Far Off in the Distance

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grace poem

Submitted: April 19, 2009

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Submitted: April 19, 2009



Far Off In The Distance

By © Jeff Shumate 2009


Far off in the distance,


I hear the buzzer ring, I slowly show my eyes,


Seeing again to my surprise!


Where are all my beautiful visions, they remind me life is near?


Now that I’m awake, God’s Word is what I fear!


I must face the cold hard truth, living a life that’s cursed to end,


Now I hear the stern wind howl, I feel a chill set in,


That cold rooftop now awaits me, waiting for me to serve…


One man broke before me, setting an awful trend,


Oh this curse on man, it seems to never end!


Oh that blasted Adam, why did he disobey?


I guess I would have done the same, but who am I too say!


Right now I’m on this rooftop, Mr. Taskmaster closing in,


It’s time to get to work now, before I loose my pay!


In toil and sweat I work away, working the fingers to the bone,


It’s not my back, my leg, my arm that brings this roofer home!


Oh that Blessed Hope! It gets me through the day,


As I slave, I sweat in wonder, when I’ll receive my final pay!


All I need is one loud shout, not from Mr. Taskmaster, but one from far above,


Maybe this shout, only some will hear, Oh, I hope it’s near!


I’ll be off this bloody rooftop, lickety-split, one blink; I’m in the air!


Mr. Taskmaster will smile, his eyes gleaming in wonder,


Hoping I leaped off, ending in despair,


Grinning, he’ll think I finally had enough, him pushing me so hard,


He’ll plunder through my tools, exercising his booty rights,


That’s when he’ll surely find a note,


Addressed to him from me,


Dear Mr. Taskmaster:


Sorry I had to leave, you know I served you well,


My notice was given in advance, so I needed not to tell!


You see I’m now retired; you could have done the same,


Oh, and in lieu of our conversation, only you’re to blame!


So now I beg you reconsider, only please, you must act quick,


Because times are getting harder, times are not the same,


No longer fight that bloody curse; your fight will end in vain,


I ask you now repent, think of Jesus not the same!


Oh brother, it will be hard,


But please endure until the end,


So I ask you reconsider, think of Jesus as your friend!

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