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A class assignment based on a painting i saw at the ROM. thought i'd put it up here.

Submitted: March 30, 2007

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Submitted: March 30, 2007



Blessed with forever life, crane be still

  Glide on, frozen, piercing the misted sky

Heavenly burden thou bear, thy pain nil.

  Symbol of peace, never shall thou die

He who rides the blessed shoulders, smile on

  Adorned in earthy brown, crisp whiteness

God of eternity, thou shan’t stray from here

  Fixed art thou; forever thou brightness

Will fill the sky, a never ending dawn

  Thy disciples strain to touch, never near.


Up they journey, a never-ending wish

  Clad in clothe, akin to the terrain.

Vainly seeking unattainable bliss

  Halted, dreaming what shan’t be gained

Why search for something one cannot receive?

  Resulted? The entrapment of thy souls.

Thy got what was wished, eternity

  Alive, but now captured with no control.

Engraved, lost, unable to retrieve

  Thy selfish wish; spellbound for infinity.


The apex of the insipid building,

  Embraces a pair of hungry mortals.

Thy crave not the tangible things,

  But bear the greed to become immortal.

Evident on thy faces, the anguish

  Realization pierces voracious hearts

Thy shan’t learn, what is to be gained?

  Immortals suffer longer, sinned kiss

Of longer pain; all happiness slain.

  Mountainous jails, from never can thy part.


Jagged trails, eerie silence fills the air

  The smile on Great One’s face, deceptive

Greed captured freedom, only grief left to share

  Truly immortal now, thy are captive

Bold to search for blessing of life, caged

  In this rocky confinement, nowhere shall

Thy go, the wish made has been fulfilled.

  O captives! What fate has brought thy fall?

One want; immortality has wished thy ill,

  Provides incessant death, leaving thy frozen, raged. 

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