Sweet revenge

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A girl's got to do whatever she can.

Submitted: July 13, 2014

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Submitted: July 13, 2014



Julia walked slowly into a long corridor. Her backpack was heavy, aching her shoulders. She heard footsteps behind her. Two girls were talking together. The young girl recognized on of the two voices.

“Get out of the way, the retarded,” Katherine Bastian threw, passing near her.

The girl stopped walking after pressing herself against the concrete wall. The two girls passed. Katherine whispered something in her friend’s ear that Julia was unable to understand. Then the two girls laughed. They walked away with a grin like little girls. They turned into another hallway. Once again, a tear slid down on Julia’s cheek. Previously, Katherine and Julia were great friends. From the first grade, they were always together, almost inseparable. But not anymore. Katherine had other friends and hated Julia. She didn’t miss a single opportunity to humiliate her in public. The presence of Katherine always ruined Julia’s life.

* * * * *

“Guess who I saw?” Caroline asked. “The pretty Matthew!”

“So what?” Julia replied with a shrug.

Caroline sighed, pouting.

“Thou hast crossed Katherine.”

Her friend nodded.

“Did you dream about her?”

“Yes, and this time, I was flipping her with my car. I could see her fly through the air and land on the floor.”

Caroline shook her head.

“You’re really obsessed with her! You dream of killing her almost every night. Do you ever dream of things more… normal…?”

“I want to see her die, to see her suffer and be able to say to her face what she has put me through. I have the right, right?”

“Okay, but don’t do anything you might regret.”

Julia shrugged, thinking about her dream. She went out of her thoughts to look at her watch. She took her backpack and told her friend she had to go to her class. She arrived in her class. Katherine wasn’t there. She was relieved. Sighing, she sat down in the back of the classroom, near the wall. Her enemy didn’t appear in class. Throughout the period, Julia began to draw swords and cast a spell to the person she hated the most. She returned home at the end of the day. The rain fell, cold. There was no wind. The snow was now melted. Once in her apartment, she fell on her bed, eyes closed. The phone rang. The young girl didn’t move, leaving the voicemail take the message. David left a message, asking her to call him back. She got up painfully and fetched the phone. She sank again on her bed and waited a few minutes before calling back her boyfriend. Martine entered the apartment. With a kick, she closed the door of her room. She dialed David’s number.

“Please,” David begged. “I want to see this movie with you and it comes out in theaters tonight. You don’t want to spend your Friday night with your boyfriend?”

The girl smiled.

“And you promised me to come and see it with me.”

She sighed, always a smile on her lips. What a kid! She was amused by her boyfriend’s behavior.

“Good. Okay.”

He gave a little victorious cry.

“See you later.”

She left the room to put the phone in the cradle. Martine was sitting in the kitchen. When Julia dropped the receiver, she turned. the young girl turned and went back into her room. She fell on the bed and turned on the television, thinking about what she would wear for the evening.

* * * * *

The lights dimmed and the room went completely black. The screen lit up to show the next movie coming out in theaters. Julia only thought about her enemy: Katherine. She sought a way to publicly humiliate her, too. She made her suffer that she deserved – according to Julia – to pay for all the things she endure. The girl began to imagine a rather morbid scenario. She would go into her apartment overnight. Katherine was asleep. Julia splashed gasoline. Her enemy woke up and would just as she would crack and dropped a match on the bed. Katherine engulfed automatically with flames. David shook her hand to bring her to reality. The main movie began. On the screen, federal agents were called to go to the scene of a horrific crime. A student, missing for a week, had been found dead in the basement of the hotel. He was found with his throat cut, every member of his body completely opened. It was even possible to see the bones beneath the flesh. Only the face had not been touched. Mouth opened, frozen in a last cry of horror. A broad smile lit up Julia’s face in the dark room.

