Forgiven in Him

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grace poem

Submitted: October 09, 2009

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Submitted: October 09, 2009



Weighed down in life, by guilt and by shame,

Trying to serve God, yet not knowing His name.

Here on this earth, but a short time,

Working to reach God by the end of the line.

Today we sin; tonight we grit and bear,

Looking forward to years of repair.

Treacheries of evil, treacheries of good…

Tormented by sin the good works will begin,

Treacheries of evil treacheries of good…

Looking for redemption by ones own hands,

Soul depth doubt, hopeless seas of sands,

Thirsting for forgiveness, a moment of time among the innocent,

To fly free from the guilt within my conscience,

A drop of redemption for the parched tongue?

Yes, a drop is all it takes for the parched tongue,

A drop of His blood…

The blood of Christ, an eternal sacrifice for all,

“It is finished,” He cried…

Not destroying mankind, Christ bowed His head,

And in His grace, gave up His spirit instead…

Yes, a drop of His blood for the parched tongue.

Glorious be Him, who died on the cross,

He rose back to life, proof for the lost.

Forgiveness granted through faith in Christ,

Through a glorious grace bestowed by the God of love.

Having peace with God in Christ, we may serve from within,

A thirst for forgiveness quenched by a faith in Him.

To forget my sin, not looking back,

Finally cleared from the guilt within, looking only to Him,

From a clean heart, no blemish nor spot,

As I am now seen in Christ, before God…

Glorious be Christ, who took all my sin,

All eternal glory be only to Him,

He is my salvation, forgiveness, and expiation of sin…











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