And it all began

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Who can survive a zombie invasion?

Submitted: August 31, 2013

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Submitted: August 31, 2013



The streets were too packed for a Sunday late afternoon. A quick glance at her watch told her she was in big trouble. She was now two hours late to drop her daughter to her ex-husband’s house. Maggie couldn’t get to work, calling sick. So her boss phoned her up instead. She had to get there as quickly as possible, leaving her daughter with her neighbor for the day. She had to work to pay her bills, even if she’d prefer to stay home with her daughter Macy.

"Can I stay with you for the week?” Macy asked her. “I won’t bother you, I promise!”

Her mother turned her head and felt her heart broke into pieces when she saw tears in her daughter’s eyes.

“He’s always at his computer, working or whatever. I hatred to be there and I hate him.”

“Macy! Don’t you dare say that again. Understood?”

The young girl just nodded, looking away.

“He loves you, sweetie. Whatever you might think.”

The young girl lowered her head before looking by the window. On her right, a street was totally blocked with police cars, ambulances and civil crashed cars. It seemed to be a very bad car crash. A lot of cars were involved, she was sure of that. She suddenly frowned. On the paved floor, there were several body bags. But one of them was moving. Like the body inside was twitching and moving to get out. She was about to tell her mother about it when Hannah’s cellphone began to ring inside her purse. Hannah sighed.

“It must be your father.”

Getting her mind back on the road, they finally made it. Bryan promptly opened the front door. He was furious. Macy crossed her arms on her chest, biting her lower lip. She didn’t make any gesture to open the door. Her father did it for her.

“Get inside,” he said with a strict voice. “Your mother and I have to talk.”

Macy took her backpack from the backseat and turned to her father.

“Don’t scream at her, dad. It wasn’t her fault.”

As usual, they waited for her to be out of sight before yelling at each other.

“I had to work today and…”

“You went to work? I thought it was your weekend off. How could you leave our daughter alone?”

“My neighbor spent the day with her…”

“That’s even worst! You left her with a stranger! You’re such a lousy mother, Hannah! You’re irresponsible!”

From the corner of her eye, she could see Macy staring at them by the window. She tried to motion at her, telling her everything was fine. Bryan took her arm, shaking her.

“Listen to me when I’m talking to you!”

“What do you think I’m doing? You’re the one who’s not listening. It was my weekend off, but my boss asked me to replace one of the girls who called sick today. That’s why we’re late. I was working.”

Her explanation seemed to calm him down a bit. He stepped back a little. She frowned. She asked him what was wrong. He simply said more than five persons at the bank where he works were sick last Friday. He remembered his coworkers mentioned something about high fever. Bryan asked Hannah how sick her colleague was. She shrugged.

“My boss didn’t tell me. Why?”

“I was just wondering.”

Hannah sighed, looking at Macy who was still by the window. She waved at her before getting back into her car. She went straight back home.

* * * * *

“The pizza has arrived!” Peter shouted, showing the box to his friends.

He put it on the coffee table before letting himself fall on the couch next to Clark. Ted swore while Clark was laughing at him.

“Your turn,” Ted said before jumping on the pizza.

Peter took the controller and entered the game against Clark. The three of them were playing a very popular combat game against each other since the night before. Peter was the only one who went outside. Neither of them has money to order food and they were hungry. So he went out and brought back cash in case of emergency. Now they were okay for more hours in front of their precious fifty inches flat screen TV.

“You guys should have seen the guy at the pizza place,” Peter said. “He looked sick. And it was empty too. Weird for a Sunday night.”

“Did you buy something to drink?” Ted asked.

“There’s Pepsi in the fridge,” Clark answered, looking at the screen.

“How’s the world outside this place?” Ted said before biting a big slice of pizza. “Any good news?”

“Same shit, different day, man,” Peter alleged, kicking Clark’s avatar. “I haven’t seen any of our friends, if it was your question. I think everyone’s gone for summer.”

“So let’s continued our marathon, gentlemen!” Clark shouted, wanting to beat his friend’s avatar.

