Pact with the devil

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Be really careful of what you ask for. You might get it.

Submitted: July 14, 2014

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Submitted: July 14, 2014



He loved her so much. How could she leave him like that? What had he done to deserve to be abandoned? Yet he believed to be the perfect boyfriend. He didn’t drink and he was very far from being violent. So why? Heaving a deep sigh, he flopped on the couch. He felt much more than tired. And he had a very bad day at work. How could he still be surrounded by idiots? He closed his eyes, rubbing his eyelids. There were days where everything worked horribly wrong. I should stay in bed… He crossed his fingers under his chin, thoughtfully. What could he do now that she was gone? Why his days were still painful? The note she had left him was still on the coffee table before him. He had read it so many times that he now knew it by heart. His shitty day at work was nothing compared to the pain he felt knowing that she had left him without talking to him before making her decision. He might be able to change something. Naturally, he wasn’t someone depressed, but he might start. My life is shit. He worked for a bunch of fools to a position that was very far from prestigious. And the love of his life had just packed her bags. She was the reasons he got up every day. He sighed again. He painfully got up and went to the cabinet where he normally stored the alcohol and spirits bottles. Practically empty. Not lucky… He was tired of never having what he wanted. He took his jacket and keys before leaving the apartment. It was still early and he wanted to forget the whole thing quickly. There were small pubs not far from his apartment. Therefore he would not have to take his car and he could drink as much as he wanted. He entered the first pub and sat at the bar. He ordered a scotch and was lost in the contemplation of the ice cubes floating in his glass. He began to analyze his life until the last events. Why did he never have any luck? A woman of sublime beauty passed behind him before coming to settle on the bench beside him. He barely noticed. She ordered a drink before turning her attention to her companion. She put a hand on his arm.

“Tough day?” she asked in a soft voice.

He raised his eyebrows without looking. She slowly withdrew her hand, a faint smile on her lips.

“You don’t know how.”

“So tell me. I’m sure I can fix everything.”

He heaved a deep sigh, shaking his head.

“I don’t think so.”

“You doubt about what I can do?”

“I don’t want to be rude, but I don’t want to talk. And certainly not paying for your services.”

She smiled, looking amused.

“As you wish. But you don’t know what you’re missing.”

She rose from the stool and walked away, still smiling. He preferred to be alone. He needed to think about what he should do. He wanted her back. But how could he do that? Lydia was the love of his life so how could she ignore this detail? He was willing to do anything for her and she knew it. He finished his drink and ordered another. He wanted so much she would come back to him… Was it possible? She had confessed not loving him anymore. Could he change her mind? He spent the whole evening at the pub to drink while torturing his mind with all his questions. When he returned home, he still had no answers to his many questions. He wanted to talk to her, understand how it all happened. He let himself fall heavily on the bed, dazed by alcohol. He had too much to drink. Even the alcohol had failed to make him forget the departure of Lydia. He felt even more miserable. He curled up on himself and fell asleep.

