A Decision On Christmas

Poem by: jeffhzlprk


A Christmas poem.


Submitted: November 28, 2009

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Submitted: November 28, 2009



A Decision On Christmas

By © Jeff Shumate 2009


It’s Christmas time; it’s Santa’s day!

It’s all about children; it’s all about play!


Gifts for the good, naughty get coal,

Do you know the difference, or trust the North Pole?


Naughty or nice, the rule has been set, kids ponder inside,

Plotting in panic, how they may reside, on the right side!


Seems simple enough, but truth is forgot,

Sinners we are, since sin was begot!


Can Santa save, a child masked with good?

Sin inside; covered by good, it’s misunderstood!


Its naughty or nice you see, synonymous with sin, can either win…


There is, of course, one more way, a Savior was born Christmas day.

He came to earth because of the fall, naughty or nice, He died for them all!

Born in a manger, God in the flesh, spoken by prophets, King to them all,

He died for our sin; He died for our fall, salvation offered, a far better call!


He rose from the dead, proving it all, you may recall, final payment for all…


He gives no standard of naughty or nice,

Just faith in Him, just once, not twice!


As we look at two plans, this Christmas day,

Decision is needed, each soul should pray!


“Oh dear God, which plan is from Thee?

A show of good, for all to see,


Or faith in Christ for salvation, saving the sinner who’s me!

A hard choice you see, one I look good, for the world to see!


The other salvation, no earning involved, it’s offered in grace…


It works like this, place your faith in the Christ;

Need I ask you twice?”


As a father of four, December is near;

My kids are still rotten; to me they’re so dear!


Sinners they are, from the day they were born,

Do I tell them of Santa, or Savior, I’m torn?


Presents or life; if you’re still not sure, I’ll give you a clue!

Take the name Santa; I have a puzzle for you!


Switch the T with the N; place the last A in between,

Well, it probably doesn’t mean anything!


One is the truth, the other a lie,

In Jesus they live; in Santa they die!


© Copyright 2017 jeffhzlprk. All rights reserved.

A Decision On Christmas A Decision On Christmas

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



A Christmas poem.
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