Our Green Garden

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Healing in marriage

Submitted: July 25, 2010

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Submitted: July 25, 2010



Our Green Garden

By Jeff Shumate © 2010


Green is our garden; the leaves are so bold,

Behind every garden a story is told,


We needed a miracle in our life,

God planted a garden for me and my wife,


I’ve never done any farming before,

So the lessons I’ve learned are blessings for sure,


For a garden to grow it must have the sun,

Without that great light, the growth will be none,


First you turn over the ground that you see,

Discard the old dirt, till the soil breaks free,


This work is not easy; it’s painfully slow,

But once it’s all done your ready to grow,


Carefully consider what you want to grow,

Allow enough room for two gardeners to hoe,


Once this is done put your seeds in the ground,

Leave plenty of space for the plants to abound,


Water in the morning and the end of each day,

Pull any weeds; protect your garden this way,


Before you know it the seedlings will show,

They’re oh so small; you may doubt they will grow.


Nevertheless, they will be drawn to the sun,

Soon you will realize new life has begun,


Watch over your garden, watering every day,

Soon flowers will blossom for fruits to make way!


You pick through the vines, of cucumber-galore,

There’s more than you need that is for sure,


The sun saw life in the ground, we never noticed before,

God saved our marriage that is for sure.





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