Sin Entered The World

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Grace Poem

Submitted: March 31, 2009

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Submitted: March 31, 2009



Sin Entered The World
By ©Jeff Shumate 2009
Satan fell from beauty, once created to be true,
Inside he thought with cruelty, in want of wrongful due!
Never again was he the same, turning from God, he became,
Evil to the core, the author of sin,
Never glorious again, in vain he planned to win!
Then they were created, God made a perfect two,
Evil slithered in the garden, presenting her his plan,
Real mankind fell that day, when Adam used freewill to not obey!
vidence was destroyed; vicariously Satan took his throne,
Dominion, his on earth; man received a curse!
They hid themselves in shame, only they to blame!
He gave them skins from blood; He will come, the Seed, your Hope,
Evil will be crushed; Redeemer He will be,
World now under darkness, life is not the same,
Oppression in the fallen sate, in need of the Seed, Redemption we plead,
Ruled by the tyranny of Satan and sin, how can He ever win?
Lord Jesus, our Creator, would come to earth as man,
Dying for their fall, salvation is His call, an offer for them all!

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