* * * * *

On Monday morning, Hannah was biting her nails, very anxious since last night. She kept her eyes on the TV screen and now she was terrified. People had gone crazy in just few hours! According to the local news, several persons have been savagely attacked without any apparent reason. After she went back to her apartment on Sunday, she tried to reach Maggie but nobody answered. She just left a message on her voicemail, hoping she felt better now. But Maggie hasn’t call back yet. She picked up the phone and called Maggie again. The phone was out of service.

She took her keys and her purse, going straight to her car. She went directly to the bank where her ex-husband was currently working. People around her seemed frightened. An old lady pushed her to enter the bank first. Hannah let her pass, surprised. She went toward the security desk where Bryan stood. She opened her mouth but was distracted by a commotion behind her.

The old lady pushed a middle-aged woman who fell hard on the tiled floor, shaking. The director of the bank was passing by and saw her. He got on one knee to help her when she suddenly growled. The woman lifted her face and Hannah saw the blank gaze in her eyes, bit of saliva dropping on the tiled floor. There were drops of blood in it. She grabbed the director’s face and bit his cheek after she let go a loud screech.

Blood spilled out of the wound while the director struggled to get rid of the middle-aged woman who seemed very strong now. A guy standing in line went to help him but got bitten as well. Another one tried to run away and the woman literally jumped on him, attacking him with rage. Everyone started panicking in the bank. Bryan took Hannah by the arm, asking her to follow him. They ran straight to his car in the parking lot without exchanging a single word. Hannah could now see the situation wasn’t as good outside as she thought it was. The strong smell of smoke came to her nostrils, coming from a car crash near the bank. A man was on fire while a woman was attacking another person on the sidewalk. A police car passed by on the street, lights flashing on the roof, and brutally hit some people who just wanted to get away from the horror inside the bank. While lying on the concrete floor, they were savagely slaughtered. Bryan managed to start the car. He took his ex-wife’s hand and squeezed it a little. She looked at him.

“Let’s get our daughter.”

She just shook her head, trying not to look at the horrible scenes all around her. She barely felt the tears running down her cheeks. Everything was so surreal to her. Her brain couldn’t believe what it was seeing. Around the car, people were screaming in horror and pain. The road leading them to Macy’s school was pretty much packed with people and cars, but Bryan was a great driver. Hannah let out a faint cry when she saw teenagers attacking each other like animals in front of the school’s main entrance. A small group of teens was running after a teacher before catching him in the front yard and ripping off into bloody pieces.

Inside the school, a putrid smell of decomposed flesh floated around them. They went directly into the administration and discovered the principal lying on a pool of blood, her throat wide opened. They got back to the main hall, surrounded by screaming teenagers and panicking adults. Hannah was so horrified when she recognized her daughter’s best friend ripping off another student’s flesh with her teeth. Bryan pushed her away from it, focusing on where Macy could be hiding. Did Hannah remember what class she was supposed to be in this morning? Her ex-husband tried to make her think, so she will not look around them. Macy had science class first, and then it was gym. Bryan did remember where the gym was. He took her hand and led her through the main hall before taking the left corridor.

When they arrived in the big gymnasium, the scene before their eyes was outstanding. The floor was an immense pool of blood with guts everywhere and dismembered body parts mixed with it. It was too much for Bryan. He simply vomited next to the main door while Hannah was praying their daughter wasn’t part of this. She knew where the locker rooms were: at the far right corner of the gym. She went directly there, leaving Bryan who was trying to calm him stomach. She approached the door, listening at the door if she could hear anything. Slowly, she opened the door. The girls’ locker room was stained with blood everywhere. The door showed the main corridor of the room with heavy benches on each side of the room and rows of lockers. There was a bench between each row of lockers.

“Macy? Are you in there?”