* * * * *

I’m sure I can fix everything… David suddenly opened his eyes, emerging from a deep dreamless sleep. He felt lost, feeling of being in an unfamiliar place. His brain eventually analyzed the room where he was and he finally was able to calm down. He was at home, in his bed. Lydia was gone. Everything came back to his head. He was overwhelmed by a wave of sadness. Why wasn’t it just a simple dream? He stood up slowly. His head was spinning and he still had the doughy taste of alcohol in the mouth. He should have known he would have a hangover the next day… What a great day I’ll have… He frowned. What woke him up? He kept no recollection of activated his alarm clock. He heard a noise near him. He went to bed fully clothed, still wearing his jacket and tie. He suddenly felt something moving on his chest. Startled, he swung his feet on the other side of the bed to find the source of this strange sensation. He found his cell phone in the inside pocket of his jacket. He heaved a sigh of relief by taking the phone in his hand. When he looked at the screen, David noticed that there were two messages on his voicemail and he missed six calls. Who wants to talk to me so bad? Lydia? A ray of hope entered his stomach. Lydia wanted to talk to him to fix things! He hastened to look at the number. It was the bank for who he worked for seven years. Disappointed, he threw the cell on his bed before rubbing his face to remove all traces of sleep. He cast a glance at his alarm clock enthroned on the nightstand. Surely there was a power outage last night. Can’t be so late. Looking more closely, he saw the time displayed wasn’t blinking. So it was ten twenty-five… Shit! That explains the calls from the office! He quickly engulfed in the shower before getting dressed in a hurry. He was very late! No wonder why the bank was trying to reach him! He entered the bank fifteen minutes later, pretending that everything was fine. There was a large lineup of people waiting to do their transactions. Of course, his arrival didn’t go unnoticed. From the corner of his eye, David saw the security guard pick up the phone. The boss had to ask him to warn him when I arrived… Shit… He walked up to the back door near the counter to get to the other side. He sat behind the counter and motioned to the next person waiting in line to come to him. He began his day as if everything was okay. He didn’t want to attract more attention, despite his significant delay. He preferred not to get noticed yet. He focused on the line of customers, forcing a smile as if it was fine. When the bank became quiet again, the harsh reality caught up suddenly. His boss, Mr. Peters, summoned him to his office. He asked him to sit down as he closed the door. What you got in mind, you arrogant little prick? This guy is a real con since he’s the big boss the company. He believes that everything is allowed to him! He became very suspicious. The last time he had been called, he would form the next ten cashiers incurred. He accumulates bad decisions. David hated his boss because he thought he was better than everything and he was younger than him. He crossed his fingers, waiting to know the reason for this meeting.

“You can tell me what happened?” Mr. Peters asked, settling in the big chair behind the imposing desk. “I need clear answers.”

David shrugged, looking for a more credible than the one he could provide. Not finding any other, he just told him what had happened: his alarm clock didn’t wake him. Peters gave a deep sigh and shook his head.

“This is the most stupid answer ever heard. You are the most pathetic employee of this bank.”

“I beg your pardon?”

He clung not to jump at his throat. Who does this asshole thinks he is? I’m the best employee in this fucking bank! He raised his eyebrows.

“For what… what reason are you telling me that?”

“Because that’s what you are, Mr. Meloche. Something is wrong with you, but I still can’t quite put my finger on it.”

“If I’m so terrible, why did you ask me to train the new employees?”

“You are a good speaker. This is the only thing in which you are good. But this is not enough for this bank. In addition, I have heard many rumors about you that I believe aren’t just rumors.”

“What do you mean?”

“Your cute little nicknames for most employees of the bank. Mine, for example, would be arrogant little prick. Charming, isn’t it?”

David felt his cheeks turn bright red.

“It’s not what you think…”

“You deny having said such a thing? I also know for a fact that you hate this bank. Why do you continue to come to work if you don’t like your job? You hate this bank and you’re kidding about people around you.”

“Please,” David pleaded in a small voice, “I had a rough night. My girlfriend left me and this job is the only remaining thing…”

“Then we’ll have to let you go, Mr. Meloche. Since you don’t like us, we’ll help you make your choice. You can finish the day, if you want. You’ll be paid as a full day.”

“You… you’re firing me?”

“Yes, that’s what I just said.”

“You don’t have anyone to train new employees…”

“We can do very well without your services, Mr. Meloche. Sorry for your girlfriend, but nobody cares about your personal life. Good day and good luck.”

Mr. Peters pointed to the door with his finger. David felt as if his little universe had suddenly collapsed around him. First Lydia dumped him. Then he lost his job. All this in only twenty-four hours! What would he do now? His whole life had switch to a bottomless pit. He slowly stood up and left the office, barely noticing he was walking. His feet carried him to his car. He didn’t even bother to pick up his business at his desk. Don’t give a fuck. They should take care of it, bastards! He started his car and went back home. He sank down on the sofa as he did when he learned about Lydia’s departure. He had a strange feeling of deja view, as if reliving the same events as the day before. He had nothing to cling to.

“My life is shit.”

* * * * *

He went back to the same pub as the night before. He sat again to the bar and ordered the same thing. He looked at the floating ice cubes in the glass, wondering again what he would do now. He took a long sip before realizing that the same woman was also in the pub. She smiled at him before joining him at the bar.

“Another bad day?” she asked him.

“How did you manage to guess?”

