How Did It Happen?

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Grace Poem

Submitted: April 30, 2009

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Submitted: April 30, 2009



How Did It Happen

By Jeff Shumate 2009

Day after day, I do my best,

To be a good husband, to get noticed I guess!

Some days my best, ain’t really that good,

You still get it all, let it be understood,

There was a time, before I met you,

I was told several times, soon my life would be through!

“You won’t hit twenty, or thirty you see,

Your out of control, it’s the way it will be!”

There were many times, I lay in my bed,

I prayed to the Father, right in my head!

“I know I got something, deep down in me,

A husband a daddy, I know I can be!”

I drank every drink, popped every pill,

Stole with the thieves, just for the thrill.

I fought the police, walked with the slime,

Wasn’t always that way, just happened in time!

Where I’m at now, it’s amazing to me

The road has been strange, bizarre as can be.

I was married once; she went home with the Lord,

She left me with child, when she was cut from the cord!

Most people thought, I’d give her away,

I was chopped liver, and could raise her no way!

How did I do it, I don’t have a clue,

Looking back, I did what I do!

I keep moving forward, in my God’s grace,

Leaving looks of discord, to the onlookers face.

A couple years later, weird as can be,

I met a woman, with two children you see!

Oh man, this can never be me, a father of three!

We decided to marry, no need to prolong,

I loved her so deeply, not only that, her red hair was so long!

Before I knew it, we were having one more,

Now I would be, a father of four!

My wife and four girls, so special to me,

It’s one answered prayer; I never thought I would see!

Yesterday, my wife came home,

She gave me a present, when I was alone!

A small plastic trophy, not fancy you see.

With a small sticker emblem, written for me!

“World’s best husband,” that’s what it said,

When finally alone, the tears fell from my head!

Don’t ever think, you’ll never be,

A father, a mother, or special you see!

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