The Toad Is Always There

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grace poem

Submitted: March 12, 2010

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Submitted: March 12, 2010



The Toad Is Always There

By Jeff Shumate © 2009


Hey sweet woman how do you do,

Please read on I have a scholastic for you.


There once was a girl with shiny red hair,

She needed a prince to make her queen to the heir. 


She looked and she looked, but no princes were there,

All she could find was a toad in her hair,

No matter where she went he always was there.


Listen here toad; leave me alone,

Go back where you came from,

Go back to your home.


Croak! Croak!


She sat and she sat, as sad as can be,

How would she find her king to be?


Croak! Croak!


I thought I told you to leave me alone,

Now I’m going to find a prince of my own!


The red haired beauty packed a few things,

She started her journey, who knows what it brings.


Croak! Croak!


She heard of prince charming, by story before,

But this dirty toad she would ignore.


Her travels were long; she traveled by star,

Every time she looked back her toad was not far.


Croak! Croak!


She did not know the dangers she’d see,

Of taking this journey for prince charming to be.


Some times in tales, a story is told,

They seem always to have, happy endings to hold.


This story I tell you, is actually true,

The girl was in danger; the toad knew it too!


There soon came a time, she could no longer cope,

There was not a prince; she had given up hope.


Croak! Croak!


She lay in the night; the stars were not out,

A thief was out lurking, seeing no prince there to scout.


He crept up on her slowly, just as thieves do,

No one was watching, as far as he knew.




The toad scared him greatly; he started to flee,

And wouldn’t you know it, he ran into a tree.




The girl had awakened, from dangers to be,

She saw what was lying, right next to the tree.


Croak! Croak!


You dirty old toad, you are always right there,

Now you have saved my dear life, and aren’t even aware.


Croak! Croak!


Ahh what the heck...


She picked up the toad, and threw back her hair,

She pulled him close gently, and kissed him with care.


Standing there to her surprise,

Was a man with glasses about average size,


I was never a toad but always a man,

I am Prince Jeffrey, the one in God’s plan.


I do not have wealth, riches or fame,

I only have you, my princess to claim.


I'll always be there, like never before,

Right to the day, I croak at your door.

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