“You did the same thing yesterday. What happened this time? Do you want to talk about it?”

“Not really.”

“Then we can do something else if you prefer.”

“I’ve already told you that I didn’t intend to pay for your services.”

She laughed, throwing her head back. He frowned, not understanding the sudden laughter. She put a hand on his arm.

“You really think I’m a prostitute?”

She shook her head, still laughing. He still didn’t understand why she laughed. He hadn’t said anything so comical. He waited patiently for her to explain what was so hilarious. She ended by saying that he was very funny. He raised his eyebrows.

“So it’s not what you are?”

“Yesterday, I wanted to make a business proposal to you. Nothing sexual about it.”

“A proposal?”

She nodded before asking him if he was interested about what she had to offer him. He sighed, responding he doubted very much that her offer would be interesting. His answer didn’t seem to offend her. She calmly finished her drink before ordering another one. He did the same without taking his gaze away from her. Now he distrusted her.

“And what happens if I don’t want to hear it?”

She shrugged.

“Nothing. You’re not the only one with whom I can do business, Mr. Meloche. It matters little to me, actually.”

“So you don’t really care? Why do you want to offer me something?”

“To find out if you’re interested, simply. If I don’t ask, I’ll never know. But I think this might interest you.”

“How do you know my name?”

“I know many things, Mr. Meloche. Your name is only the beginning!”

“What else do you know about me? It’s not fair because I don’t know you. Do we know each other?”

“Apart from yesterday, no. But I was dying to meet you.”

“What do you know?”

She smiled even more.

“Your girlfriend dumped you yesterday and you lost your job today. Don’t worry about it: I’m looking forward to meet your former boss, Mr. Peters, very soon.”

He gasped in surprise. How did she know all about him? Was she following him for a long time? He suddenly as questions to ask. He didn’t know where to start. Reading confusion on his face, she began to giggle like a little girl. It gave him time to make some questions in his mind before filing his glass on the bar. He wasn’t panicking, but he didn’t know what was happening. He opened and closed his mouth like a fish, but no sound came out.

“I think now I’ve got your attention, Mr. Meloche.”

“Who the hell are you?”

She gave him a nod, smiling.

“To ask the question is to answer it.”

“The devil…?”

“This name is somewhat pejorative, don’t you think? Oh well. I have to deal with it.”

“Are you really Lucifer?”

“What do you think, dear? How could I know as much about you? I know that Lydia didn’t love you, but she didn’t dump you only for this reason. Your presence was unbearable.”

“Too charming.”

“I can’t do anything, unfortunately. Well not yet because we haven’t got a deal.”

“And what do you propose?”

“It depends on what you want: fame, wealth… Love…”

He raised his eyebrows, obviously very interested about what she had to offer him. She assured him that she couldn’t say anything before he agreed to do business with her. He emptied his glass at once, thinking about the issue. What would he have to pay later? Dealing with such a character involved many risks he has to think about. He frowned, watching very carefully.

“I had another image of you…”

“With horns, hooves and a tail? You still have so much to learn about me. But I must say that the red suits me very well. Don’t you think?”

She pointed to her evening gown made of satin. He simply nodded, checking her up and down. Now he took the trouble to observe, she was very attractive. He could perhaps give her a few minutes of his time.

“Forget everything you think you know about the devil, Mr. Meloche.”

“What should I expect?”

“A single businesswoman. Do I look so bad?”

“Not at the moment.”

“Then we present as two normal people meeting in a pub, will you? Call me Lucy and I’ll call you David. What do you say?”

“That’s fine.”

“So? What do you want more than anything in the world, David?”

He heaved a deep sigh, thinking carefully about the issue. What he wanted the most? But something bothered him. It was almost too easy. He leaned against the bar and ordered a double scotch on ice. He knew she was looking at him carefully. She waited for him to take a decision. Once he got his new glass on hand, he sniffed the scent of alcohol before taking a sip.

"What will happen if I accept?"

"You want to talk about the paperwork, signing with blood and everything? Forget everything you think you know about me. It doesn't work like that for a long time."

"What do you wish in exchange?"

"It depends on what you can give me. I have to make the change, too."

"I don't have much to offer in exchange, Lucy."