Somewhere around the showers, something growled. Hannah was petrified. She entered the room, hoping to make few noises now. Bryan was standing behind her. He put one hand on her shoulder, pushing her a little backward. Then she saw the ax he found near the gym doors. They heard sobs coming from near them. Someone was crying. They walked toward the first row of lockers. Bryan saw something moving inside one locker. Brown hair was falling on a young girl’s face and she was covered with blood. Hannah started to cry. Bryan brushed her hair away and backed up in horror. The lower lip of the girl has been shredded, leaving a hideous skull grin. Her eyes were vacant, totally foggy blank. She suddenly shrieked, trying to catch his hand with her bloody fingers. With the blade of the ax, he immediately shut the locker’s door very hard and pushed on it with all his strength so it won’t open again.

“Oh my God!” Hannah screamed in terror. “It wasn’t her! Let’s get out of here!”

She hurried toward the door, Bryan behind her. He was still holding the ax. They heard footsteps following them from the showers. They ran right in front of a young boy with a missing left arm. Pieces of his neck have been chewed out like his remaining right arm. Bryan took a firm grip of the ax and hit him at the base of his neck, near the lower jaw. Another kid came toward them, screaming. Bryan swung the ax with the boy still stuck to it and hit the other kid very hard right in the head, freeing the blade of the ax. The two boys were thrown directly into the school trophies display. The glass shattered all around them.

They went through the first door at their right and hid behind a massive oak counter. Bryan kept his eyes on the door while Hannah looked around them. They were inside the school library. There was a door in front of her. She went to check it out, staying near the carpeted floor. She gently turned the doorknob and got away from it in case of someone would jump out of there. Looking inside, she recognized a storage room.

“Is anyone here? Macy? Are you in there?”


Tears went down her cheeks as Macy got out of her hiding place behind a massive filing cabinet. The young girl ran directly into her arms, crying as well.

Bryan crawled toward them and kissed his daughter’s forehead.

“We’ve got to go now.”

He looked around them. They were other people hiding in the restoration room. Five in total. The old librarian was among the young students, a frightened look on his wrinkled face. Bryan asked him if there was another way out, but there wasn’t.

“How bad is it outside?” a dark haired girl asked them.

Hannah could see hope in her eyes. She wasn’t sure what she could tell them about the condition outside their school. She opened her mouth to answer when a very loud shriek stopped her. The librarian went back under the massive table where he was hiding a couple of seconds ago. Macy looked at her mother, wondering what caused that horrible noise.

“We have to go!” Hannah shouted, hoping to cut the conversation.

The shriek came to them from a very close distance. Hannah led her daughter near the main entrance of the library. The dark haired girl followed them. Bryan was still holding the ax with a firm hand.

“I’m scared…” the dark haired girl whispered. “I have to find my mother.”

“Who’s your mother?” Bryan asked. “She’s working here?”

“She’s the principal. Have you seen her?”

The dark haired girl stopped walking, looking at them and waiting for an answer. Bryan opened his mouth to say something when a very loud shriek echoed near them. A tall woman ran toward them, growling. Her throat has been ripped off and a big part of her left upper arm was missing as well.

“Mom!” the young girl screamed in horror.

She backed up before what used to be her mother jumped on her and bit off her right cheek while the dark haired girl tried to push her away. The noise attracted others who wanted to join the improvised feast. Macy began to cry. Hannah pushed her toward the main entrance and Bryan followed them, holding the ax in case he has to fight for their lives. They got into the car.

* * * * *

With an evil grin, Ted managed the controller. He kept his eyes focused on the screen. On the seat next to him, his friend Clark also moved the joystick so his character on the screen turned the corner while shouting with rage, asking where his coward friend was hiding. Peter started laughing while his friends were trying to kill each other in the videogame they were playing for the last twenty-four hours. They got bored of the combat game last night so they just found another game. For them, it was a wonderful Monday evening!

“Why don’t you guys play online instead of beating the crap out of each other?” Peter asked them. “It’ll be more fun!”

“The network’s dead,” Clark replied.

“Since when?”

“Early this morning, I guess.”

“Our network distributor sucks, man!” Ted laughed, still looking at the screen.

