Thy Will

Poem by: jeffhzlprk


Grace poem


Submitted: December 18, 2009

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Submitted: December 18, 2009



Shuddering inside, relieved of my pride,

For just a moment of time…

Shaking inside, tears in my soul reside,

My Lord hath granted me another day,

An extended stay upon this earth,

My very existence is dependent upon Thee,

It would be much better for me to be with Thee,

But I am humanity you see,

The thought of my children needing me,

Infectious inside,

My creator stands by my side,

Not because of who I am, but who He is…

The most gracious God of Love,

Holding His hand upon a broken man,

Who for a moment in time,

Hath lost a worldly pride,

Dependent upon Thee…

Lord what will thou do with me?

For this moment I see,

My existence has only to do with Thee.

Lord I ask of Thy grace, to take me as I am,

A broken man, who hath been sunken deep in the sand,

For now I have lost even the strength to work from mine own hand.

My life not where I want it to be,

But broken for all to see…

Lord may your loving hand do Thy work in me,

As there are things, which can only be solved by Thee.

To dark in depth for this man to see…

You have given to me and have taken,

Both what is yours to give and to take…

Questioning Your judgment not,

You know what is best for your child.

Through Christ I freely give thanks to Thee.

Lord guide me through recovery,

Not just of body, but also of soul,

Strengthen this man to trust Thy eternal will…

Christ my creator  I thank You…







© Copyright 2017 jeffhzlprk. All rights reserved.

Thy Will Thy Will

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Grace poem
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