"That's for me to judge. If I make you an offer, it's because you can bring me something interesting."

He just shrugged, not believing a word actually. She smiled to him without adding anything else. She was still waiting for him to agree to do business with her before continuing. He asked her if she could take possession of someone like in the movies. This question seemed to amuse her. She replied that weak souls were the easiest to own, but she was tired of this activity for a long time. He asked if she could magic tricks. She shrugged, replying that it was only for children. Too easy to do. He turned back to her, an amused sparkle in his eyes.

“I’m still not convinced.”

“So I suggest you something. You accept my offer and I give you a kind of a small complimentary wish. Is that okay?”


“I’m a bit more interested now. Then I can ask anything that is not too big?”

“It is the agreement.”

“I want Lydia to come join me here tonight to talk.”

Lucy’s smile widened as big as ever before she winked. He waited, saying nothing. What would happen? I bet my shirt that’s just a sham. The pub door opened and a group of young women entered it, laughing. Better luck next time! He shook his head, laughing. Suddenly he heard a laugh that he recognized. Lydia was among the group. She saw him sitting at the bar and froze. She whispered something in the ear to one of her friends before heading toward him hesitantly. He swung the bench to look at her. Lucy giggled.

“Hi David,” Lydia said, arriving near him. “You okay?”

The young woman cast a glance at the woman sitting near her ex-boyfriend. She hesitated a moment before continuing.

“Do I arrive at a bad time…?”

“No. I just wanted to have a conversation with you.”

“I hesitate to make a phone call. I don’t know if you want to talk to me.”

“Of course I do! I’m still trying to understand what happened between us… We didn’t form the perfect couple.

She bowed her head and asked him if one day he would come to forgive her for what she had done. He heaved a deep sigh, shaking his head.

“I can understand that you’re angry.”

“Really? I don’t believe you, Lydia. You lie to me. You got tired of me and I have nothing to do with you.”

“Is that so? You don’t want me?”

“I realized how weak you are. I found much better than you.”

He laid eyes on Lucy, who was now smiling at him. She pressed against him, stroking his hair with her fingertips. Lydia frowned before simply walking away. David smiled triumphantly, looking at her getting to her friends.

“I thought you wanted her back,” Lucy said.

“Why settle for a little when I can get much better?”

“So I think we got ourselves a deal.”

They looked at each other, smiling.

* * * * *

He still didn’t know what he will ask from her. He wanted to think more carefully. He didn’t want to make any mistake when he’ll formulate his desire. He noticed a small detail: he would have liked to win back Lydia when came to the pub. If he had specified this smallest detail, would it work? Anyway, that love wouldn’t be real. He took a long sip of coffee, thoughtfully. He was supposed to meet Lucy later in the evening. She had agreed to give him twenty-four hours of reflection. And he intended to use all of them. Anyway, he had nothing better to do. Being unemployed, he had plenty of free time. He frowned suddenly. A job… Did he really want to get back into the employment market? A wish began to formulate in his mind. A wicked smile lit up his face.

* * * * *

Even though he was still convinced that Lydia’s entry in the pub was just a coincidence, he didn’t intend to change his decision. He couldn’t do otherwise. Lucy had warned him it would be impossible to hide; she would find him wherever he was. And he believed her. The light that shone in her eyes as she warned him indicated she wasn’t joking. As the sun descended on the horizon, David fell increasingly nervous. He still didn’t know what price he was about to pay. And it made him very nervous. What would happen once their agreement will be official? Something magical was going to happen? He shook his head, laughing at himself. He put on his jacket and took his keys before leaving his apartment. It was very cold outside. He thrust his hands into the pocket of his jacket and quickened his pace. The wind was blowing hard and the rain threatened to fall. He went to the pub. The bartender motioned for him to join. David frowned as he walked to the bar.

“Someone left this for you. The woman you were talking with last night. The one with the red dress”

David nodded.

“Thank you.”

“Do I get you something?”

“Yes… Why not? A scotch on ice, please.”

He sat on a stool to wait quietly for his drink. He took a sip before throwing a glance at the note. He gave a little smile.