The two heroes were to discover who committed the crime and how he was caught. One of the officers could not blame the aliens as he always did. A piece of shirt was found at the scene of the crime. Julia was absorbed in the film, reacting to the slightest twist. She shook hands with her boyfriend when she was scared or startled. The murderer was very intelligent and action plunged the whole room in suspense from beginning to end. Once the film is finished, they left the room. They went to sit at a table to wait for David’s friends. The girl sighed. He took back her hand. He opened his mouth to say something when he saw his friends. They returned to Ted’s car. David’s friends swept through the film they had just seen Julia just listened to what they said. She was only thinking about the movie she had just seen. The unsolved murders during much of the feature… On the way back, the young girl began to imagine a similar scenario. She spent the night with David. Before she closed her eyes, the girl made an important decision: to kill Katherine Bastian.

* * * * *

“Do you still want to see me?”

“You have completed your editing?”

“Finally! It was long, but it’s over! So, does it mean we can see each other? We could spend the rest of the evening together…”

“Okay, but it’s you who come to my place.”

“Perfect. I’ll be there soon.”

After pressing the button on the phone, she put her notebook in her backpack near her penknife. Thereafter, she threw herself on her bed and turned on the television. She changed from channel to channel to see if there was a good movie to watch. She found something that caught her attention. Two women killed a very cruel man. They had to hide evidences from the inspector as one of the two women was the wife of the dead man. Julia had already seen it, but she had never worn such attention. Unfortunately, it was almost finished. David arrived a few minutes after the end of the film. Martine was out. So they had the apartment for themselves… Once up to her place, the young man took his girlfriend in his arms, kissed her and then dragged her into her bedroom.

* * * * *

It was almost three in the morning. Her boyfriend was sleeping peacefully beside her. She kissed the young man’s cheek. He grimaced before opening his eyes. He approached her and put his arm around her waist. He put his head on her stomach. She shrugged. He pressed her against him. He kissed her tenderly before plunging again into sleep. The young girl put her hand on the bare back of David, running her fingers over his skin. She watched the wall before her. Her thoughts began to run from one topic to another. And little by little, sleep eventually won. She had no dream that she kept a souvenir.

In the morning, the sun was shining into the room. She turned to the side, back to the window. Her boyfriend kissed her. She groaned before opening her eyes. David smiled and kissed her again. She rubbed her eyes and turned to him.

“What time is it?”

“Almost 1:00 pm. Did you sleep well?”

“In the afternoon? Why didn’t you wake me sooner?”

“You were tired. That’s it.”

She smiled, thinking that it wasn’t a good reason. He smiled and said he loved her. She beckoned him to approach. She grabbed his neck and kissed him.

* * * * *

It was almost midnight. The pen still ran on the pages of his book. It was almost finished. She quickly turned the pages once they were completed. Ideas were not lacking in her head and she was absolutely prevent them from leaving all at once or completely disappears. But the girl shouldn’t lose her idea. Julia had almost finished the second “scenario” that if Katherine became nice to her. It should provide everything and not make any mistakes. For the moment, inspiration didn’t leave her. There were more than three hours she wrote in her book. Since she started writing, she finished about ten pages. Although her hand was hurting, she couldn’t not stop. Not now. She turned the last page to record the last words. Dropping her pencil, she closed the book and began to laugh, taking out her new pocket knife. She took a picture after dropping the knife. Looking at it, smiling, she poked Katherine’s head with a pair of scissors. Her “scenario” was finally over. Now she could take action.

* * * * *

The sun shone on this Monday morning. Students seemed more or less away. They were probably out the night before and would have preferred to stay in bed. But not Julia. Smiling, life was beautiful on her side. Normal since the days of her worst enemy were now numbered. The “scenario” was finished the day before and she felt more relaxed. She no longer had to be afraid of Katherine Bastian.

“Caroline!” the girl cried, seeing her friend sitting at a table in the cafeteria. “How are you?”

“Well…” she stammered. “And you? You look much better than last Friday.”

“David finally finished editing the film, and he spent the night with me on Saturday. What can I asked for?”

“Don’t see Katherine all day.”

In response, she laughed.

“She’ll never do it again to me,” Julia said, looking up.

Caroline frowned.

“You sure?”

“You want to bet?”

