Suffer With Thee

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A grace poem.

Submitted: March 19, 2009

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Submitted: March 19, 2009



Suffer With Thee
By ©Jeff Shumate 2009
Growing up, not raised in the truth,
I believed not in God, right from my youth!
Some years went by, still lost in my soul,
A man presented the gospel, I believed it in whole!
Still in the life, ran with a rough crowd,
Proud as can be, they were violent and loud!
That wretched life, was still exciting you see,
A weak boring man, God would change me to be!
New in the Lord, I tried staying away,
A few months went by, trying this way!
Sitting around, feeling so bored,
I’d go see my old friend, and preach him the Lord!
I went to visit a man, notoriously bad,
He once taught me evil, when I was just a young lad!
I Believe In Jesus, you do the same,
I preached an arrogant gospel, looking for fame!
He looked at my Bible, as I spoke without couth,
He glared with disgust, and contempt for the truth!
He tested my faith, my love for the Son,
He heinously tested, and viciously won!
The man was from Satan, he must have been,
He pulled out his gun, and started to grin!
“I’m saying it once, repeat after me,
I renounce Jesus, now God set me free!”
I looked down that barrel, and started to say,
Words that still shame me, still to this day!
Not understanding, what martyrs have done,
I denied my Savior, for an unloaded gun!
The hurt and shame, I felt inside,
Only took place, because of my pride!
Since then I’ve learned, only some are ready to see,
So I wait and I wait, till the Spirit leads me.
It’s Him you see, who brought the gospel to me,
In trust, I follow the Spirit, to bring it to thee!
When I am weak, my Savior is strong,
I count on Him, to walk me along!
I love my Savior; He’s been there for me,
Even that day, I denied Him to be!
As I live now, I have a new view,
I ask you dear Lord, please let me suffer with You!

© Copyright 2019 jeffhzlprk. All rights reserved.

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