Black cat

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Who can be afraid of a little kitty?

Submitted: August 28, 2013

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Submitted: August 28, 2013



He sighed without leaving his daughter out of his sight. She played with her dolls in the garden. Close to her was the huge plastic pink house. Nancy hit the counter, attracting his attention.

“It’s out of the question,” she said through clenched teeth.

“She has a problem. It’s not normal for a girl of her age to always play alone.”

“Don’t judge the way I raise our daughter, Mike. I know very well what is good for her.”

He abruptly turned to his wife, shaking his head.

“You’re too protective.”

“Please! Our daughter is normal.”

“She spends all her time with this fucking doll house! We should never have offered it to her!”

“I noted that your parents gave her this house for her birthday. And we have just moved here. Give her time.”

“How do you explain Bill?”

“She has a lot of imagination. There is nothing wrong with that!”

A heavy silence fell upon them. Mike turned his attention to his daughter, completely discouraged by the situation in which they found themselves. Changing school didn’t appear to have any effect on Dylan. She was a little more isolated every day in her imaginary world populated by princes and princesses fighting wizards and dragons. Nobody was allowed in her world. Being an only child, she used to play alone. It was a hard habit for a seven years old little girl. Mike insisted anyway.

“Dylan needs professional help and soon.”

“Out of the question.”

“Why do you refuse to see the truth?”

“Do you realize that you categorize our daughter as a psychiatric case? How dare you do this?”

“She needs help to get out of her world,” Mike replied by flip-flopping. “I never said that we should commit her.”

At the same time, Dylan went into the kitchen. Her parents turned to her, surprised to be interrupted. They were even more surprised to see the huge fat cat she carried in her arms. She proudly showed them the cat that didn’t flinch a bit. It had green eyes half closed and it purred like a motor truck. Nancy went to her daughter and gently stroked the animal behind the ear. The cat completely closed its eyes and let itself go under the caresses.

“It’s very cute,” she said. “Where did you find it?”

“Hiding in the bushes. Can I keep it?”

Mike sighed.

“It may already be someone’s,” her father said.

“It doesn’t wear a collar,” Nancy replied.

The girl buried her face in the animal’s black fur while her mother continued to caress it. How a human being could abandon such a beautiful creature?

“Please, daddy! It likes me!”

“I have nothing to say against the idea,” Nancy announced. “It seems very affectionate.”

“My dear,” Mike replied as he knelt before his daughter, “I’m… I’m allergic to furry animals.”

The girl looked down, sad not to be able to keep the cat. Nancy frowned, looking up at her husband.

“What about the cat we had before I gave birth to our daughter? The one who died two months before?”

Mike furiously glared at her because she totally destroyed his lie. Their daughter hastened to promise that she would take care of it. She went to her room to leave the cat and then take her mother’s hand saying they should buy everything it needed. Before leaving the house, Mike asked his daughter if she had found a name for the cat. She hastened to tell him with a cheerful voice:

“But he already has a name! He told me.”

“He told you? And which one?”

“His name’s Natas!”

His wife and daughter left the house to go shopping. Finding himself alone in the house with the cat, Mike went to see what it was doing. His eyes widened when he saw it on his daughter’s bed. It dozed quietly. When he made a step into the room, Natas bent his back and growled, hair bristling. It was spiting with rage. Mike was a cringe. Dirty bastard, he thought, backing up. He returned to the ground floor, away from this animal as quickly as possible. He hated the cat and he had a strange feeling that it was mutual. But it was a dirty beast! Nevertheless, he didn’t feel safe, knowing that he was under the same roof with it. He was eager to see his wife and daughter. Curiously, he preferred to remain on the ground floor and wait for the girls. When the latter returned, they were laden with shopping bags. They had just bought everything, from the brush to little playthings. There were so many things! Mike helped them to store everything, feeling much better now that he was no longer alone with the cat.

* * * * *

The days that followed the arrival of the cat were peaceful for the family. Dylan loved her new friend and she cared for him without help. The cat followed her wherever she went. When she was as school, Natas spent the whole day lying on the little girl’s bed, asleep while waiting for her return. It descended to wait in front of the house a few seconds before her arrival. To the delight of Mike and Nancy, the cat didn’t seem to lose too much hair. Even when it was brushed. Mike always hated both the newcomer and avoided it most of the time. The cat seemed to realize this and it took advantage of the situation. But Dylan only had him for a friend. So her father didn’t do anything, not wanting to hurt her.