Julia stood up and she answered. At this point, Katherine appeared behind her. Caroline bit her lower lip, expecting the worst.

“Get out of the way, the retarded,” Katherine let go,” because I want to pass.”

“Of course,” the young girl replied by giving her way. “I hadn’t seen you. Excuse me.”

Katherine frowned, looking at her old friend. She ran quickly and disappeared into the crowd of students present in the cafeteria. Julia looked away before sitting down in front of her friend. The latter watched, speechless.

“Well,” she started, “I just heard you speak kindly to your worst enemy. I don’t believe it…!”

Julia smiled.

“You still want to bet?”

“Can you explain what happened?”

* * * * *

Sitting in front of the computer screen, she rubbed her eyes, tired. She sighed, stretching. She pressed a button and the music quickly invaded her headphones. Still exhausted, she continued to write the text before printing it. She was standing in front of the printer of the computer class when she saw Katherine in another room near the one where Julia was. She stiffened. Her enemy had spent the whole day trying to get her angry or laugh at her. Nothing had worked. Calm down. Soon she’ll die so don’t ruin everything! She forced a smile. She grinned all day to all her attacks. Annie was also very surprised by Julia’s reaction. Usually, the young girl lowered her head, in tears. But not today. Julia took a deep breath before returning to her computer, papers in hand. She pulled out her little notebook and opened it. She had learned a few lines of her “scenario” but not everything. She didn’t prepare to take action. Except that Katherine had hit her seriously on edge all day, leaving her no respite. Ordinary, the girl would burst into tears. With a forged courage, she hadn’t response. But now, she couldn’t stand it. She thought that she did enough and no longer felt able to bear it anymore. One more day would probably be too much. She took her pocket knife and took one last look at her notebook before putting it in the bag. Then she left the room and walked to where her enemy stood. The latter looked up at her entrance to immediately return to her books.

“Good evening,” Julia said.

Katherine said nothing.

“How are you?”

“Much worse since you’re here.”

Back up! a little voice yelled inside of her mind. You still can change your mind because you’re not ready! Her hands were shaking. But could she endure another day of many insults? Or even to be humiliated in front of all the other students again? She had suffered too much for her to concede victory again. Her own calm had even scared her! She didn’t believe that one day she would be able to control that way.

“I’m here to talk to you.”

The words came out without her having the time to stop them. But Katherine didn’t even look up at her and threw in a dry tone:

“I’m busy. Get out. I don’t have time to listen to you.”

“I came to ask you to apologize.”

At these words, Katherine finally looked up from her books to look at the young girl. A broad smile lit up her face before she bursts out laughing. Don’t panic. Breathe! Katherine writhed with laughter at the quizzical look of her interlocutor.

“What? You want an apology?”

Julia simply nodded, controlling herself as best as she could. Katherine was still laughing.

“You’re crazy! I’ll never make you an apology.”

“Yes, you’re going to do it.”

“And why would I?”

“For all the humiliations I suffered because of you. Insults… For having endured all that, I deserve a medal!”

“There were not insults, but the truth. I try to understand how I could have been your friends for so long.”

She went back to her books. Julia came to the first act of the “scenario”: the chance. She had to leave her to chance not to die, to be forgiven. But she refused. In addition, she kept on. So Julia had to be as cruel as Katherine. A small smile tugged at the corners of her lips. Your Honor, the defendant denies the charges against her. But I left her the chance to repent. Unfortunately, she spat on the offer. Moreover, it seems to feel no remorse. It’s for this reason that I ask and I demand the death penalty for the accused. Accepted, Master! The defendant is sentenced to the death penalty! Julia continued her “scenario”.

“You know,” she began, “I’ve never told you what I really think of you.”

“So what? Why do you think I give a fuck?”

“When you were depressed, everyone had to be at your feet or you won’t talk to anyone for days. But if I was depressed, you gave me the cold feet, saying that I wasn’t a good company before ignoring me the rest of the day. You were talking to me after I recovered.”

Katherine just shrugged.

