One Night Of My Life

Poem by: jeffhzlprk


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Submitted: March 25, 2009

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Submitted: March 25, 2009



One Night Of My Life

By Jeff Shumate 2009

I sat in the hall, waiting around,

A life on the line, a doctor renown!

I spent much time, down on my knees,

Asking the Lord, to keep her please?

I sat and I sat, twelve hours went by

All I asked, is would my wife die.

The brilliant doctor said with a sigh….

“You see what we’ve done, it’s all we can do,

You have a decision, we leave it to you”

“Do you think she will make it, can she pull through?

Please tell me in English, what can you do?”

“We brought her back once, we brought her back twice,”

The doctor went on, it wasn’t real nice!

“If by somehow, she were to survive,

We’ll take off her leg, her brain will not thrive.”

“We need to know, the wishes of you,

When again it stops beating, what will you do?”

Such a hard choice, for a young man to make,

I hoped in my heart, I made no mistake!

I went to my wife, to ask for God’s grace,

I saw teardrops of blood—fall down from her face.

A doctor came in, with papers to sign,

Before I could write, she went to flat line.

“We need to know, bring her back or let her go.”

Out of my mouth, I shouted no!

I lay my head, right on top of her heart,

It would no longer beat; it would no longer start.

With tears in my eyes, my soul torn apart,

I went to the others and spoke from my heart.

She’s gone now; she’s at home with the Lord

They broke out in tears, with looks of discord!

There were three more people, that needed to know,

A mother, two brothers to busy to show,

I walked in their house, so late in the night,

Her mother was sleeping, by a candle for light

Her brothers were drinking, already passed out,

The words that I told them, left nothing but doubt.

I reassured them, no this is true,

Your sister is gone, not a thing we can do.

Now get yourself up, your coming with me,

I’m telling your mother, you’ll be there to see!

I got on my knees, right next to her side,

Stroked her arm gently, her eyes opened wide.

I’m sorry, so sorry, that’s all I could say

Your daughter is gone; she left us this day.

This is only one night, one man had to live,

It’s not my whole life, for I’ve learned to forgive.

© Copyright 2017 jeffhzlprk. All rights reserved.

One Night Of My Life One Night Of My Life

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Grace Poem
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