He sighed, laughing. Therefore he was asking too many questions for nothing. Certainly, he would never have a chance. Even the devil refuses to do business with me! He picked up his glass and took a long sip. He wondered if he should continue anyway without her, saying aloud what he wanted. Will it work? As he doubted about the agreement when she was there, her absence didn’t change his doubts. Nothing would happen because she wasn’t what she claimed to be.

“Lucifer… Really!”

He ordered a second drink before finishing the first. He was tired of his existence and he would drink to forget. Whatever the hangover he would have the next day. Nobody was waiting at home and he shouldn’t get up early to go to work. So he could enjoy a plenty-of-drinks evening to forget how much he hated his life. He managed to get up after six drinks before being barely able to walk. Lucy had said she would join him later to conclude their agreement. But she wasn’t there. He decided to just go home. Finding himself on the sidewalk, he set off with tottering steps. He climbed slowly up the stairs leading to his apartment. He felt ridiculous. Even skeptical, he still had a glimmer of hope. He laughed, heavily falling on the sofa.

“As if overnight, all my problems would be solved with a single snap!”

He rubbed his eyes, still laughing. He couldn’t get over it. He was so stupid to have believed that the attractive woman with whom he had discussed the day before was actually Lucifer. His laughter escalated from a simple movement of the shoulders in a laugh which seemed out of control. He continued to laugh until everything seemed even more stupid. When he finally calmed down, he heaved a deep sigh, looking around him. He stood up painfully, raising his arms to point everything that was around him.

“As if I finally have everything I want! Everything around me is changing because I asked for it! I only had to tell him that I want to become the most important and influential investor in the stock market this fucking city could know. And it would have worked!”

He threw his head again backwards to keep laughing. 

He fell back on the sofa, still laughing. He heaved a deep sigh. An important and influential investor in the stock market… Oh please! My dreams have never been granted in the past. No chance that it works this time! Sighing again, he began to take note of what he was going to sell the next day. He would have bills to pay and the rent soon… And nobody accepts promises! He lay on the sofa, staring at the ceiling. What would he do if the whole thing had really worked? He closed his eyes and fell asleep.

* * * * *

He found and old box in the back of a closet and laid the things he planned to sell for a little money. He put his hand on a few things belonging to Lydia. If she left them here, it’s because she no longer needed them. He always could use it to pay bills. Then he went to the pawn shop that was downtown to squeeze every penny of everything that he brought with him. He wanted nothing to pledge: he wanted to sell everything. He didn’t expect to come out very rich, but he still pulled with two hundred dollars in his pocket. Waiting for the light to turn red to cross the street with other pedestrians, David was amused by listening snippets of conversations around him. Behind him, a girl was telling her friend how her boyfriend was a liar and a profiteer. The man with graying temples standing and discussing with what seemed like an important customer. He spoke about numbers, percentages and giving some examples to explain his point of view. This guy plays in the stock market…! Smirking, he listened more carefully. He knew a little about the subject to have often heard his former boss, Mr. Peters, who often invested. When he hung up, the man heaved a deep sigh. David shrugged, finding very interesting situation.

“You should invest,” he said, looking straight ahead.

The man raised his eyebrows.

“I beg your pardon?”

“I only suggest that so you buy a few shares of this company. With the numbers I heard, the actions are worth a little bundle of money before the end of the week. I’m just saying!”

“And you are…?”

“Someone who heard the last part of your telephone conversation.”

“You work for a management company or investment firm?”

“No. I know something about numbers, that’s all.”

“And you suggest me to buy shares before the price increases?”

“That’s right.”

“I would like to introduce you to my broker. That’s who I was talking there for a moment. Explain your point of view and see if your advice will bring me.”

“Of course. If you want, but you’ll see I’m right.”

He followed the man to a large building downtown. They rushed into the elevator to climb about ten floors. When the doors opened, David had the impression of being in another dimension. He didn’t know the man he had followed and didn’t know why he did it. As they entered, the receptionist got up to greet them. The man gave him two milliseconds attention continuing his path.

“You are currently in Marx & Sons, the investment with which I do business for several years now. Everett Lloyd is my personal broker.”

“Is he making all your technical analysis?”


“So you don’t need me, sir…”

The man turned to David, holding out his hand.

