The theater

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

School is finally over! After the prom, Julie and her friends have decided to spend some quality times together before they'll split when college begin after summer. But someone joined their fun, seeking for something specific... Their lives...

Table of Contents


Against the sunlight, the imposing theater shone as it did before. The restoration was nearly completed. Everything went very well. The... Read Chapter

A huge whiteboard on the wall outlined several newspaper clippings chronicling the tragic events in the first – and last – represen... Read Chapter

She put her hairbrush on her desk, frowning. She carefully watched her reflection in the mirror. Julie really did not like what she was... Read Chapter

She frowned without leaving the photo from her sight. A strange knot formed in her stomach. What did it mean? Someone slipped this phot... Read Chapter

In the kitchen, something fell on the floor tiles. The sound echoed throughout the house, pulling the young girl out of her sleep. She ... Read Chapter

It was the only event that came into her head. But why should she remember this incident? She hadn’t caused the fire! And the former ... Read Chapter

Wednesday afternoon, Julie gave the finishing touches to her luggage on a list she had made. She hoped not to forget anything. Nancy wa... Read Chapter

The day dawned quietly. The shadow slowly ran its gaze on all images on the big board before taking a photo with smiling teenagers. A s... Read Chapter

The music ended, replace by something more rhythmic. The boys dragged Matthew into their circle of nonsense to everyone else around the... Read Chapter

The day dawned quietly. The shadow slowly ran its gaze on all images on the big board before taking a photo with smiling teenagers. A s... Read Chapter

Nancy had just arrived at Julie’s. The young girl bowed her parents and her dog before leaving. She threw her bag on the backseat of ... Read Chapter

The whole cottage was now plunged into the darkness of the night. The shadow moved without making any noise. It was very easy for it to... Read Chapter

Cold water ended her up of her stupor the next morning. The young girl had fallen asleep fully clothed and she felt very disoriented wh... Read Chapter

It was very late and everyone was upstairs, each in their own room and sleeping peacefully. There was only the shadow walking freely ag... Read Chapter

The sun was shining through the closed blinds. Julie blinked, blinded by the light too bright. She reached up and found that she was no... Read Chapter

“But what do you mean?” Matthew launched impatiently. “He’s distant with me because she told lies about me!” Matthew se... Read Chapter

The shadow looked at what was happening, infuriating to see Dominique again. Its own hands were tightened around her neck! How could sh... Read Chapter

Maxim ran to her, screaming her name. At first sight, she seemed in shock. She didn’t even look up to him. When he arrived near the y... Read Chapter

She was going to start walking again when a shadow appeared before her. Screaming in fear, she lost her footing and fell backwards, nar... Read Chapter

The young girl took away as much as possible the two unconscious girls before catching her breath. Then she went into the backyard and ... Read Chapter


The police continued to question her, taking note of everything she could tell him of interest. Julie didn’t even look at him when sh... Read Chapter