letting the crowds roar slip in. I knew most of them were cheering for Jake, but that didn't matter. I knew that music without drums isn't music. It's techno. And Techno isn't music. Good music needs some rock. And you can't have rock without Roll. Or so my fans said. I panted backstage, the set changing for the last time. Three songs left. Two. Last song.  My favourite to play. The beat was complex enough to seem hard, but to me it was a walk in the park. Jake sang the last verse. Guitar solo with a back of drums. One, two, three, four.  Big finish. Stand up when called by Jake. Put on an act for the crowd, don't seem tired. Smile. Don't fix your hair. Walk off, pretend to listen to backstage crew, find the dressing room. Sink onto couch.
"Great job, Caistel!" Joe was talking to the bass player, laughing as they cracked jokes about fans they spotted in the audience. Jake sank into the couch besides me, chuckling slightly. 
"I'll never get used to that." He said under his breath. "I must look like a pig." I glanced at him. His black hair was spiked, red and light grey streaks here and there. He had his nose and Eyebrow pierced, and his left ear sported three rings at the bottom. He did seem sweaty and tired but he looked better than most guys, with his thin lips and playful blue eyes. I smirked.
"you look great for just finishing a concert." I said, truthfully. Sure, Jake was nice to look at, but I would never make a move on any of my band mates. We've been through so much together that it would just feel… wrong. That and neither Joe nor Caistel were my type. Caistel was covered in piercing and tattoos. His hair died from it's natural blonde to a wild rainbow of craziness. There was no pattern of it, just colours everywhere. I remember being the one to die it, because I was the only other band member with dyed hair at the time. I did Jake's streaks the same night. Joe refuses to have his hair dyed, and I agree with him. His hair was a strange shade of brown, and looked red in some lights. Joe's hair was long and thick, hanging past his ears and over his eyes. Not that the strands covered his brown eyes, but enough to hide how big they were on his face. Like the other boys, he had his eyebrow pierced, but his hair hid that, too. We all had tattoos, Joe having the least at two. When we started the band, we all got a black band around our right biceps. Jake didn't want me to get it, saying that girls shouldn't have tattoos on their biceps. I didn't care, though, and have gotten skull and crossbones on my other biceps, as well as a heart at the top of my chest in a drunken spur. Just above my pant line, I had a star, the result of a second drunken night. I haven't drunk since. I was brought from my thoughts by Jake poking my newly added nose piercing.
"Ow, hey! Back off!" I slapped his hand away, sitting up. 
"Why'd you get that, though?" he frowned at me. I stuck my tongue out at him.
"Stop worrying about how I look. It matched my other piercing." I flicked the little ring around my lip, grinning at him. "Besides, you have one."
"I'm a guy, though."
"I'm a manly girl. Stop worrying." I fiddled with the lip piercing. "I may take this one out, though. Gets in the way of kissing." 
"Ah! When was the last time you had a kiss from someone other than you're mommy?" Caistel plunged himself between Jake and I, smoking a cigarette. Joe sat on the other side of me, chuckling. 
"When was the last time you kissed a girl?" I asked him. "Or guy, because I know you swing that way." 
"Right now." He turned, planting his mouth on Jake's, who pushed him away.
"Yuck, man! What have I told you?" he grinned at his band mate. "no kissing until you lose the ring." Caistel sighed, sinking further into the couch.
"I don't know what you have against lip piercings, man, but you're missing out on some serious loving." I kicked his leg, playfully.
"Toot your own horn, why don't you, you narcissist?" he pushed my shoulder, sending me toppling into Joe. I laughed, stretching my legs across Caistel's and Jake's laps, placing my head in Joe's lap.
"Fine then. Be that way." The door opened and hank, our manager came in.
"Great show guys!  Keep this up-"
"Keep this up and you'll be the best." Caistel finished, leaning over my knees to snuff out his cigarette in the tray. "We know, man. Chill." Hank laughed as a group of men came into the room with cameras.
"oh, no! I'm not decent!" I cried in an extra girly tone, holding my hands over my chest jokingly.
"Put a sock in it, Roll. They want pictures for the article on Catchphrase."
"What article?" Caistel looked confused.
"The article we were told about when you were high." I sat up, squeezing his chin. "Stop doing drugs-"
"Never!" both Jake and Caistel interrupted me. 
"Before team meetings. We want you to be in the loop, remember." I said, finishing my order and leaning back into Joe's lap. "Tell them, Joe."
"yeah, guys. Stop it." I looked to the camera men as the took pictures from different angles. One man was put to the task of controlling the big spot lights they had set up. I rolled my eyes as I placed my hands behind my head. We'd have to stay here for a while and let them get some good shots. I just wanted to go to the hotel and sleep. 
"Roll! Wake up!" I opened an eye and looked to Hank, making a face.
"Hank, quit being Bi and go gay!"
"I'll help." Caistel said, raising his hand. I laughed, sitting up properly. The only straight person in the band was me, and that was because I hate girls. They're catty and bitchy and like pop music. I'm rude, tough, and like rock and roll. If I were a guy, I'd be gay. Not Bi, Gay with a capital G. 
"Excuse me, can you all…" I rolled my eyes, sighing. They were sick of our natural poses, and wanted framed poses. Jake came to our rescue, thank God.
"How bout no. We're tired, sweaty and look like shit. It's one thing to let you take pictures when we could be getting hammered or sleeping, it's another to block out our movements." 
"I do not look like shit!" Caistel said, faking hurt.
"You put a shirt on. You look like shit." 
"Oh ho, is that it?" Caistel had this weird thing where he couldn't wear a shirt while playing Bass, not that anyone minded. His chest was muscular, but not overly so, and covered in tattoos. My favourite was the one right over his heart. He had it done the same night I had my star done, both of us being drunk. It was an angel, but it was torn up as if it had fought a bear and lost. Its robes were all tattered, and bleeding scars covered her body, her wings dirty and ripped up. Caistel stood up, straddling Jake's lap and slowly pulling off his shirt. Jake laughed; assisting him with the removal of is shirt. Once it was off, it was cast off to the side. My side. I was hit with the shirt, and by the time I pulled it off, Jake and Caistel were in a full lip lock, tongues battling inside. 
"So, Joe… how are you?" I asked, Turing to the guitar player as if the make out wasn't happening beside me. Joe played along, as always. 
"I am just dandy. Had an awesome concert, hanging with my friends who are totally sane people. Not crazy in the least."
"No." I mused, sleepily. "My friends don't belong in a hospital." I glanced behind me. Jake had his hands down Caistel's pants, Caistel's own hands tangled in the other man's hair. I bet the fans would think that was framed. They thought that they were joking, playing a joke. I smiled as I thought about how wrong they were.

Submitted: November 15, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Jecklyn. All rights reserved.

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