Music As A Weapon

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Music has always been something special, here is the story of a group of scientists trying to control it.

Submitted: August 08, 2013

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Submitted: August 08, 2013



Music is a very powerful thing. It can make us as humans feel an array of feelings such as anger or sorrow. Music can go deep enough to control the beat of our heat if the beat of the tune matches up perfectly with a brainwave to change a never-ending beat down to a calming flow of a blood through arteries. Music also can reach people on a “spiritual” way. People have claimed that listening to a song can hypnotize or influence them to, for example, rob a bank, or go as far to murder a person. Scientist’s minds had become intrigued at this fact. Some just believed, along with most of the world’s psychiatrists, that this was the inner working of subconscious thoughts of this brand of people using the different types of music as a type of “vessel” to act. Others decided to dive deeper into the use of music on subjects.

Back in 1992, in the remote area of Salt Lake City, Utah, a team of scientists got to work on reengineering into a sort of tool that can be used to help people and hinder enemies. At the time, many music researches were happening, so information was always available to the Utah Team, but no one really knew what they were doing, other than that they were “government-looking” and paid a pretty penny for research so Utah got what they wanted and went to work.

Utah was hoping to create separate signals or wavelengths that spiked different brainwaves and frequencies to “control” a human subject into doing their bidding, whether it was helpful or not. As they pondered the separate wave’s effects on a subject, the main Utah Team had created a separate team working on fusing the wavelengths into obvious songs that, if working correctly, could be put into mass media to influence large quantities of people into buying more goods or services that could boost the global economy. Then Utah had one last, small team that set out to find the subjects that would be experimented on. They ended up getting a grand total of six volunteers prepped and readied for the experiment.

To start the project, the team separated four of the volunteers into their own white, bland rooms with just a single chair in the corner and a speaker in each corner of the room where the walls meet the ceiling. The last two subjects were put in a similar circumstance, but since they were a married couple and they had requested the ability to see each other, they had a thick window put in between their rooms. Each room was fitted with a hidden camera that was placed into the wall opposite of the door.

Now behind the scenes, the Utah team had engineered “music” that could control emotions. One for joy, one for sorrow, one for fear, one for rage, and yet one for confusion (with side effects of memory loss). Each “song” was pumped through the speakers of each room in that respective order, save the last two, who were put through the same experience simultaneously. The results of this first test were almost instant.

The teenage boy who took residence in the first room had a smile rippling from one ear to the other. The middle aged woman in the third room was cowering behind the chair present in her room. And the couple just stared at each other through their window as if they have never seen another human being in their entire lifespan. The Utah Team then cut off the sounds that were emitting from the speakers in the six rooms all at once. The couple shook off their confusion and smiled gently at each other realizing who they were looking at. The man in the second room stopped sobbing silently to himself. There was only one thing that was still strange, the teenage boy started shouting that he wanted his “happy jams” again. Over sometime he calmed down, however strange it seemed, it was actually normal, everyone enjoys being happy.

The Utah Team then put the music into different rooms, such as joy moved onto the second room and confusion went back to the first room. This cycle continued its reign until every subject got a dose of emotional abuse. But after each time the joy was taken away from the subjects, they pleaded for it once again immediately, they each calmed down eventually.

While these tests were commencing, the separate team from Utah was continuing to work on the song research. It was proving to be more difficult to put the controlling signals that complimented each other together but was still aesthetically pleasing to the ear. They were working in a whole different portion of the facility, so the only communication was of a “runner” worker who would go back and forth delivering information. And the main Utah Team shut off their portion down during tests, so the messenger boy was in that portion was stuck there until further notice leaving the separate team to work alone until they figured something out.

The next tests to ensue were to influence each subject to want a different thing. Masked scientists ushered in a table that had a hamburger, ball, and a pencil with paper. From here, they influenced each subject to subconsciously “want” to eat, bounce the ball or draw. Each test went successful, minus the man in the fourth room. He just sat there, seeming to ignore the sounds coming from the speakers. The masked figures came back in and took the tables out.