“We should change for a better one before the semester starts,” Peter said, a little annoyed.

He took one of the controllers who stood on the coffee table and joined the game. He got shot several times before he could finally hide himself. He couldn’t do much more since everyone was firing around him. Clark began laughing very hard before getting shot too.

“Where are you, guys?” Peter muttered. “I can’t find you at all.”

“You’re such a lousy player,” Clark replied, “so why are you trying to play with us?”

“I’m as good as you, asshole.”

They suddenly fell silent, concentrating themselves on the game. Apparently this videogame was very serious for them. The sound was so loud it was like being inside it for real. Clark finally managed to find where Ted was hiding all this time, but before he could kill him, Peter arrived and shot him in the back.

“Bastard!” Clark yelled at Peter.

Peter was laughing while running after Ted’s character that had time to flee. Still furious, Clark put the controller on the coffee table before walking toward the bathroom. His friends kept playing, shooting at each other. When Clark came back, he was tapping his belly, saying he was starving. Peter frowned, replying he could grab a sandwich in the fridge.

“It’s empty. I haven’t checked everywhere,” Clark replied, letting his body fall on the couch, “but I’m up for pizza again. What about you?”

Peter shrugged.

“Okay,” Ted said, “but since you’re out of the game, here’s the phone.”

Clark took the phone, trying to remember the number for the pizza place. He dialed the number, hoping it was the right one. When he put the phone to his ear, he frowned, looking strangely at it.

“Dude! Did you pay the phone bill?”

“Sure I did it!” Ted answered. “What are you talking about?”

“It’s not working. It’s dead.”

He checked his pockets to find his cellphone and was surprised to find out this network wasn’t working either. He opened his mouth to mention it to his friends when the electric power went out suddenly. He closed his phone and put it back in his pocket.

“Uh… guys? What’s going on?”

“Don’t know, but it’s not because of unpaid electric bills,” Ted replied, getting on his feet. “Is one of you has gone outside recently?”

“Not since the pizza episode,” Peter replied.

Without saying anything else, they walked toward the door leading outside their apartment building. Once they were out, the horrible stench hit them hard. A car crashed against an electric pole and caught fire when the wired pole fell on it, probably killing the driver since he barely moved inside. The smell of burning flesh finally made Peter sick in the bush next to the door of their building. The sunset was the same color as the fire consuming the car. Ted walked near the car, checking on the driver. He wasn’t moving anymore.

From the corner of his eyes, he noticed movement coming his way. Another smell was in the air. The putrid smell of rotten flesh… There were some people down the street, but they were walking very slowly. Also they were growling. A little group had kneeled down on top of something. On the paved street, he saw a severed hand near the group. He had begun to back up when Clark shouted at him to look out. The rotten smell hit him before he turned his head. A tall guy was showing his teeth, blood around his nose and lips. Ted looked at him, horrified while the guy got closer.

“Is it Justin Patterson?” he asked his friend. “He seems… dead…”

The back of that thing’s football jacket was torn opened, showing some bones from its rib cage. A couple of fingers were also missing and a part of its neck had been bitten and apparently chewed off. Except for the blood dripping from its lips, Justin-thing wasn’t bleeding despite all the open wounds.

He could see that underneath his football jacket, its belly have been ripped open and a part of its guts eaten as well as one cheek. The Justin-thing jumped on him, still growling. It fiercely plunged its teeth in the soft fabric of Ted’s shirt. Hopefully for him, he was wearing a long sleeves shirt. But before it could dig its way to his flesh, Ted pushed it as hard as he could. The thing lost its balance and fell on the concrete, still holding the sleeve between its teeth. Ted fell with it and his arm hit the lower jaw of the thing, violently banging its head against the sidewalk. It let go of the sleeve. Ted got back on his feet, furious.

He kicked its head on the sidewalk, again and again, until the skull shattered into pieces on the paved street. Peter barfed once more in the bush. Clark slowly approached his friend, wanting to know if the bag guy was really dead.

