Little Lindsey's Blessed Hope

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A short story of a little girl's hope.

Submitted: April 25, 2009

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Submitted: April 25, 2009



Little Lindsey’s Blessed Hope

By Jeff Shumate © 2007


Little Lindsey sat in her 3rd grade classroom wondering when her teacher would return. After all they had a substitute teacher for over a week now.  She was nice, but not nearly as nice as Miss Johnson.  Lindsey loved being in Miss Johnson’s class because she was the youngest and nicest teacher in the whole school.  Earlier in the week the class was told that their teacher was sick and Mrs. Snyder would be filling in for her.  Little Lindsey sat and pondered this over and thought to herself, “I hope Miss Johnson is feeling better soon because I really miss her!”  Two more weeks went by and she still hadn’t returned from being sick. Little Lindsey wondered to herself if she would ever see her teacher again.


One night after dinnertime, Lindsey asked her mother, “Mommy, do you know when Miss Johnson will return to school?”  Her mother (Rebecca) looked over to Lindsey’s stepfather (Joe).  They looked at each other with a strange look, one that Lindsey had never seen before. Normally when they looked at each other they looked very happy, but this time they seemed to be very sad. Joe puts his big hands on Lindsey’s shoulders and said, “Sweetheart, we have something we want to talk to you about.”  “What is it?” replied Lindsey. “Well,” Joe sighed, “we got news from the school today that Miss Johnson was very sick and that she died in the hospital today.”  Lindsey’s eyes began to well up with tears, “Does that mean I will never see her again?”  Lindsey’s mother brought her over to the rocking chair, grabbed her tight in her arms and rocked with her, saying, “Miss Johnson has gone to heaven to be with God and she is very happy there.” This left many questions in little Lindsey’s tender young heart, and as the days passed Lindsey began getting back to her normal self again, so her parents thought. 


Late one night when the family was asleep, Rebecca felt somebody creeping into the bed. She looked over her shoulder and saw that it was Lindsey. “What’s the matter baby?” she whispered. “I had a bad dream mom,” she went on sniffling, “we all died in my dream.” Her mother told her softly, “It was just a dream.  We are all still alive.  Why don’t you sleep the rest of the night in here with me.”  Lindsey in the comfort of her mom’s bed fell back asleep.  Joe listened in and thought, “I better deal with this in the morning.”


The next morning Joe was up bright and early.  He was enjoying his morning coffee while he read his Bible.  It was a Saturday so Joe didn’t have to go to work that day. After a while Lindsey woke up, crawled out of her parents’ bed and came walking out into the living room where Joe was reading.  “Good morning, Lindsey,” Joe said in a chipper voice.  Lindsey yawned, “Good morning.”  “Why don’t you come over here for a minute so I can talk with you,” said Joe.  Little Lindsey walked over and sat down on a toy chest that was next to the chair Joe was sitting in.  Joe then said, “You’ve been thinking about death a lot since Miss Johnson died, haven’t you?”  “Yes,” she replied, “I don’t want to die.”  “Well, we are all going to die someday, but God doesn’t want us to be afraid of dying,” Joe answered softly.


Joe started to remind Lindsey of some of the things he thought might ease her fears about death.  He reminded her about how Jesus came and died for our sins just like God said He would in the Bible.  Then he reminded her that after Jesus died for our sins, He was buried, but God raised Him up from the dead after three days.  He went on to tell her How God told us in the Bible that if we believed in Jesus—that He died for our sins, was buried, and was raised from the dead—we would be saved, having eternal life.  The most important thing Joe reminded Lindsey of was that when her mom first told her this, she believed in Jesus and what He had done for us.  “You see, Lindsey, you don’t have to worry about dying, because you are saved.  When you die you will go to heaven and heaven is a wonderful place to live.  We will see loved ones there and we will live with the Lord Jesus for ever and ever and ever!” exclaimed Joe.  Lindsey’s eyes welled up with tears that began rolling down her cheeks.


Joe got frustrated because he knew those were not tears of joy over the good news of being saved and going to heaven one day.  “Why are you crying?” Joe asked.  Lindsey choked out her response, “I don’t want to die, because it will hurt.”  Joe couldn’t honestly say that it wouldn’t hurt when Lindsey died one day, and he wasn’t sure how to explain it in a way that would bring her comfort.  Joe knew he needed something from God’s Word to tell Lindsey that would make her feel at ease with the situation.  He prayed in his mind, “Please Lord, bring to mind the truth I have learned from Your Word, which might bring comfort to this little girl’s soul.”  At that moment something Joe had learned from the Bible came to mind!


Joe said to Lindsey in a whisper, “Can I tell you a secret?”  “A secret,” Lindsey inquired.  “Yes, a secret,” Joe replied.  “I thought we weren’t supposed to have secrets,” Lindsey asked.  Joe chuckled and said, “This is a different kind of secret; we are supposed to tell this secret to all the people we know.”  Lindsey’s eyes got wide with excitement, “Please tell me, I love those types of secrets.”  Joe came close to her and whispered in her ear, “Not everyone will die!”  The frown that was on Lindsey’s face had already turned the other way.


Joe began to explain to Lindsey that Jesus was going to come in the air to get all the people who believe in Him and His death, burial, and resurrection.  He told her that we don’t know exactly when it will happen but it could be any year, month, week or even any moment.  Joe went on and told her that he knew for sure it was one day closer to happening than it was yesterday.  Joe explained that if it happened in her lifetime, she wouldn’t have to experience dying.  He told her that instead, at the moment it happened, the Lord would change her into a new body that never hurts or is afraid!  He explained that we would live in heaven from that point on.  Lindsey’s excitement soon was overturned once again by tears.


“Why are you crying now?” Joe asked.  “Well it sounds so exciting and wonderful to be up in the air with the Lord and not having to die, but…” she stuttered, “ What about Miss Johnson, she will miss out on this wonderful time.”  Joe chuckled and replied, “The Lord is going to bring with Him those who were saved and died.  So they won’t miss a thing.” Joe reached out his hand taking his oversized thumb to Lindsey’s cheek and said, “God will then wipe away all our tears forever!”  Lindsey told Joe she hoped very much that she would still be alive when the Lord came for us.  She said, “I think the Lord will come for us before I die.”  Joe replied in relief, “I do too. That’s why we shouldn’t waste time worrying about dying.  Instead, we should be worrying about doing all the things God has planned for us to do, while we still have time to do them!”


The following Monday, during afternoon recess, Lindsey was at the playground with her friend, Jenny.  Jenny looked a little sad, so Lindsey asked her, “What’s the matter Jenny?” Jenny looked at her sheepishly, saying, “I’m afraid I will die like Miss Johnson did.” Lindsey laughed, “I used to be afraid of that to, but I know a secret!”  Lindsey told Jenny about Jesus and what He did for us on the cross.  She told her about God bringing Him back to life, and if we believed in Jesus we would one day live in Heaven forever.  Then with a smile she told Jenny that Jesus was going to come in the air to get the people who were saved, and it could happen at any moment.  After Lindsey told her these things, Jenny decided to believe in Jesus and she also began looking forward to His coming!

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