Black magic

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What will you do if you've got the power?

Submitted: August 15, 2013

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Submitted: August 15, 2013



They entered the classroom, laughing. They went to sit in the back of the class as usual. Chloe dropped on her chair, ending to laugh. Dynalee stood beside her without stopping her laugh. Anyla moved next to the window. The teacher, Mrs. Goodman, entered the room, a smile on her lips. She vigorously greeted them. Lindsey passed a small piece of paper to Kristel. The latter read it before passing it to Dynalee who then passed to Anyla. The paper ended its run on Chloe’s desk. The girl cast a quick glance at Mrs. Goodman before unfolding the small message.

Think of a wish. We’re meeting at the cafeteria. Passes the message to the others.

She turned to Lindsey, a small smile on her lips. Curious, she began to hope the class will end soon. As expected, the four young girls went directly to the cafeteria but where surprised to see that Lindsey wasn’t there.

“Where is she?” Kristel asked them.

“She wants to talk to us, but she’s not even there,” Dynalee sighed.

“Here she is!” Anyla cried. “It’s nice of you to join us.”

“Girls!” Lindsey launched while sitting at the same table as her friends. “Do you remember the movie with four teenage girls whose making magic?”

“Uh… Yes…” Anyla said. “Why?”

“I found a very interesting book in the library.”

She went out of her bag to show them what she was talking about.

“This is the same as in the movie!” Chloe replied. “And you think it works?”

“Wait!” Dynalee answered. “You want we launched spells?”

“Shut up!” Kristel retorted. “Don’t say that so loud. You want someone to hear us?”


“Is that’s why we had to think of a wish?” Chloe asked.

“This is the first spell they casted in the movie. We can do the same thing,” Lindsey suggested. “The worst that can happen is that it doesn’t work.”

They looked at each other, question marks in their eyes, before laughing. Lindsey asked them if they wanted to try. They laughed once again before Chloe noticed a guy entered the cafeteria. He held the hand of his girlfriend. Chloe felt her heart tighten and tears in her eyes. Kristel laid a hand on her shoulder and sighed.

“Don’t forget to think of a wish, Chloe.”

Wiping a tear with the back of her hand, the girl stood before telling her friends:

“At Lindsey’s after school.”

Then she hurried off the cafeteria, cheeks wet with tears.

* * * * *

The sun was setting on the horizon. All shades inside the apartment had been closed and a dozen of candles in different colors were lit everywhere. The five girls moved around the coffee table and put five different candles above. They placed themselves around the table, a candle between each girl. In a cup, Lindsey poured red wine and took out a needle. She looked her friends.

“Put one drop of blood in the wine.”

She did it first. Then Chloe took the needle and, after cleaning it, she imitated her friend. The others did the same. Lindsey lifted the cup with both hands and looked around her.

“I’m getting each of you, my sisters, hoping to be as thin and beautiful as my sister.

She threw a picture of her sister in the middle of the coffee table. She took a sip of wine before passing the cup to Chloe. She heaved a deep sigh before saying:

“I’m getting each of you, my sisters, hoping to get Zach back, whom I love.”

She put the photo of the guy from the cafeteria before taking a sip. She then passed the cup to Dynalee.

“I’m getting each of you, my sisters, hoping to get great grades in all my classes.”

She threw her last report card in the middle of the table. She drank wine and passed the cup to Anyla who took it while closing her eyes.

“I’m getting each of you, my sisters, hoping to become a model.”

She got a picture of herself and put it with the rest of their stuff and grinned, taking a sip of red wine. She then passed the cup to Kristel who sighed, looking at a candle.

“I’m getting each of you, my sisters, hoping to never run out of money.”

She placed a twenty dollar bill on the table before drinking the rest of the content of the cup. She winced as she did so. The looked at each other for a moment before starting to laugh. Kristel told them she felt like the girls in the film. Anyla nodded, laughing. Dynalee eventually become serious and took the hands of her friends beside her. The others followed her and closed their eyes, repeating in chorus:

“I received each of you, my sisters, hoping that my wish comes true.”

Having dropped her hands, the girls promised to keep the event secret. They were again very serious, thinking about their wish.