“I never get into the habit of introducing myself! I’m Alfred Fielding. And you are?”

“David Meloche. I’ve never played the stock market. I just quickly scanned the numbers I heard.”

They resumed their journey that led them to the door of a glass desk. A guy was sitting at his computer and talked on the phone, occasionally readjusting the headset he was wearing. His eyes widened when he saw Mr. Fielding burst into his office. He quickly finished his phone conversation by pressing the button on the headset. He stood up to shake his hand.

“Mr. Fielding! I didn’t expect to see you!”

“The numbers you gave me intrigued me, but you seem to think it’s a big risk. Am I right?”

The broker nodded.

“Well, my companion, Mr. Meloche, seems to think otherwise. Can you explain to me why your opinions differ?”

The accusing look that the broker gave to David told him this man already hated him. Mr. Fielding became impatient.

“Well, because… there’s no guarantee that the value increases rapidly.”

“It’s the purpose of the stock market, right?” David commented, frowning.

Everett glared at him to keep him quiet. The message was very clear, but the David was ridiculous. So he went in momentum. He began to list all the positive aspects of the investment Mr. Fielding listened very carefully to what he had to say. Everett was green with envy. He felt like a conqueror, someone very powerful. He continued his speech, amusing by the situation. He was very proud of what he was doing. The strong investor literally drank his words as if he was telling the best story of his life. He spoke of figures as if he was doing that all his life. He was amazed by himself! He seemed so sure of himself! He exposed his mind, encouraging Mr. Fielding to invest. And he managed to convince him. Everett tried to change his mind, but it didn’t work.

“You’re reviewing a mistake,” he sighed, giving up the game.

“What is your point of view,” Mr. Fielding said. “But I agree with Mr. Meloche. He has a new look on my business.”

“Your business?”

“Yes. I want to talk to your boss. He must hire Mr. Meloche on the spot.”

David was speechless. Mr. Fielding wanted to get him a job in Marx & Sons? He couldn’t believe it. Was he dreaming? Everett opened his mouth, very surprised by this request. In fact, he shared David’s surprise. Mr. Fielding was the largest customer of the company and Everett knew his boss refuses to lose him. He jumped on the phone to ask his boss to show up to his office as soon as possible. The error should be caught before it was too late: Mr. Fielding had no sense of humor. Everyone knew it.

* * * * *

Everything happened so fast. Mr. Fielding had a long conversation with Everett’s boss about David, praising his talent with numbers. Then David quickly got a brief interview with the big boss who reluctantly offered him a job. Mr. Fielding insisted that David was personally involved in all his investments. Everett was furious that a mere novice steals his biggest investor. His new boss assigned him the only available office: away from everyone with a small window overlooking to not much. The place was very small. David didn’t care. He had his own office! What could he ask for? Mr. Fielding made him sign a contract that gave him a certain percentage of the total amount that would bring his investment. David moved a little in his new office and officially began to work the next day. There was a collect of files to each occupied offices and they all landed on David’s desk. The official version was very simple: his new colleagues had to get rid of difficult investors or ordinary people wanting to make extra money. They’re like other customers. Since he had much less experience than the others, he baited at work, not counting all hours. He found his new business very interesting. Spending his days on the phone with his computer at hand, he gave advice to individuals to enrich a few or retirees who wanted to increase their pensions. With his contract linking him to Mr. Fielding, David pocketed his first million the following month. And it was far from the last time! As a broker, he became the best of the firm and the most popular. He also became the most coveted single in the city. He never missed a single social event. The women wooed like never before! He was now rich enough for high society considers him one of their own. And since he was also single, all women craved to get his attention. But he didn’t seek a new girlfriend. The latter had broken his heart. He only hoped that she would bite her fingers now that he was rich and owned a magnificent penthouse downtown! But love, he was no longer interested. Money, by cons…

* * * * *

Now forty-five years old, he observed at length in the mirror adjusting his tie. His temples began to turn gray. He had a few wrinkles at the corners of his eyes. As he aged, there was a little something lovely about him he liked. Women always wanted him so much. He quickly glanced at his watch. He was going to be late. He went down quickly and found a taxi to take him to the evening party where he had to go. Of course, the evening had already begun and fairly well boosted. He mingled with the other guests, taking a glass of champagne on the way. He made some very interesting acquaintances and talked with many guests. When he began to get bored, he went quietly to the exit. His eyes wandered around the crowd. He met the gaze of a woman who gave him a nod, a smile on her lips. He frowned. I know this woman… Where have I met her? Her smile had something familiar. And her red evening dress… She walked toward him.

