What Would It Be like??

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Just my way of shouting "Get your act together!" to all of humanity as well as myself because we waste time arguing over petty things when there are problems that are much more demanding of our attention that we ignore.

Submitted: December 04, 2011

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Submitted: December 04, 2011




What would it Be Like?


What would the world be like,

if instead of crime, people did what was right?

What would it be like if there was no hunger, pain, or death?

No murders, no liars, no rapists, no theft?


What if there were no children going to sleep in the streets 

that dug through trash cans looking for something to eat?

What if there were no mothers who were crying 

over their babies who were dying from hunger sickness and war.


What if war was a term of fairy tales

Imagine a world where compassion prevails

What if there were no children who grow up without love, 

What if there were no orphans to speak of?


What if perfection was reality,

and we lived in a world without tragedy?

What if the world was not a sinful place,

What if no one was judged because of their race?


To bad we live in a broken society,

where everyone is too caught up in their own piety

to care about the people that need a little TLC

why can't we all just agree to disagree?


Instead we fight over things that don't matter

and spew from our mouths spiteful gossip and chatter.

Why don't we focus on the person that can make perfection reality,

and trade our bitter disposition to that of congeniality?


We don't because that's not what we want to do,

and until we realize the ultimate truth,

there'll be no change in me or you.




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