“Also,” Julia went on, “when I told you stuff that got on your nerves, you told me dryly. If I was the one who asked you to stop saying certain things, you either continued saying them or mocking me. You simply apologized, saying: “Oops! I forgot! You don’t want me to say that!”. Or you ceased to talk to me.”

Julia talked, turning around Katherine. She spoke in a tone more dismissive. She left all the accumulated hatred for so long.

“And so you wanted so much to destroy everything between David and me! You were badmouthed against him, making me swallow anything. You were popping disputes between him and me. But you didn’t succeed.”

“Still don’t give a fuck.”

“I considered you as my best friend. But not you. For you, I was just a casual acquaintance. Nothing more. I was always there for you, to help you, but not you. You accused me how many times of being selfish? When you had a problem, I left earlier with my boyfriend because you didn’t want to get to your father’s. I sacrificed stuff to be with you. But you, what did you do for me? I listened to you talking about your problems with your father, your mother, your brother… I had problems too, but you wouldn’t listen. I began to speak, but you cut me off and changed the subject. It’s still like that with everyone, but I don’t talk about my problems. You totally didn’t care about me.”

She stopped her walk behind her enemy.

“I hate you.”

Julia glared at her.

“And I’d have to throw myself, kneeling in front of you and ask for forgiveness?”


Katherine laughed again. Julia sighed, tears in her eyes. She had to calm down at all costs.

“It’s true that you’re not a friend,” Katherine articulated. “You thought about you only. This is the best thing I’ve done in my entire life. What a great idea not to talk to you.”

“You lost all the friends you had managed to have, Katherine. The world doesn’t revolve around you. No one can tolerate you.”

Katherine lowered her head again while Julia grabbed her hair and brutally pulled her back. She pulled out her pocket knife.

“Let me go!”

“For all the nasty things you’ve done to me, humiliation and insults, I would say I hate you.”

She showed her the knife.

“This is the time to check out.”

Katherine tried to pull, but it was too late. The blade sank into her throat with some ease. A long stream of blood began to flow. The blade continued to draw its way into the flesh, leaving a long bloody slide. After slit the throat of one side to the other, the knife withdrew. Julia pushed Katherine’s head, with a smile. Her enemy was trying to talk, but she went along with a hoarse disgusting gurgling. Then it was over.

* * * * *

Waking up was very difficult the next morning. The sun shone through the open blinds. Outside, a light breeze blew, moving branches against the window of her room. Julia didn’t want to get up. She preferred to go back to sleep even if the day seemed nice. Martine brutally struck against her door.

“Wake up!” she launched without delicacy. “You haven’t activated your alarm clock this morning?”

She got out of bed and turned on the radio before rummaging through her closet. She got to the window, listening to the flash news. She sat up suddenly.

All St. Martin’s College is in turmoil this morning after the gruesome discovery made last night by the college’s janitor. The body of a student was found in a classroom. Mr. Robertson, principal in the college, suspends classes for the day so the police can conduct a thorough examination of the crime scene and begin their investigation…

The young girl fell on the bed. At this moment, Martine came into the room.

“Someone was killed in college!”

Julia frowned, playing comedy as best she could.

“I just heard, but they didn’t name the victim.”

The girl shook her head. It’s impossible… I must be dreaming… Did I really do it? Seeing her sister’s expression, she knew she actually had killed Katherine Bastian the previous evening in the college’s classroom.

* * * * *

Lying on her bed, she looked at the ceiling. She was only thinking about Katherine. Will she be suspected of murder? Did the police have evidence linking her to it? She could hardly believe she had managed to kill her. The day before, she was persuaded to have once again dreamed about the whole thing. Now she no longer believed it. She began to relive the murder in her head, the beginning of the conversation until Katherine’s death. She had been careful not to touch anything. The blood hadn’t dropped on her clothes. She still had the pocket knife, well washed and stain free. In her head, she had left no trace. But everyone knew that Katherine and Julia were friends once and a cold had settled between them. They hated each other now and everyone knew it. She felt a weight on her heart. Despite the elimination of her enemy, she was in very bad situation. What would she do if the police discovered a clue leading them to her? She sat up suddenly. Could they track her back? She shook her head. No, impossible… But she wasn’t certain.