* * * * *

The following Saturday was rainy. It was the kind of weather that refused to stop, continuing throughout the day. Chloe watched the rain through the window and sighed. It was very depressed. Dynalee had phoned her earlier. Lindsey had forgotten one small detail: they had to take one of the candles, light it up and meditate hard on their wish. The girld had done to her friend to take the candle she held in her right hand now. She sat in her room to do what her friend had told her to do. She took a photo of Zach and burned it, murmuring:

“I want to get your love back…”

She closed her eyes, repeating this sentence aloud in a whisper. She saw stars behind her eyelids as she kept her eyes closed. Eventually a tear slid down her cheek. The phone rang, making her jump. She reached over to pick up the phone. She wiped her cheek before answering with a low tone.


“Hi Chloe!” Kristel launched with a cheerful voice. “We go out to the club tonight. Will you join us?”

“Okay. When?”

“Ten o’clock. Is that okay?”

“Perfect. And did you have… any news about…?”

“No. Nobody told me about their results.”

Chloe sighed. The two girls bowed before hanging up. The girl dropped the receiver on the table. She blew out the flame of the candle and sat watching television. She fell asleep on the sofa.

* * * * *

The young girl entered the club and looked for her friends. She eventually saw Lindsey she went to her. Her friend smiled widely and asked to look at her carefully. Chloe frowned and went a little to watch. She nodded, noting that Lindsey had somewhat modified her usual look. Then she had a shock.

Impossible… You… you’ve lost weight! How many pounds did you lost?”

“About twenty pounds!” Lindsey threw happily, still smiling. “Do you realize? My sister was out of her mind when I went home to borrow some clothes.”

“So it worked?”

Anyla uttered a cry of joy at the sight of her friends. She jumped into their arms, laughing. She told them that her major modeling agency in the city had called her, offering her a photo session. Then she noticed the significant weight loss of Lindsey. The two girls were happy to see their wishes realized. Kristel approached the other and began to spin around herself to show them her new clothes. Apparently, she had received a credit card with no limit on it. The credit card company had consulted her file, but there was no mistake. Unbeknownst to her, Kristel had been the victim of an identity theft and the credit card company had discovered that it was one of their employees. To prevent complains, the company had decided to give it this card to literally buy her silence. Anyla gave them the details of her next photo shoot while Lindsey smiled at all the guys who watched them. Dynalee came to join them. She told them the director asked her to retake the final exam she had just passed. There was an unfortunate error when corrected.

Then they all turned to Chloe, waiting for her good news. She was the only one not having any happy story to tell them. But she had nothing to say. Nothing had happened since they casted their spells. She just shrugged, answering them it couldn’t work every time. They were sorry. Dynalee told them she wanted to dance. Her friends followed her on the dance floor, but Chloe didn’t stay very long. She found a quiet corner to wait for her friends when they were too tired to continue dancing. She ordered a drink, bored to death. She had no fun. She was the only one in the group with nothing to celebrate. She wanted to go home.

“Excuse me,” a smiling guy said. “Can I sit down here?”

She shrugged.

“It’s a free country.”

She sighed again, watching the dancers. A large guy holding a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other lost his balance when he came near the girl. Already drunk, he dropped a part of his beer on her. She gave a little cry of indignation. The guy who sat with her pushed the drunken one, asking him to be more careful. Then he turned to the girl.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fed up! I’m going home!”

“You’re leaving because of this idiot? Don’t let him ruin your evening.”

“It was already ruined.”

“Stay, please.”

She wiped her shirt without looking.

“Why? You don’t have any friends?”

“Yes, but I’m alone to dance. Would you like to dance with me?”

She frowned, looking up at him. He begged her with his gaze. She finally weakly smiled at him before accepting his invitation. They went to the dance floor where they amused themselves a lot. He pulled her against him, putting his hands on her hips. She wrapped her arms around his neck. She was having fun at last! He approached her ear to ask her name. She smiled at him.

“I’m Chloe. And you?”


The danced until about two in the morning. She had completely forgotten her problems. Fatigue eventually won the battle. She thanked him for the wonderful evening. He seemed disappointed when she said she wanted to go. She suggested that he joined his friends and wished him a good evening before filing a quick kiss on his cheek. She left the night club.

* * * * *

“Chloe!” Kristel called through the door.

The young girl pretended not to hear anything, slowly emerging from sleep.

“Open up the door!” Anyla added while striking the door.

Chloe finally got up to open the door to her friends. They entered the apartment, pressing her with questions. When she had run away from the dance floor, they had lost sight of her. When did she go back home? Why she hadn’t greeted them before leaving the club? The girl shrugged.