One day, Mike went to the attic to take a box he had stored there when they moved into their new home. The carton contains fragile items he loved more than anything: stick models representing planes and classic cars, miniature porcelain houses which formed a large village, vases that his late grandmother had made herself before her death. He came down the basement where he had built a large table to install his electric trains. He wanted to use the large village located in the box to enlarge the one he already possessed. He took what he wanted and pulled the rest to the attic. With an uncertainly step, he staggered to the floor to get painfully up the stairs leading to the attic. The cat came out of nowhere to sneak between his feet. Mike lost his balance and fell to the ground. The box went down the ground floor. Its contents spilled on the floor and broke. Mike ran down the stairs to measure the extent of damage. The cat went again between his legs and he fell on the brittle debris that was on the floor. A piece of sharp porcelain slashed his wrist. The blood began to flow quickly from the wound. As if he wanted to be forgiven, Natas returned to him and rubbed against his leg once Mike was again on his feet. Enraged, Mike pushed him with a violent kick.

“Get the fuck out of here!” he shouted angrily.

Nancy joined him, wanting to know what had caused the noise. The cat uttered a cry of defiance before fleeing.

“Mike! It’s not his fault, you know! He just wants to draw your attention.”

Her husband said nothing. Nancy went to get the first aid kit to treat his ugly wound. She cleaned all the blood before pressing a bandage to stop the bleeding. She strongly suggested consulting a doctor. He shook his head, retorting sharply that he no longer bleeding.

“People commit suicide that way, if you want to know.”

He shrugged his shoulders and left. He was so stubborn.

* * * * *

And then the nightmare began…

“Mike! It’s your father on the phone and he says it’s urgent!”

Her husband quickly came to her. He picked the receiver and put it to his ear. The voice of his father awkwardly tried to hide a hint of nervousness. He announced that he just identified the body of his wife… Mike’s mother had been brutally killed in an armed robbery at the bank. The thief was still running. The whole family was shaken by the news. The funeral was quickly organized and celebrated in the small town of Mike. Many people came to pay their last respects to the woman that everyone loved.

After the funeral, the little family invited Mike’s father to come and live with them. So they put the house up for sale, keeping contact with an agent who handled everything. Dylan was very happy that her grandfather lived with them. But the death of his wife seemed even more unbearable. Unable to bear it, he ended up his life, committing suicide just two weeks after the tragedy. Mike was devastated. He barricaded himself in his room until the day of the funeral. He shot himself in silent grief. He couldn’t understand why his father did it.

“He couldn’t bear to lose…” Nancy replied.

He let out a roar of rage, out of himself. He fell on the bed and began to cry. He refused to accept the death of his parents. His daughter came into the room, her cat wrapped around her neck. It purred quietly, its eyes half closed. Nancy came and gently stroked it without leaving her husband out of her sight. She couldn’t do anything for him apart from supporting him during this difficult time. Dylan didn’t know whether she would be able to comfort her father. She approached him and laid Natas on his knees. The animal gave him little blows with his paw to get his attention but Mike pushed it with a sudden movement.

“Get away!” he cried.

“Mike, please…”

The cat struck him a violent blow with his paw, claws out. Claws traced deep bloody gashes on his left cheek. Mike grabbed furiously Natas by the neck and threw it across the room. The cat ran away quickly. Dylan screamed in horror before Nancy did lead her out of the room. The little girl sobbed, asking why her father had harmed Natas.

“He’s just sad. Everything will be better in a few days.”

Dylan returned to her room where the cat had taken refuse. As soon as she closed the door, the cat came to her and climbed onto her lap. She moved her hand to scratch its ear.

“He didn’t want to be bad.”

The cat gave a weak meow in response. She explained that her grandfather had died and it made her father very sad. Then she felt silent for a moment. Natas took the opportunity to receive caresses. It approached the girl as tears slid down her cheeks. It licked the tears and then gave her some little blows with its paw, telling her it was there for her. Dylan faintly smiled, telling it that it wasn’t her father’s fault. Natas really seemed to listen. It settled more comfortably on her knees and looked up at her.

“Daddy loves you very much,” she whispered.

She leaned over and kissed its head before the cat jumped on the floor. Dylan hoped with all her heart to be right, but she wasn’t convinced. Mike didn’t want the animal from the first day and it surely felt it. Her grandmother had already explained that animals could feel things in a different way than humans. And she believed everything her grandmother told her. Why would she lie to her?

She heard voices. She approached the door to hear better what her parents were saying. As usual, they argued.

“But why did you do that?” Nancy cried.

“Damn! My father just died and you seriously believed that I want to play around with this fucking fur ball?”

“I understand you’re upset, but stay civilized! Especially in front of you own daughter!”

“This is a fucking cat!”

“It only wanted to comfort you, Mike.”

“Fuck me, because it’s not going to bring back my parents!”

“Rudeness either! Nobody can bring them back. But your family is there for you anyway. So think a little before acting next time.”

