The Great Oz Has Spoken

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A political poem.

Submitted: August 19, 2009

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Submitted: August 19, 2009



The Great Oz Has Spoken

The great Oz has spoken,

Declaring we the people small and broken,

The great Oz sends shivers down our spine,

With his quaking voice, he controls our mind!

"I'm the great Oz of this land,

And I shall rule with my powerful hand"

"But great Oz, please hear our voice,

Don't we the people have a choice?"

"Get out of my way!", the great Oz declares today.

"I'm the great Oz, lord of this land,

At the sound of my voice, you the people shall not stand!"

We the people traveled to the town,

The great Oz sent his soldiers to knock them down!

We the people shall see first hand,

If Oz will listen to this broken land.

Coming up to the gate, behind the curtain,

Soon great Oz would decide our fate, but wait!

As we the people came down the hall,

The curtain tear, revealed it all!

We the people saw a man,

He was tall and thin;his skin was tan.

The great Oz, didn't appear so great,

But just a man, compelled to decide our fate!

A great voice spoke, but not from Oz,

It was we the people, standing for our cause.

"We won't have tyranny,

The people want freedom, don't you see!"

We saw behind the curtain, and don't you know,

It told the truth of your control,

Your just a man, we the people saw,

Behind the curtain, and that is all!

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