“What the hell is going on?” he asked Ted, bending over the thing on the floor.

“It’s like hell went loose in this town.”

“What are we going to do now?” Peter questioned, wiping his lips again.

“I saw a lot of movies about that,” Clark answered, suddenly excited, “and the survivors are always looking for other survivors.”

Ted frowned.

“Are you talking about those horror flicks with flesh-eating zombies?”


“Don’t say that!”

“What? That’s what it is, man!”

“It’s just ridiculous!”

“So how would you call it, them?”

“Guys!” Peter shouted. “There’s a bunch coming your way!”

Inside the so-called group Peter was talking about, the three of them recognized popular girls from their college. Most of them used to be cheerleaders. Mandy Dawson was approaching very slowly with Kelly Belafonte, who used to be the leader of this so-called group. Mandy was one armed now and Kelly had a big part of her left leg missing. Sally-Sue Peters was a little far behind, part of her lower jaw gone. Gwyneth Randall completed the little group, half of her scalp ripped off. She had a lot of blood on her face.

“Get back inside!” Peter shouted to his friends.

They both looked at each other before running toward their apartment building. They locked themselves inside. Peter tried to pull something across the door so they couldn’t get in, sweating.

“What is going on?” Peter said, still holding the door.

His voice was a bit hysterical. Clark and Ted looked at each other without answering.

“We have to survive,” Clark said, trying to stay reasonable.

Peter shook his head while Clark smiled, looking at his friends. He tried to contain his joy, but the situation made him very happy. He told them they had to do something to protect themselves like in those movies he saw so many times. Peter looked at him blankly. Ted asked him not to compare their situation with movies.

“We’re not inside one of those stupid movies you kept watching.”

“Don’t you see? If we want to survive, we need to prepare ourselves.”

Clark went to check the window near the main door, still smiling. He remembered all the movies he ever saw over the years and he tried to make a plan. He also thought about food they didn’t have here anymore. He clapped in his hands, saying they didn’t have many time.

“We can’t stay here anymore,” he said to his friends. “We need to find another shelter with food and water. And powerful weapons like guns. I know a place not too far from college, at the end of the city.”

Peter just nodded, trying to get back on his feet. They went back to their apartment and barricade themselves there. They agreed to go to the kitchen to find out what kind of supplies they still had in their place. Clark took his backpack from his room and began to fill it up with important stuff for him. He suggested to his friends do to the same thing. They needed to have a plan before getting back outside. They went back to the living room.

“How all this happened?” Ted asked before sitting on the couch. “I know we’re not inside one of those stupid movies but how it happens in them?”

Clark shrugged.

“Usually it’s a virus, a massive contagion all around the world.”

“You mean it might happen somewhere else too?” Peter said.

“You guys never watched a zombie movie in your entire life?”

They both shook their head, looking at him.

“Do you think help will come to rescue us?” Peter asked with hope.

“It never really happens in those movies.”

* * * * *

They went as far as they could with the car, but the city streets were packed with cars and those things that seemed to be more and more around as the sun got down. Bryan killed the engine and looked behind them. Hannah went further down on the backseat. Bryan joined them as slowly as he could.

“We’ll wait for the morning. We need to get some rest.”

They tried to make themselves as comfortable as they could. Macy fell asleep into her mother’s arms. Bryan got closer to them, closing his eyes. He dozed for a while, not knowing he was so tired. When he opened his eyes again, it was almost dawn.

“Girls,” he whispered, “it’s time to go.”

Bryan looked around the car. Now the sun was a little brighter in the sky. He could see the streets were empty from living people, but congested with cars. They could go out. They got out of the car. Once again, they were hit by the putrid smell of decomposed flesh, the smell of death. Holding the ax with a firm grip, Bryan was in front, wanting to be sure nothing was coming toward them. Hannah put their daughter between them to protect her.

They started to walk slowly, listening to every sound around them. Yesterday’s chaos was even bigger now. There was the smell of putrid flesh mixed with burnt flesh. It was awful to even breathe.

