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My feelings...:D

Submitted: April 05, 2007

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Submitted: April 05, 2007



God came to me in my dream

and asked me to make one wish.

You see, my love, it would seem

that I longed to never miss

a single moment in which I could be

in loving arms, embraced by one

who was meant for me and only me.


He amusedly questioned the identity

of my soul mate. I answered him dreamily

that it would be the one who respected my beauty

and hurried to stay by my side and very keenly

hastened to learn my likes and dislikes.

The one who made time fly by and who

without touching sent my heart soaring high.


He pondered as to who this man was

and I said it was the one whose smile lit

a thousand candle in my life and because

he loved me so, I gained such a glow that it hit

and stunned all who saw. The one who won

my unwavering trust and vast sea of love with his

pure innocence, inner beauty and sheer devotion.


The Heavenly One asked if He could see my champion

and I told Him deep in the recesses of my heart He could see

my cherished prize, the one meant to be my lifelong companion.

And after chuckling, my child, said He to me

This one, the one you love to no ends, who is

matched to you like the stars of Orion is the one

bound by fate, destined to share with you this life and many more.


You see my love, deep in the recesses of my longing heart

God came to me in my dream and showed the

face of my sweetheart and that face, I never forgot,

for it was none other than you.

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