* * * * *

She went into her classroom. Richard stood in front of the class, looking tired and serious. He asked the students to set up to their desk and listen without saying anything. Taking a deep breath, he began:

“Katherine Bastian was a rather quiet student. Some of you knew her more specifically than others. Inspector Frank will meet you one after the other to record your statement. Police hope it’ll help them in their investigation by learning a little more about her life. You’ll be called in alphabetical order. If you know anything, don’t hesitate to tell the inspector.”

A tall man entered the room.

“Andrews, David,” he announced in a monotone voice.

Getting his glasses up, he stood up and accompanied the police in the local on the other side of the wall. The young girl felt panic rising inside of her. The present situation unfortunately wasn’t part of her “scenario”. Why had she thought about it? She wanted so much to imagine all the possibilities, alternatives. Her mind was working at full speed. She had to prepare. She unfortunately couldn’t refuse to be interviewed. But how to look natural without arousing suspicion? And what the other students were telling about their situation? Surely it would be impossible to lie on it. Anyway, there were too many witnesses inside the college. She heaved a deep sigh, unable to concentrate on the class. By cons, she noticed she wasn’t not alone in this situation. The reasons were, however, not the same. She would have to keep calm… And lie… It was out of the question for her to tell them what happened. She already had trouble remembering it. In this famous evening, she was in a daze. While she was deep in her thoughts, another student was called into the other room. Only two and it’ll be my turn. She began to anguish. She lowered her head and closed her eyes to regain her composure. Panic would not help. Now she began to bitterly regret her actions. Katherine had poisoned her life for a while, but the price was much higher than she had expected. She didn’t want to spend the rest of her life in prison. The consequences of her actions made her shudder. Why did I do that? She bit her lower lip. Her heart was pounding.

“Julia,” Richard softly said to her, bringing her back to reality, “it’s your turn.”

She closed her books, put them in her bag before leaving the room. Inspector Frank was installed at the teacher’s desk. He looked at the list the college management had provided him. Then he looked blankly at the young girl.

“Carter, Julia?”

She nodded, not daring to answer him. He noticed something on the list before him and made her sit down. Slowly she approached the desk that he indicated. She didn’t take her eyes off of him, wary despite her. He raised his head again, not bothering to smile.

“Did you know the victim, Katherine Bastian? What kind of relationship did you have with her?”


“Explain yourself, please.”

She raised her eyebrows before answering.

“We weren’t talking. We had the same classes. That’s it.”

He wrote about everything she replied. She tried to read – upside down, of course – what he wrote down on his notebook. She had to face the facts that she couldn’t see anything. She bit her lower lip, looking for the right words to answer him. The subject was a bit tricky, but then she realized that no one had mentioned their past friendship. Before someone else did it, she should take the lead.

“We were friends before college.”

“Friends? And what happened?”

She shrugged, unable to answer him. As she expected, the subject was a great interest for the inspector. He obviously wanted to learn more about their past friendship. She didn’t have much to tell him. Once inseparable, Katherine suddenly had stopped talking to her. He asked her to be more accurate, but she summed up as best she could. She had never understood why it happened. He didn’t seem convinced. He asked her if she had a simple idea explaining why. She sighed before saying:

“She hated my boyfriend.”

There he seemed satisfied. She didn’t really like how the situation turned. Above all, the look he gave her troubled her at the highest point. There was a small light that shone in his eyes.

“And where were you the night of the murder?”

Frowning, she replied that she had spent the evening typing a text into the computer room and then she went back home very late after finishing her work. He nodded.

“You went directly home after?”