“Why are you so interested? You were having fun without me, anyway.”

“But we were looking everywhere for you!” Kristel launched. “Zach was there!”

Chloe shrugged.

“So what?”

“He dumped his girlfriend in front of everyone!” Lindsey replied, smiling. “He told her he was wasting his time and he was still in love with his ex. He asked us where you were.”

“You weren’t sitting at the table,” Dynalee said. “Where were you?”

“I stayed until two o’clock and I haven’t seen…”

“Two o’clock?” Lindsey questioned.

“And what did you do during that time?” Anyla asked her, frowning.

The young girl bit her lower lip, knowing she had already said too much. Her friends surrounded her and bombarded her with questions, curious about what she had been doing when they didn’t know where she was.

“I… I met a guy.”

“Is he cute?” Lindsey asked.

“What’s his name?” Anyla continued.

“His name is Morgan and he’s very cute.”

Her friend congratulated her while laughing. Kristel told them they had to go out for a little fun. She called for a shopping spree and a movie. Then she ordered Chloe to shower and get dressed to go out with them. Not having much choice, the young girl took a quick shower, got dressed and followed her friends to Dynalee’s car. They went to a lot of shops during the afternoon. Lindsey had fun trying on almost all the clothes she liked and Kristel offered to pay her a whole new wardrobe. Anyla approached Chloe and asked for a few more details about the guy she met. Dynalee and Kristel came to listen while Lindsey wanted her to speak louder so she could hear the answers.

“We danced. That’s it.”

“And when are you seeing him again?” Lindsey asked.

“I don’t know. I know his name. That’s all.”

At that moment, she saw him on the other side of the window, chatting with his friends. He saw her too and smiled before waving to his friends that he’ll be back in a second. Then he walked toward her.

“Hi,” he said, nodding to Chloe’s friends.

“Uh… Lindsey,” Dynalee began, “we’ll find you another thing to try on, okay?”

She pushed Anyla and Kristel a little further, allowing Chloe to be alone with Morgan. They had a little embarrassed laugh. She finally broke the silence by asking him how he was. He nodded, avoiding looking at her.

“Very well, and you?”

“I’m okay.”

“I was wondering if you would go to the movie with me tonight.”

She smiled at him.


“Great! I’ll pick you up at eight o’clock, is that okay?”

She nodded before giving him her address he hastened to note on his forearm and smiled at her stupidly. His friends called him and he stepped towards the exit without paying attention. He hit a dummy that nearly fell on a client. The latter glared at him, asking him to be more careful. Chloe’s friends joined her, laughing. Kristel canceled their trip to the movie, having decided to find something great for Chloe to wear for her date. Chloe felt he was still looking at her. She couldn’t believe she had seen him again! And he asked her out!

Lindsey jumped in her arms.

“We really need to find an outfit for you!” she shouted. “So he will not look away!”

* * * * *

There were a lot of people waiting to go to the movie. Morgan went away, saying he would buy the tickets. The young girl sat at a table, waiting for him. Her mind began to wander freely around last Saturday evening. She was roused from her daydreaming by a voice close to her.

“Hi Chloe.”

She jumped, looking at Zach who stood before her. She was speechless. He hadn’t spoken to her since he had dumped her. She eventually articulated a brief greeting with an uncertain voice. He smiled, didn’t feel his presence was weird.

“Did you come alone here?”

She shook her head. He continued by saying he had sought for her throughout the day. He wanted to talk with her about how she was doing. Chloe frowned, thinking he wasn’t acting normally. Morgan joined them at that time. He asked the girl if she was ready. Zach frowned and asked why he had come to bother them. Morgan was stunned when Chloe shook her head. She replied in a dry tone she could do whatever she wanted because they were no longer together.

“Well I changed my mind.”

“Uh…” Morgan hesitated. “I’ll let you…”

The young girl took his hand and went to the cinema, leaving Zach behind. The latter strongly protested. He said he absolutely had to talk to her because he had ideas for their future. She refused to listen.

* * * * *

“Zachary really went there and talked to you?” Anyla asked.

“And he looked as if Morgan was nothing! He acted like he hated him.”

“What will happen with your Romeo?” Lindsey teased.

“Are you dating?” Kristel toped.

“I don’t know…”

“Yes, I’m sure,” Dynalee replied.

They heard a knock at the door. Chloe rose to open. Morgan stood before her, looking weird. She invited him in, but he declined the offer. He avoided her gaze. She noticed a strange thing: he seemed to have a nosebleed. The four other girls listened.