They kept it quiet for a while, still walking among cars. Suddenly they stopped, frozen by fear. They quickly hid behind a car, looking around them. They heard gun shots. Bryan motioned toward a snack-bar, his family walking behind him. Once inside, they went directly to the window pane. Nobody followed them. They could breathe fresh air in the little snack-bar. Hannah stepped to the counter. She wanted to find food for them. Somebody was lying behind the counter. Hannah avoided the body to peek inside the kitchen. She heard a low growl before she felt a horrible pain on her ankle. Something got hold of her leg, hurting her even more. She looked down and saw the lady dressed as a waitress biting her flesh. She tried to kick her and when the thing finally lost her grip, Hannah collapsed on the floor, grimacing from the pain.

Bryan took the ax and attacked the thing that crawled toward Hannah. There was a pool of blood underneath the waitress. Her guts were showing from her body. Bryan lowered his weapon and stroked it directly at the base of the thing’s skull. Hannah wiped her cheeks, shaking with pain. Macy tried to find a piece of cloth, hoping to stop the bleeding.

He grabbed the dead body and thrown it away from them. He kneeled down next to Hannah and took her hand. He asked her if she could walk. She tried to smile to reassure both of them. She shook her head but her whole body was shivering with shock and pain. Bryan found a first aid kit under the counter and put a bandage around her wound after cleaning it. He helped her to get back on her feet.

They went through the back door of the snack-bar. Bryan put his right arm around Hannah’s waist while Macy was carrying the ax. It was very quiet around them. No noise, no growl. Only the wind was blowing, driving to them the putrid smell of the things. They walked a big part of the day, stopping from time to time to get some rest. They found another shelter in an abandon restaurant near the tunnel. Bryan took another first aid kit and changed his ex-wife bandage. She didn’t look too good. Her eyes were injected with blood and her entire skin was very pale, almost turning into a light gray. The skin around the wound was bright red and inside it turned into something blackish. Bryan tried not to panic when he took off the old bandage from her leg. A putrid smell got into his nostrils. He looked at his ex-wife. She was shivering from fever but her whole body was covered with sweat.

Macy went by herself to find something to eat. She got back with potato chips, chocolate bars and some eatable veggies. She gave an apple to her mother but instead of enjoying it, Hannah got sick.

Hannah went sick for the second time, a ghastly combination of green and black gooey thing dribble out of her mouth. When she rose again, the sticky liquid was still dripping from her lower lip. She tried to speak to her ex-husband. He gestured to keep it quiet until their daughter will be out of sight. She nodded, letting him know she understood.

“Go find some water, honey,” he asked Macy.

She nodded, saying she’ll find enough for all of them. Hannah clutched her fingers around Bryan’s wrist. He looked at her.

“I don’t feel so good.”

“You don’t look so good either, honey.”

“I’m too tired to continue, Bryan. Are you going to take good care of our daughter when I’m gone?”

He frowned. Before he could say anything, their daughter got back in the main room, out of breath. She warned them about the things that were coming their way. Macy looked terrified. She went to help her mother getting back on her feet. They got back into the street. The sunset was now visible. Soon they began to be surrounded by those things.

“Will you keep your promise?” Hannah whispered.

“You are going through this tunnel,” she said with a shaky voice, “and I’ll make sure they won’t come after you.”

She pushed them away from her before backing up. She ordered them to start running as quickly as they could before those things got closer.

“I love you both…” Hannah whispered, tears in her eyes. “Now go!”

She began to run in the other direction, screaming and distracting the things. Their feet moved very fast in the street, running for their lives. They got inside the tunnel. It was very dark inside. He was still holding his daughter’s hand very tight, refusing to let her go. He pushed her behind him, taking the ax back. Some creatures were still trapped inside their cars, trying to catch them by taping on the windows. They scratched the glass with their fingers, growling. Macy screamed when one of those things tried to catch her by her hair. Bryan pushed her on the side and smashed the thing right in the face with the ax. Blood spilled everywhere but it kept fighting. Another one got a grip of Macy, pushing her against a car. She lost her balance and fell on the paved floor with the roaring creature.