“If this animal approaches me again, I’ll kill it.”


“I never wanted this dirty beast and you know it very well.”

“Why are you talking about the cat?”

“Because it poisons our lives! It happened because it’s with us! This animal is bad luck.”

Nancy frowned, crossing her arms over her chest.

“You’re mad.”

“I’m right!”

“I’ll pretend it’s your grief, but…”

He grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her violently and asked her to listen. He said that the cat was responsible for their misfortune since it had entered their lives. Nancy tried to get away, but he held her shoulders tightly. He looked at her, a strange light shining in his eyes.

“Stop…You’re scaring me…”

“I’m right and you know it! Open up your eyes!”

Once again his wife tried to get away, but he stopped her from doing so. The woman screamed when he dug his nails into her flesh to maintain her more firmly. The blood began to flow. Frightened, Dylan left the room and burst in her parents’ to know what was going on. She froze when she saw her father shaking her mother as a rag doll.

“Dad!” the little girl screamed. “Stop it!”

She threw herself on her father, hitting him with her little fists. With a sudden movement, Mike struck her with a slap from the back of his hand, which sent her against the wall. Nancy screamed. She swung a knee in his stomach before striking him with her right fist. She knelt beside her daughter who was sobbing. Natas suddenly interposed between Mike and Dylan, spitting and growling. Mike got back on his feet, groaning.

“I forbid you to be between my daughter and me!”

The cat’s green eyes became bright red as it settled comfortably without letting him out of its sight. Mike glares at it before grabbing his chest, eyes wide with horror. The cat continued to stare without making the slightest movement. A white dot in the middle of its eyes lit the room with a very bright light. A trickle of blood escaped from Mike’s lips while he fell to his knees. His whole body was shaken with violent spasms. His eyes rolled back and blood was pouring out of his ears. Nancy cowered, holding her daughter in her arms.


Suddenly, Mike’s body shattered, spilling his guts all over the room. The two girls began to scream in horror. As if all went well, the cat licked its black fur quietly, which curiously had been spared by the bloody debris. Then it turned to the two girls and stepped toward Dylan when Nancy put herself between them, menacing look.

“I don’t know what you are, but don’t approach her.”

Her face was dripping with blood and tears.

“Mom… I want my cat…”

“What are you?” Nancy whispered, shaking her head.

The cat blinked without flinching. The girl made a movement towards Natas, but Nancy intervened again.

“He was suspicious of you,” she said, still looking at the cat, “and I think he was right.”

She took her daughter in her arms before starting to run to the front door of the house. She grabbed the keys on her way out. She placed her daughter in the car before slipping behind the wheel. She started the car and backed up. She stopped when she saw Natas in the middle of the road, eyes bright red.

“Stay away from my daughter!”

“Mom! No!”

Nancy crushed the accelerator pedal. The car leaped forward and struck the cat, literally rolling on it. A crackling sounds muffled in the silence around the vehicle. Dylan yelled to her mother to stop the car, but Nancy didn’t listen. She was heading straight ahead without worrying about anything other than the landscape passing before her eyes. She had killed a stupid cat that killed her husband. How more bizarre could it be? She had to protect her daughter against this creature. Mike had wanted to; preventing her that the animal wasn’t like the others. She refused to believe it. She wondered what Mike would have done if Natas hadn’t intervened between him and his daughter.

“Mom! Look: Natas is not dead!”

Horrified, Nancy found out that there really was a black cat in the middle of the road. It looked at them with large red eyes.

“No!” Nancy screamed. “I’ve already killed you!”

She crushed the accelerator again, passing an intersection without stopping at the stop sign.  A huge truck, which had priority on the road, collided the car in which they took place, killing them both instantly. The cat licked it whiskers before slowly trotting toward the house near the accident. The people of the neighborhood came out of their houses to rescue the injured. A woman knelt beside her daughter, her hands on her shoulders.

“Stay quietly here. Okay?”

The little girl nodded and looked at her mother getting away to the emergency vehicles. A black cat approached her and gave a weak meow to get her attention. She leaned toward him, smiling.

“Hello kitten. What are you doing here all alone?”

Slowly, she took it in her arms to cuddle. The animal began to purr. It lifted its muzzle to lick her cheek. She laughed, tightening it against her. Her mother came slowly towards her and frowned when she saw the cat.

“Where did you find it?”

“It came to see me. Can I keep it?”

“It’s perhaps someone’s already.”

“It told me no.”

Her mother smiled a little.

“It said no? And what else did it say?”

“Its name is Natas. Can I keep it?”

The woman knelt beside her daughter and gently stroked the cat’s head.

“Why not? It looks very nice.”


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