Protect The Child In Me

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A poem I wrote a while ago, and just found.

Submitted: August 04, 2010

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Submitted: August 04, 2010



Protect The Child In Me

By Jeff Shumate


A child, a child,

So wonderful to be a child.

No worries, no fears for a child.


Parents protect the child in the child,


A parent without protection forgot to protect the child in me,


A child knows worries, a child knows fears,

A child unprotected, lives on for years.


As fear drives a child, the child never shows fear,

Year after year,

A child’s conscience will sear.


It seams there’s no hope for the child…


Until light swallowed darkness,

The Father stepped in…


The Father protected,

With all that He had


The child in the child responded with what little the child had.

The child grew with the Father,

No Worry, No Fear.


The child was protected year after year.

A mother, a father,

That child became…


A protector, for the child,

Of the child.

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