Her father turned to her, holding the thing by the hair. Another one came from behind him and grabbed him by the throat. The young girl punched its legs of the creature that attacked her father so he could get rid of the one behind him. Macy smashed the skull on the paved floor as hard as she could with her feet. Bryan threw it away from him before clenching his daughter’s hand. They started running, holding each other’s hand so they will not lose track of each other in the dark tunnel.

Suddenly they saw a dim light in front of them.

They finally got out, happy to be outside again and alive.

* * * * *

The sun was very high in the sky. They were sweating under the heat. Clark was walking in front, checking for upcoming threats. He had a solid grip on a big butcher knife. Ted stayed last in line, holding a baseball bat. Peter tried his best to cover both sides. He didn’t have any weapon. He was too nervous and it was too dangerous for all of them. They waited until the next morning to leave their building. A little breeze was softly blowing. No “walkers” were on sight, like Clark liked to call those creatures. He imagined himself being the main character in one of those horror flicks, getting on his friends’ nerves. Ted turned his back from his friends, covering what could come his way from behind. He was acting like one of those mercenaries in his favorite action videogames. He has no armor or gun, but in his imaginary world, he has all the equipment he needed to survive and be the deadliest warrior around. Peter was afraid of being caught off guard, like a jack-in-a-box could jump on them from behind a wrecked car.

They were near the college’s stadium. On the football field stood the rest of an apparent ruined party. A bunch of bodies were lying on the grass. There was blood everywhere. But Peter wasn’t looking at the football field. He was amazed by a big Hummer truck in the parking lot. Slowly, he walked toward it.

“Hey guys!” he called.

He pointed the Hummer, a big smile on his lips.

“We’re going to ride with style, gentlemen!”

Ted got near him first. He bent down; looking under the car to be sure there was nothing underneath. Clark checked inside. He found nothing of interest except for the key chain hanging from the ignition. He smiled and continued his inspection. He saw the owner’s papers. It used to be Justin Patterson’s car. They got inside, Peter behind the wheel. He was the best driver. He started the engine and his smile got wider. He got out of the parking lot, feeling safer. Clark sat on the backseat and Ted was on the passenger seat.

“I know exactly how to get to the store,” Clark said. “I’m sure we’ll find all the food and water supplies we need.”


The Hummer moved slowly among the debris on the road. Peter didn’t want to smash the car for nothing. He heard a deep growling to his right. He looked and saw Kelly coming toward them. Grinning, he drove right into her and crashed her skull on the rack in front of the Hummer. He started laughing while his friends looked at him, stunned.

“Yahoo! Five easy points for me, bitch!”

 “What was that?” Clark asked him. “You’re earning points each time you rammed over someone?”

Peter just nodded, keeping his eyes on the road. Clark frowned.

“And how do you know the points you got when you hit someone?”

“So when you hit a pedestrian, it’s five points. Ten if it’s a cyclist, fifteen points for a guy on a scooter and twenty for a motorcycle.”

“You’re sick, man,” Ted murmured.

“Well sure. That’s a good way to clear our path,” Clark replied, smiling.

“Enough with your damn movies!” Ted shouted. “We’re not in your fucking movies, okay?”

A heavy silence fell upon them. Ted crossed his arms over his chest, looking outside the window. He sighed before frowning. A little to their right, he could see his history of western philosophy teacher. He never liked that bastard. Always telling his students how great it used to be before their generation arrived… Another of his teachers walked next to it. Ted pointed them.

“If you run over them, it’ll give ten points for two pedestrians?”

Peter nodded. He suddenly turned the wheel to their right and the truck violently crashed the two creatures that were just walking slowly nearby. Blood splashed all around them, making them laugh with joy. Ted clapped in his hands, proudly shouting he just got himself ten very easy points. This little game amused them.