From this point in the experiment, the final test to happen was on a more physical aspect. Utah wanted to see if their signals could penetrate the minds own signals and stop them from sending waves to the sensory aspects. They channeled in the hinder ship of eyesight to test subject one, hearing to test subject two, taste to three, feeling to four and the ability to speak to the couple. The boy complained about his eyesight going blurry, and the complaints rang down each of the cells, except for the couple, who couldn’t speak at all. Yet again, somehow each of the tests was successful, or so it seemed. The man in the fourth room didn’t seem to again, react to the “music” being pushed onto him in his small room. The group of scientists was planning on rotating the sounds through each room like the previous test, but decided against it due to the fourth subject. The Utah Team was shocked at the man for not complying with the tests after having volunteered for it. So as an act of defiance they sent each sensory signal blocker in his cell in intervals of about six seconds to teach him to ignore their tests. As they did this, they finally sent the messenger boy, declaring it safe from him to move onto the checking process with the next facility. He made his way down empty hallways as things in both portions of the building began to change.

As the messenger started his trek to the alternative Utah Team, they finally accomplished their goal. They created a single song that they believed would create an aura on a human that will make them have the impulse to buy. The team, consisting of seven members, decided to try the “song” on them in a small dose. They all agreed, whether it was a peer pressure situation or not, that they wanted to spend money on whatever they might desire. The “music” ended as soon as the messenger entered the room. The Utah Team the messenger met rushed him away instantly with a copy of their “song” wishing that their success be shared and shown and used. As soon as the messenger left, the first scientist had fallen over.

Much to the dismay of the main Utah Team, subject four still was showing no effects of the “testing” he was experiencing, and on the other side of the institute, the messenger had managed to escape the alternate team of scientist’s fate. About halfway through the messenger’s journey, another breakthrough had actually occurred with subject four. During his torture, he stared up into the camera that was hidden in his bland room, as if he knew exactly where the scientist had placed it prior. In between the obvious sense destruction, the man simply stated, “I’d stop that if I were you.” Then like a silent bullet, the chair was thrown into the place where the camera was in the wall, making all surveillance impossible to see. Just as soon as a small group of enforcers were going to subdue the subject, the messenger busted through the set of double doors, shocking the already flustered group of scientists. Without any questioning, the scientists snatched the “music” file from the messengers hand and locked the doors behind him to continue testing, and to unknowingly contain the insanity and chaos that the alternate team was experiencing.

When the first scientist had fallen over, so did the other six a few seconds later. The first to come to was the sanest and he could only assume that as the other scientists woke up to immediately screech and scratch at each other. The sanest man could feel the wanting to join them inside of himself, but somehow he fought it off as he slowly began to understand why each of one of them had become some sort of primal creature. It had to do with the “music” each of them had had a small dose off. He hypnotized quickly that the connections they had created with the synapses of the mind unhitched the animalistic inhumane instincts to kill. This last man had also quickly hatched a plan to simply escape and find a way to warn the main team quickly of the danger they had created, but he was the furthest away from the door. The man swiftly dodged and quietly got through most of the scientists before they got over attacking each other and realized that they had someone in the room that was different than the way they were. The man had reached the door somehow just in time to hear the main Utah Team lock the door for their own purposes. He turned to face his fate with a decision. He could both fall over and plunge into the insanity that was clawing at him or he could die some honorable death at the hold of his colleagues. He stood his ground and shut his eyes. He tried his best to stifle his screams as his skin seems to have been being ripped off in layers of both blood and flesh.

The main Utah Team had a unanimous decision to ignore subject four and channel all of the music in each of the cells. They were disappointed to see no immediate results, as that is what the team had become used to seeing. They were moments away from unlocking the doors to let the messenger enquire the alternate team of their failure to truly create the correct “song” but then the screaming had started. It was subject one, the youngest subject. He had started to screech at the top of his lungs, “Happy jams! Happy jams!” The scientists just sat and gaped at as the young boy had started to claw his eyes out, ripping away cords and veins and different connections to his brain, still yelling his one phrase of choice. The boy then slumped to the ground, silently whispering to himself, before just giving up and dying on the floor. The Utah Team was just too shocked to react to what had happened, but they were put out of their stupor as a chorus of screams rang out from the other cells. Each scream requested the same thing, the music that stimulated joy. Each working camera feed showed different suicides. Subject three had managed to pull out their tongue with a massive amount of force and while mouthing their request, fell over and died. The team stared as the couple watched each other rip out their vocal cords in front of each other, blood splattering the window that separated them. The team could not even imagine the horror hidden away, in subject four’s cell.

