His Reign

Poem by: jeffhzlprk


Grace poem


Submitted: December 24, 2009

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Submitted: December 24, 2009



Just for laughs I must implore

Is life full of screwballs, I believe it is for sure!


Dancing around like a bumble of bees,

They will endeavor to have just what they please.


Some to rule kingdoms, with riches and fame,

Some to lead hobos beneath bridges not named.


Many will follow; some will take lead;

All will want grandeur, but they’ll surely impede!


In the beginning, earth was entrusted to man,

One giant kingdom, one royal plan.


A stewardship given, a stewardship gone,

It was the first Adam, which handed earth right along.


Man had left Eden; the doors were then locked,

And under new power the earth went amok.


Men began warring with family for name,

A fight for the power goes still to this day.


With every screwball from then until now,

Not one had the power to end it somehow.


One day ahead, will order soon come?

Their power removed from under the sun.


There’ll be a big blast, a call from the air,

And looking around no more Christians are there.


Then comes trouble for everyone left,

There’s no place to hide, not even in cleft.


They’d all be destroyed if no one stepped in,

But God in his grace had promised to them.


Then it will happen the King will return,

All of God’s enemies will below the earth burn.


Those who remain will go on to see peace,

Life as they knew would have a new lease.


A kingdom will stand for all earth to see,

A ruler with glory, who’s just as can be,


Old power removed, and order restored

Jesus will reign, that is for sure.


God has a plan, he promised it plain,

Every soul will bow professing Jesus’ name.







© Copyright 2017 jeffhzlprk. All rights reserved.

His Reign His Reign

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Grace poem
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