He noted one last thing before asking her the name of her boyfriend. She gave it to him. He took notes in his notebook before telling her that she could go back in class. She stood up, taking her bag. She had to stay calm. She slipped the belt to her shoulder, turning on her heel towards the door. She left the room as quietly as she had entered. Once back in the classroom, another student left the room. She returned to sit, still remaining in control of herself. It was very important for her to look as natural as possible. She opened her books again to continue the search as Richard asked. Unfortunately she couldn’t stop her mind from working. The interrogation session told her there was no witness of the murder. And clues? She didn’t remember having touched anything. She took her head in her hands. If I keep asking myself all those questions, I’m going crazy! The young girl realized that she had acted on a sudden whim, despite the “script” and all other previous murder preparatory actions. She hadn’t thought about “post-murder”. She closed her eyes. Another question came abruptly in her mind: could she live with that on her conscience? Doubt twisted her stomach.

* * * * *

On the way back home, her mind was still tormented. She should be happy to have finally spent a day without being harassed or humiliated. But she wasn’t happy. And no, she could not live with that on her conscience. What other options were available to her? Julia had to admit that there was no big list of choices. So what could she do now? The more she thought, the greater grew her anguish. It was impossible for her to think of anything else. A little voice screamed in her head. It’s you! They’re looking for you! This is YOUR fault and you’re going to pay for that! Thou hast kill KATHERINE! Her heart was pounding harder in her chest. She would be sentenced to life in prison. In a way, it was a vengeance. But the right word was still “murder”. And not just any: a premeditated murder. She suddenly stopped walking, searching her memory. What happened with her little notebook after? She swung her bag over her shoulder to search all pockets. She was relieved when she finally found it, but she squealed. There was a drop of blood on her finger. The pocket knife…! Her “scenario” didn’t mention getting rid of the murder weapon. Why? She completely had forgotten to do so. She heard a rustling behind her. She whirled around, her heart pounding, but she saw no one. When she returned she found herself face to face with a wild-eyed man with bloodshot eyes. She forgot she was still holding the pocket knife in her hand. The man snatched it abruptly.

“What are you doing with my knife?” he shouted, approaching her.

She recoiled. He threw himself upon her, brandishing the knife.

“This is my knife! I did wicked stuff with it! You want to know what I did? I murdered that girl in her class. You see? I’m dangerous!”

She shouldn’t upset him, but he just accused himself of Katherine’s murder. He began to mimic the murder, obviously very proud of him. She simply couldn’t believe it. Could she take advantage of it? Even if he hadn’t actually killed Katherine, he still believed that the knife was his. He could be very dangerous. She remained on guard, but tried an approach.

“Really? And how did you do that?”

“Easy! I cut her throat!”

“How have you approach her? From behind?”

“Of course! She didn’t know I was there, that bitch! I approached her without her knowing. Too easy!”

“You really cut her throat? You didn’t grab her by her hair to clear her throat?”

“That’s what I did! I took her by the hair to do it.”

“Did she beg you?”

He shook his head, a demented smile on his lips. Isn’t it that, the power of suggestion? Don’t add too much not to confuse his head. She asked him if it was his first murder.

“You think I’m an amateur? Of course not!”

Was he saying the truth? She didn’t know and would rather not know. This guy gave her goose bumps. He admired the knife a moment, as if it reminded him some good memories. She took the opportunity to escape. She went home and locked herself in her room, crying. At least she got rid of the murder weapon. And now? She tore all written her notebook before doing the same thing with the pages still blank. She had to take no chance. Then she went into the yard where there was a pile of dead leaves. She took a few leaves to settle in the small outdoor fireplace. She lit a fire and threw the notebook in it. She raked leaves around the other so as not to arouse the suspicious of their neighbors. When she returned by the fireplace, the fire had consumed all the written evidence. She used the garden hose to put out a few embers. Then she picked up the ashes and mixed them with the pile of leaves she had raking. She used a large trash bag to get rid of dead and burnt leaves. Her hands were still shaking. She was sweating. She went up to her place to take a long shower and recover her mind. She wondered what the guy would do with the knife. Will he tell everyone he had managed to get into the college for an evening and just murdered a student?