“You’re leaving already?” she asked in a honeyed voice.

“Lucy…? Is it really you?”

“I’m watching you for a long time. You have a lot of fun, David?”

He simply nodded. She drained her glass of champagne without taking her eyes off him. He was very surprised to see the same light he had ever seen. A shiver ran through his entire body. He remembered perfectly that glow.

“It’s still early,” Lucy went.

“I had a big week and I feel a little tired.”

“Want some company?”

He raised his eyebrows.

“Are you serious? You don’t want to stay here?”

“I know most of the guests and I guess I’ll see them again very soon. So what? What do you think about my offer?”

He motioned for her to follow him. She still was a very pretty young woman. So he took her home as he used to do since his last girlfriend Lydia left him. He had been unable to embark on a stable relationship. They went up to his penthouse and had sex a good part of the night. About an hour before sunrise, Lucy wandered around the room in order to find all her clothes. David was sitting on the edge of the bed, smoking a cigarette. She turned to him, intrigued by this new habit. He just answered her he had started smoking more or less a pack a month since his hiring in Marx & Sons. She smiled at him, a strange bright light still shining in her eyes.

“So enjoy it because you no longer will breathe the same smoke soon.”

He frowned.

“Why were you at the party? You were not with someone?”

“I’m never with a date, but I’m never leaving alone. I had a good reason to be there. You’ll be there.”

“Me? And why?”

“Don’t tell me you’ve already forgotten? Our agreement! I came to conclude our agreement.”

“Conclude? But we have no agreement! You never joined me in the pub!”

She laughed, throwing her head back. When he looked at her again, her eyes were bright red. He recoiled.

“You really think that Mr. Fielding had simply listened to the advice of a guy dressed poorly met in the street and, in addition, listening to his conversation? You’re crazy, my dear! This guy will never have listened to you without my help!”

“I’m working like a madman in this box for almost fifteen years!”

“Thanks to me! Do you remember what you said when you got home? You said: I want to become the most important and influential investor in the stock market this fucking city could know. Voilà! That’s it!”

“I did it alone!”

“You really believe that? Our agreement began that night. Today, I came back to take what you owe me, dear.”

“I didn’t sign anything! So there is no agreement!”

“Do you remember what I told you? Forget everything you think you know about me! There is no more written contract and signature with blood letters. This is exceeded!”

“I was talking out loud to myself. That doesn’t count!”

“Of course it does! I always listen to my new clients.”

“Now what? What will happen? You’ve never told me the terms of our agreement assumed. What do you want?”

“I already received it: you are a good lover. The agreement is completed, Mr. Meloche.”

“This is ridiculous! Just sex?”

“And why not? I love sex! You need to practice a little before the end of our agreement. I gave you time. Now the time has come.”

He shook his head, crushing his cigarette.

“Don’t worry about it,” she said, heading for the door. “We’ll meet again in a slightly warmer place.”

She slammed the door behind her. He stood for a long time, sitting on his bed, thoughtfully. What was she talking about? There was no agreement. He had just spoken aloud in his apartment when he was drunk. It does not matter! He got up and lit another cigarette before heading to the bay window of her room. The city was just beginning to wake up. He had a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach. Something was wrong, but what? He smoked his cigarette before returning to bed.

* * * * *

The sun was high in the sky when he finally opened his eyes. He took a long shower to wake up. He was starving. He returned to the kitchen, but the fridge and cupboards were completely empty. He hadn’t been shopping for a while, often eating at the restaurant with customers. He decided to go out to eat a good meal on a terrace. The day was beautiful. Once on the sidewalk, he looked for a taxi when he saw Lucy on the other side of the street, smiling and wearing a red dress. The strange feeling resurfaced when he backed up. With her fingertips, she sent him a kiss. He abruptly turned and found himself face with a city bus, heading for his direction.



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