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Something i had a sudden idea to write about while i was watching a movie.

Submitted: April 05, 2007

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Submitted: April 05, 2007



Painful memories swarming my mind

all those moments, too precious, hard to find

time spent laughing, giggling at nothing at all

those silly moments, making harder my fall

the days we sat just admiring one another

now I sit alone, the sorrow enough to smother

my mind with unbearable grief to much to blame.

With you gone, I have no one left to share

the moments I had dreamed of a future as one.

Deserted, those dreams a past, now i have none

but one; an impossible hope that one day

you will realise your fault and return to stay

with me forever and promise that this mistake

you won't make but I realise with a disheartening shake

that my dream shall never come true, for you are my past.

My needy clutches, and your wanted presence has cast

A shadow over any hope for the survival of my love, deep buried

and irretrievable, just like you, never to emerge again.

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