“Can you tell me something?” he asked Chloe.

“What happened to you?”

“Why didn’t you tell me you had a boyfriend?”

She raised her eyebrows, not understanding what he meant. He seemed upset. He told her he had met the same guy from the cinema and he had punched him, telling him never to approach her again. Chloe’s eyes widened, not believing her ears. Why Zachary would have done such a thing? She said they were no longer together for about a month and he was the one who dumped her. The memory of their breakup brought tears to her eyes. Morgan made a move towards her, but dared not touch her.

“I’m sorry… What did I say?”

“Are going to do what he asked you?”

He stared at her, frowning. He shook her head, surprised by the question. Then, seeing her reaction, he hastened to reply that he had no intend to do so. He sniffed before grimacing in pain. He asked if he could borrow her bathroom. She pointed where it was before he got in. Chloe approached her friends and let herself fell on the sofa.

“It doesn’t work very well,” Anyla sighed, frowning.

“I must do something to destroy this spell!” Chloe muttered. “There must be something I can do. Do you still have the book?”

“Is that what you really want to do?” Lindsey asked.

“What do you think?”

“I thought that’s what you wanted,” Dynalee replied, shaking her head.

“Yes, but I never thought he would become violent or threaten anyone! I refuse he gets too far!”

“Maybe it was a mistake…” Kristel said.

“Look in the book, please,” Dynalee asked.

Lindsey nodded, understanding what she meant. She reached into her bag to take the book. Morgan stepped out of the bathroom. She hastened to hide the book, noting she would take a look later. Chloe joined him, uncomfortable. She apologized, but he said it wasn’t her fault. He sniffed again.

“What’s the problem with you ex?”

She just shook her head, not knowing what to say. He placed a quick kiss on her cheek, saying he would call her later. She merely smiled at him. She doubted hearing from him again. He would probably be afraid as soon as he will be outside. When the door closed, she turned to her friends before dropping onto the sofa, her face in her hands. What would she do? Why her wish worked this way? Lindsey had the opportunity to check out the book. She told them that she had found something.

“The spell casted on a subject can’t be destroyed unless the subject dies.”

“What?” Kristel cried. “You’re kidding.”

“Look yourself if you don’t believe me!” Lindsey threw, tending the book. “It’s not my fault.”

“To kill Zach…” Chloe moaned. “I will not do that.”

“An accident can happen anytime,” Anyla mumbled, eyes unfocused.

Chloe took the book and began to look inside to find another alternative. She squealed, having found something interesting. Dynalee jumped up and snatched the book from her hands. The four young girls looked at each other, bewildered. Anyla asked her why she did it.

“No way of doing something like that,” Dynalee replied.

“It’s not murder if it’s an accident,” Lindsey said.

“And no one will know it was us,” Kristel said quietly.

“No!” Chloe launched, taking back the book from her friend. “I’m unable to live with an accident on my conscience. But it wasn’t the idea. I simply intended to charm him. Not kill him.”

“What about Morgan?” Lindsey said weakly. “If Zachary…”

“To seduce him?” Dynalee asked. “I don’t think it will work.”

Chloe sighed deeply and shook her head. She didn’t believe it either, but she wanted to try any option not having to resign them to the unthinkable. Upon her thoughts, she felt nothing for Zachary anymore. When she wished, she was still in love with him. Waiting time had seemed long and she ended up facing the truth. And she met Morgan.

“I only have one thing to do: avoiding Zach…”

* * * * *

It wasn’t an easy task. He left several messages on her voicemail and called her out every time he came across her on the street or down the corridors. Chloe had almost shut herself in her apartment. Morgan went to see her, but she was very nervous when he was near her. She feared to be surprised and that Zach attacked Morgan again. She was very afraid. Morgan tried to reassure her each time, but it wasn’t really working.

She had just come out of the shower when the phone rang. She ran to answer, but the caller abruptly hung up when she answered. She didn’t have time to see the number on the screen. Shrugging, she went to her room, wearing only a towel. She was seeing Morgan that evening and she wanted to be more than pretty. She dressed quickly before styling her hair. Then she stood before the mirror to adjust her white shirt and black skirt. She looked at her watch. Morgan would soon be there. The phone rang again, but one again the other person hung up. Frowning, she went to the living room to wait in front of the television. Knocks were done at the door. She hastened to answer, but she was horrified to see Zachary. With a sudden movement, she shut the door but he gave a violent blow over it, causing her to back up. She began to shake.