They found themselves on the main road, filled with “walkers”. Peter stopped the Hummer, stunned to see all those creatures there. He asked his friends if they were ready to earn lots of points. Clark firmly gripped both front seats, smiling. Ted advanced his hands to hold the recessed handle on the dashboard of the truck. They both nodded before Peter took a deep breath and pressed the acceleration pedal harder. The Hummer jumped forward, hitting the first creature right in the mid-section. The impact severed the creature in two, guts flying everywhere around them. The three friends were just laughing while Peter managed to drive back and forth to kill every one of those things.

They were having so much fun that Peter was barely looking in front of them. The windshield was totally covered with blood and guts and he couldn’t find the switch to activate the wipers to wash everything up. When he finally found it, he activated them to clean the windshield. What was ahead of them froze them in terror. There was a young girl crying in the middle of the street. A man came out of the tunnel and took her in his arms but it was too late. Peter tried his best to brake. The Hummer hit them hard. The scream of pain filled the silence while Peter managed to turn the wheel to their left. Once again, it was too late. Their truck crashed into the back of a van from a telephone company. The scale on top of it swung directly into their windshield, smashing Peter’s skull against the headrest while Clark flew through it. The shatter glass decapitated the body. Ted broke his right wrist and knocked his forehead on the dashboard. He looked around him and saw all the blood. Clark’s body was half outside the Hummer. His hand slipped on the handle a couple of times before he could open the door. He got out, still in shock. His two best friends were dead. He turned his head, seeing some movement from the corner of his eye. The man’s body was a bit twisted in a horrible angle. But he looked normal. They killed two survivors who just got out of the tunnel.

Then everything went dark.

* * * * *

He slowly opened his eyes. He splashed his face before entering the shower. He got dressed. He waited next to the coffee machine before raising his eyes to the whiteboard. He had to make an inventory of his remaining provisions.

Sitting on the couch, his coffee mug on the little table next to him, he took another board, a faint smile on his lips. He grabbed two dices and rolled them on the board. He watched those creatures a lot since they suddenly appeared. And then he came with the idea of a little game of his own. On one dice, he glued drawings he found in magazines. They represented two children, a group of teenagers, a mid-aged couple and a bunch of oldies sitting on a bench park. The drawings were very small but he was satisfied with his work. On the other dice, there were regular numbers from on to six. What he got on the dices represented what he should kill while he was awake. He rolled those three times.

He looked at the first result: a mid-aged man or woman. He rolled again and got a teen boy or a girl. The third time he has to shoot and old man.

The sun was now very high in the sky. He moved through the narrow streets, making as little noise as possible. He climbed on the roof of a building two blocks away from his shop. From there, he had a good view of the tunnel between the two parts of the city. He was at the far end of the city. There were a lot of creatures near the tunnel. They moved very slowly but they became very agitated when they spotted a survivor. By the sight of his rifle, he could see a young man running to escape as fast as possible a very large number of those creatures. As expected, the young man eventually stumbled and fell on the pavement. The creatures quickly rushed to him, slaughtered him.

He got into the building. Suddenly he heard the engine of a big truck. Frowning, he walked to the window. A big Hummer truck was running back and forth on those creatures. He got back to the roof to have a better look. As far as he could see, there were three guys inside the truck. The Hummer abruptly swerved and crashed into a van nearby. The rest of the picture wasn’t very pretty to look at.

The crash killed one by expulsing him by the windshield, head first. By his sniper rifle, he could see the twisted neck with shades of glass stuck in it. The other one was still sitting behind the wheel of the driver’s seat, his head crushed under the scale that fell through the windshield. He saw one of them getting out of the big Hummer, covered with blood. He looked at the survivor of the crash, wanting to know which direction the thing will take. It wondered around for a minute or two.

“Enough with this bullshit.”

He aimed his rifle and shot the creature right between the eyes. He saw some movement near the tunnel. He aimed his sniper rifle again and waited. A creature came out. It used to be a woman. He shot her in the eye. Only the old man or woman remained to kill

“Let’s cure the world.”


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