Love Her Well

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grace poem

Submitted: June 06, 2010

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Submitted: June 06, 2010



Love Her Well

By Jeff Shumate © 2010


Things gone wrong,

An age-old song,


A need for control in the soul…


Partners we are,

I’ll drive the car,


Soul mates,

You clean the plates,


Lovers we are,

In bed I’m the star,


Look at our kids,

I bought all their cribs,


All day in our home,

All day all-alone,


My way or the highway,

It’s an age-old song,


It’s sung all alone,

Before to long,


Giving up the need for control in the soul…


Oh dear Lord, she can drive our car,

What do I care, it’s not really that far,


Oh dear Lord let me wash them plates,

If these dry hands is what she really hates,


Oh dear Lord, if lovers we are,

Bottom or top, my woman’s the star,


Oh dear Lord I bought them cribs,

Now let me change the baby butts and wipe their bibs.


Oh dear Lord, she’s home all alone,

Let me listen to her voice right when I get home,


When I get bitter it’s to my shame,

Let me love my wife in Your name,


Oh dear Lord, you gave Your life for me,

Let me love my wife just like You loved me.
























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