Out of pure terror, one of the scientists declared the test a failure and the pressed the unlock button to escape the institute. In the mad rush to get out, no one had noticed that the man had pressed the button to unlock every door in the building, unleashing the animal instincts of the alternate team towards them.

The messenger was moving swiftly, having been more akin to running. He also knew the layout of the building better than most of the scientists. It was not until he got closer to the exit that he heard the hoops and yells of the alternate team and remembered their existence. He quickly dove into a side room and hid. He had somehow picked the best spot to watch the carnage of twenty or so scientists as the met up with the six primal beasts a matter of minutes later. The battle’s results were much like the results of the tests, immediate. Since the runner was the only way of communication between the two teams, he was given a remote that could signal in emergency forces ranging from just a warning, all the way to having a small bombing come over the building, ending all research and could be covered up by a “malfunction” in the labs. The messenger took out the remote and pushed the given amount of buttons to call for the last choice of destroying the building as he realized that he could never let these creatures out into the real world. This just meant one thing, he would have to fast enough to somehow get past these creatures and get out of the building to survive, as he only had a matter of minutes to survive the blast. The messenger quietly slipped out of his hiding place and went to go down a separate hallway, opposite of the creatures feeding on the fresh kills they had prepared themselves. The man kept an eye on the creatures and as he finally felt safe he turned around, just to be stopped by a massive figure. In the dark of the hallway it was hard to tell who it was, but as the shape made the messenger back up, the fluorescent light of the hallway showed who the dark figure actually was. It was subject four.

He stood tall and broad in the hallway. As subject four showed his presence and dominated over the small corridor, the creatures ceased their feeding to stand behind the man. The messenger tried his best to get away, but was taken aback by the lone beast still behind him. He was mainly taken aback by how organized the creatures had become after subject four had somehow taken leadership and control of the group. When the messenger’s senses snapped back into reality, he finally realized what exactly was stopping him from escaping. He looked directly into the eyes of subject four, or where the eyes would have been, but big gaping holes stood in their place. The messenger continued to eye the abomination when he finally stopped on the throat. The vocal cords had been ripped clean out, some of them still hung from the place they once stood. The amount of blood that was on the shirt of the man was astounding and the messenger could not understand how the man was standing in front of him when a booming voice exploded through the hallway. It stated simply, “I told you not to do that.” The messenger knew the phrase sounded familiar, and then it struck him. Subject four was talking. The messenger stood and stared at somehow the man spoke again without having the vocal cords to do it.

“I told you not to play with my mind, to not play with my emotions, yet you continued to do it.”

“That wasn’t me! I was just a messenger that ran information back and forth between the people who did this to you and the creatures that were once people that stand behind you!” the messenger managed to say.

“I told you not to do it. I told you not to do it.” is all that the man said. Subject four just walked past the messenger, much to his surprise yet again. The six creatures did not truly understand and followed their leader into the carnage of the kill from before. The messenger took all of this as a mean to escape as he truly never hurt the man. The messenger ran quickly in the direction of the exit when a loud scream emitted from behind him. The exit was just down a long corridor from where the original attack was so he could see what strange process was going on behind him. The man, who should not have been able to talk, let alone scream, was screaming into the corpse of one of the main Utah Team. The messenger did not expect to see much since the doomed man’s entrails were all over the floor around him, subject four was just yelling at a corpse. But then said corpse started to move. The messenger could not handle any more of the strange happenings so he just left what was going on with Subject Four, the moving corpse, and the alternate team of creatures to themselves and the bombing that was coming ever so closer. The messenger broke from the darkness and chaos of the institute into the crisp, cool air of the night. He continued to move quickly over the premises as the bombing ensued, but he was able to get far enough to get out of the heat and death that was left for the creatures in the building. A few minutes later, the man was rescued from what happened via an air lift. The government authorities questioned him on what had happened, what had gone wrong, and where all of the other scientists were as it was planned that if the bombing was called for, there was a plan for everyone to get out of the building alive.

The runner only had one thing to say,

“One thing that whoever created us as humans had to offer was our own ability to control our emotions and senses, we should never try to control others or else we will be punished.”

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