* * * * *

Two days later, the inspector had finished asking his questions to all students and teachers who have met Katherine Bastian. Classes resumed more or less normally. Julia hoped that everything would be fine until a rumor started to circulate inside the college. According to what she heard at the beginning, the security guard at the entrance would have fall asleep in a few minutes the night of the murder. And the surveillance video, it was possible to see the arm of a person entering the establishment. The findings were quickly found: it was the murderer who had taken advantage of the sleeping guard to enter. The unfortunate guard was fired, since the murder could have been avoided.

“Caroline,” Julia sighed, “all murders can be prevented.”

“Wait till you hear the rest!” her friend exclaimed. “You remember Patrick? Well he has a friend in the police. It seems a funny guy entered the station proudly telling everyone that he had killed the bitch in her class!”

Julia looked at her, stunned. Is this really the same guy? Whoever stole my pocket knife? She asked Caroline if she knew more details.

“He told them he was proud of what he had done!”

“How can anyone say that? Did they arrest him?”

“Of course! And they interrogated him for hours to find out if he told the truth. It even seems that he pulled a knife from his pocket – the murder weapon, according to him – to show how he did it!”

“Did he hurt anyone?”

“Only himself! He began to cut his throat to make them relive the scene!”

This guy is a real asshole! He really needs specialized care! The young girl simply couldn’t believe it. He formally charged himself with murder while getting inside a police station. What would happen now? She dared not ask the question directly. For some reason, the answer scared her a little. And if the guy had just told everything to the police? That the weapon wasn’t his?

“And they were able to stop him of is he dead?”

“He was arrested, but not yet formally charged with murder. I think he’s not okay in his head.”

You’ve realized that alone? Julia wanted to know what happened without arousing suspicion from Caroline. She shouldn’t draw attention on her. And because it was the murder of Katherine, indifference was the best solution. Seeing that she didn’t say anything, Caroline told her that the guy should be evaluated by psychiatrist specialized in criminal behavior. Let’s hope I’ll never meet him… She decided she had heard enough, even if she thought otherwise. She changed the subject as if everything was okay, hoping not to arouse the suspicions of her friend.

* * * * *

Still, she didn’t have a great night. Nightmares succeeded throughout the night. She sat up in her bed, breathing heavily. It took her a few seconds to recognize her own room. Her face was sweaty. She pushed back the covers and went to the bathroom to splash her face with cold water and recover. She had to calm down. When mopped her face, she cast a quick glance at the mirror. She suddenly recoiled at the sight of the grinning face of Katherine. She burst into tears, unable to control herself. I’ll never be able to live with such a secret. I’m going crazy! She returned to her room after having calmed down a bit. Panic wasn’t going to bring Katherine back to life. She curled up under the covers and closed her eyes, hoping to fall asleep again. When she opened her eyes, the sun rose quietly. Her alarm clock hadn’t yet started. She reached over to turn it off and accidentally pressed the button to turn on the radio.

So good morning to all!” the girl happily threw. “A beautiful day awaits us with sunshine and pleasant temperatures. But first, let’s get serious with the news! What’s going on, Sebastian?

Good morning!” the guy began on a slightly more serious tone. “First, the police proudly announced this morning in a press formal that charges were brought against Stephen Prowler, twenty-four. He would have confessed the murder of young student Katherine Bastian while she was in her classroom. Prowler is currently in intensive care, having suffered significant injuries before his arrest.

The young girl turned slowly to the radio, frowning. She didn’t believe she committed the perfect crime. She was very lucky to have met this funny deranged guy. She had used the mental imbalance of Stephen to her own advantage. There was nothing to be proud of! And he will perhaps reconsider his statement… She hoped not.

* * * * *

During the lawsuit for murder, Stephen tried to attack the judge and his own lawyer during the reading of the charges. Julia read all the details she could find about the trial, hoping that everything goes well. After the attack against the judge, he was again evaluated by a psychiatrist. The diagnosis fell shortly after: paranoid schizophrenic with violent temper. The prosecution was stopped there due to severe mental problems.

And the murder of Katherine Bastian ended up in closed cases.

Julia finally heaved a sigh of relief. Now I can resume a normal life without fear.


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by JeCy

Short Story / Mystery and Crime


Short Story / Thrillers

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