“Are you out of you mind?”

“Do I bother you? You’re going out? The new boyfriend is coming to pick you up?”

“Get out of here, please.”

“You’re not seriously thinking I’m going to let you go out with him! You’re staying here with me.”


“Is that what you think?”

She saw a glint of madness in his eyes. She certainly never wished for that! She ran to her room, but he grabbed her by the waist. She struggled with all her strength. He didn’t let her go. She cried to live her alone. Seeing that it didn’t work, she began to scream. He turned her and tried to kiss her. She sent him her knee in the crotch. He uttered a cry of pain and finally let her go. She locked herself in her room. She took the phone and dialed the emergency number.

“911, what is your emergency?”

“Someone broke into my apartment!”

“Is that a man? Is he armed?”

“My ex…! I… I don’t know if he’s armed, but… please…!”

“Calm down. I just locate you. A car will be there soon. What is he doing now?”

“I… I’m locked in my room and he tries to get in!”

“Try to leave your apartment. Is there a window through which you can escape?”


She looked out the window. She couldn’t escape by it, living on the second floor, but she could try to go down the gutter. She unlocked the window when the door flew open. Zachary quickly fell on her as she tried to escape. He gripped her waist again and pulled her inside with strength. She was thrown against the wall. She fell on the floor, slightly dizzy. He rushed out and threw her on the bed. He wrapped his hands around her throat, choking her. She scratched him to let herself go. Blackheads exploded before her eyes.

Morgan entered the apartment, frowning. The door was wide open and he could hear muffled squeaks. Guided by the noise, he went into the room where he saw Zachary strangling Chloe. She seemed barely conscious. Without thinking, Morgan put his arm under Zach’s throat and pulled him back. Hands left her throat and the young girl could finally breathe again. She coughed, rolling to the side and fell out of bed. Morgan was thrown violently against the wall, falling lifeless on the ground. The girl began to crawl on the ground and painfully walked out the apartment. Zach caught her easily. He slapped her repeatedly, swearing. Morgan woke up and left the room, rubbing the back of his head. He still heard loud voices coming from outside. Along the corridor, he walked towards the exit of the building. Zachary shook Chloe like a rag doll. The young man threw himself on Zach and they fell backwards. Morgan rushed him with punches, but Zach swung his fist in his stomach, taking his breath away. He walked towards the girl. She gave him a well-placed punch to the jaw. She used all her strength to hit him directly on the nose. The blood began to flow.

“Bitch!” he yelled.

She sent him her knee in the crotch again. Zachary bent down because of the pain. Morgan eventually recovered and rejoined the girl. Passing by his rival, hook-in-leg made him fell on the sidewalk. Zach rushed at him and struck him several times before Chloe hit him from behind. Morgan took the opportunity to punch him in the stomach and in the face.

From the window of her apartment, Kristel watched the scene. She saw reddish traces around her friend’s throat. She called the others. They must act to help. The four young girls gathered around the coffee table, holding hands. Lindsey looked down at the page of the opened book in front of her while the others were closing their eyes.

“Accident still strike without warning,” she read aloud. “They can sometimes take live. From this spell, it will be possible to provoke it by the force of your will. The subject can’t avoid it. Say six times the following words: By sheer force of my mind, things can happen.”

Chloe took Morgan’s hand.

“We must go!”

“But he must pay for…”

“You arrived before you could do anything, okay?”

 He scanned her eyes to see if she was telling the truth. She shook her head. No, he didn’t touch her. She pulled him by the arm to lead him. They crossed the street, running at full speed. When they turned, Zachary was slowly recovering. He ordered her to get back to him. The gleam of madness in his eyes was still shining. From the corner of her eye, she saw her friends. Holding hands, they were placed in a straight line in front of the building. The wind began to blow harder.

Zachary got into the street, but he stumbled and fell on the floor.

A car turned the corner.

The vehicle accelerated, rushing straight at him.

The brakes refused to work and the collision took place quickly and violently.

The bumper crashed into his temple while the tires rolled on his body, crushing his bones. The patrol car arrived when the driver got out of his car. He was crying, saying that it wasn’t his fault. The four girls returned inside the apartment. Anyla gave a nod to her friend. Chloe looked away and she heard a voice in her head.

We absolutely must teach you how to do it!


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