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A guy's got to do what he's got to do for money...

Submitted: August 20, 2013

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Submitted: August 20, 2013



My studies have helped me find a job as a nurse in the largest hospital in the city. At the beginning, I worked at night. Being single, I didn’t have any problem with that. I wasn’t underpaid, but unfortunately the bills were not always paid on time. So I had to make the decision to get a second job. Since I worked during the night, I bought the newspaper regularly. And one day, I found it.

The research laboratory of the hospital was looking for volunteers to test new drugs. Applicants must have a cold. Currently being sick, I could try if I had luck. That day there was a meeting for those interested. I went there after work. There were six other volunteers in the room. Dr. Archibald explained what drug would be tested: we would be immunized against all forms of flu or cold possible in the world. But there might be some side effects: nausea, dizziness and headache, loss of appetite, mood swings, insomnia and somnolence. To be honest, I was expecting worse. I thought the effects would be much more horrible, intolerable. I was ready to try. Dr. Archibald gave us a transparent plastic box containing a hundred orange pills. This experience gave us one thousand five hundred dollars for the next six months.  It still was nine thousand dollars! All participants remained speechless. And everyone agreed.

* * * * *

The first month wasn’t different. My cold lasted much less time. I still could sleep longer than two or three hours. My friends were happy for me to feel better and they invited me to go out with them. I worked during the day now. And that is how I met Karen. She danced with her friends and I found her so beautiful. We talked and danced. We haven’t exchanged numbers and we went our separate ways. Except that I was only thinking about her. My friends laughed at me. It wasn’t my fault if Karen haunted me.

I saw her that evening. We went to the movie and restaurant. She was so sweet in addition of being pretty. I kissed her on our first date. Subsequently, we were always together. But the problems started soon after. In one week, I lost nearly twenty pounds. I didn’t eat anything. When I saw food, I started to vomit. Karen, who became my girlfriend, worried. She didn’t know I participated in an experiment. I hadn’t said anything to her.  The experiment began last month and three weeks now.  My bills were paid on time, but I wasn’t in great shape. I couldn’t sleep and eat hardly anything. As soon as I swallowed something, I vomited shortly after. I lost consciousness twice during my shift. Karen wanted me to see a doctor, but I’ve never went.

I talked with Dr. Archibald and he laughed. I couldn’t understand why he reacted like that. He just said that the drug was effective. By cons, he admitted that my weight loss was too important. He made a list of the best vitamins I should take every day. I didn’t really want to take them, but since my health was probably in danger… I decided to follow his advice.

But there was a little incident. During the evening, I was out with Karen and some friends. While I was in the bathroom, a guy came to talk to my girlfriend. I found him a little bit to interest when I returned. He even dared to put his arm around her shoulders! He said things in her ear and Karen only laughed. I approached them. The guy barely looked at me before continuing his little charming session. I was very angry. I hit him on the shoulder and told him to leave my girlfriend alone. He just threw a glance, saying it was no longer the case and that I bored the girl. Karen ended up getting involved. She tried to calm me down, but it didn’t work. I threw myself on him. We fought until we’ve been thrown out. Karen began to yell at me, shouting all the names that went into her mind. It’s when she hit me that I lost it. I took her by the shoulders and I shook her before throwing her against the brick wall. One of my friends got involved before driving Karen and the others further.

 I know very well that it wasn’t a very good thing to do. I tried to talk to Karen, but she refused. I was so ashamed. She eventually forgave me a few weeks later before ending up in the hospital because of me. I’m the one who drove her to the emergency before I fled. I went directly to Dr. Archibald’s office. I yelled, accusing him of having created a drug that poisoned my life. He approached me. I grabbed him by the neck and I pressed him against the wall of his office. I yelled to him all my rage! He shouted me to stay calm and I kept telling him that it was his fault. He told me it was only the effect of the drug.

I was so furious when I left his office.

* * * * *

On six people, four volunteers died. I was really shaken to learn it. Let me tell you something: despite all the money that I earned, this job has completely destroyed my life. And you know why? I’m one of the four volunteers…


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