Sphere in the Sky

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Mankind notices something strange happening to our sun.

Submitted: February 22, 2013

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Submitted: February 22, 2013




At first no one knew it was happening. Only NASA had detected them, it, but only watched. They seemed to ignore us completely that is why we didn't take action at first. That was probably our first mistake.

Months went by and the general public still had no idea what was happening. It was only when the light started to not shine as bright on cloudless days did we realize something was wrong. The sun started to carry small black spots on it visible to those using specific instruments. The world governments could no longer keep it a secret.

The governments didn't know how to handle the situation at first. The visitor(s) did not seem dangerous but they didn't seem friendly either. They just seemed to carry on with out even noticing. No body knew who or what it or they were. All we knew was that they were collecting around the sun. Building.

More months passed and the sun now had a big black spot on one quadrant. Many times contact attempted but yielded no results. Scientist proposed they were harnessing the suns energy and were hoping they would eventually leave. They or it didn't.

The big black spot grew and grew month after month. Temperature fluctuations came with the decreased light and heat from our star. It became apparent we could no longer sit idly by while our sun was stolen from us. In a world wide effort, new vehicles were created that would carry the hope of freeing our star.

It was almost perpetual night when the vehicles we finished. They were to carry all sorts of missiles and new weaponry to combat the visiting construct. The launch was successful and the vehicles were leaving our endless winter nights to bring back our summer days.

We watched in horror as nothing the vehicle threw at the spherical construct would cause damage. Most of the missiles were shot down by defenses. Whatever it was it was protected. When all the missiles were gone the crew of the now hopeless vehicle unanimously made the decision to make one last heroic stand and collide with the construct. They said their farewells to their love ones and started towards the construct.

The vehicle had failed.

Earth was now a frozen wasteland on the surface. People began moving deep underground to live off the heat of the earth's core. Many died in the transition. The earths population was reduced to just 10% of what is was when they arrived. It was still dwindling.

We had run out of options. There was no chance of leaving the planet as most of the worlds resources were spent building the vehicle. The underground farms could not grow enough food to sustain the population of both man and animal. Mankind was doomed.

Speculation rose that the sphere was hostel from the beginning. It didn't want to fight us so instead it took our source of life. Others believed they really didn't care about us as first believed. They were a nomadic civilization would prosper for billions of years until the host star died then they would move their sphere to the next star.

In either event mankind stood no chance against them. They, whoever they were figured out the key to life first. We had been children, fighting our wars over energy, when all the while limitless energy was right in front of us.


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