My Childhood

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A short story about my childhood

Submitted: April 13, 2016

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Submitted: April 13, 2016



My Childhood

By: Jeffrey Bentley


As a child I had many experiences at a young age. It all started the day i was born, December 25, 1998. I was born in Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine which is in the southeast part of the Ukraine. When I was about 8 months old I was in a fatal car crash which killed my mother. I was then moved to Kiev Ukraine and put up for adoption at a adoption center in Kiev. as I grew up I was told at a young age about this by my parents and never thought of it as a bad thing. I never thought I was different or “Special” I just came from a different place.


When i was at the orphanage my parents met me, They spent time with me and found love for me. They decided that I was the child they wanted to raise as their own. I spent months in the orphanage as they filled out papers upon papers to be able to legally adopt me. When they finally were able to take me home my parents always told me that they were waiting for “A call that never seemed to come” finally one day they got the call that they could come pick me up. My parents went on to tell me that my brother was dropped off at my aunts and they got on a plane.


When they got to Kiev they came to get me. As the days went on with trying to “acquire” me, my mom decided that she should go back to Canada to be with my brother. After a week or so my dad was finally allowed to take me to Canada, My new home. Traveling with a one year old on a airplane sounds like quite a challenge with me always being hungry or moving around. Back in those days they had cribs that they could put on a plane seat to help contain me. We first flew to Frankfurt, Switzerland and right before we went to get our connecting flight I had to go to the bathroom. My dad had to run to the bathroom and then run back for the plane. We were the last ones seated and just made the plane. This was a long flight as my dad told me saying that i didn't get any sleep and was too excited to stay seated. When we got off the plane in Toronto my mom and new brother were waiting for me at the airport along with my aunt and uncle.


Talking to my aunt and uncle about this experience they told me that “You ran and just kept running. You went up and down the sidewalk and never stopped. They knew at that point that I had learned how to walk very well.” When I finally got home I fell asleep as I was very tired from all the running of course. I woke up 36 hours later, starting my new life in Hamilton, Ontario. I don’t really remember much from my first few years but what children really do? As I grew up I never thought about my life being any different because all I could remember is being with the family I'm with today. I was never effected by having another family somewhere else, I never thought of it as these people aren't my family. They love me and care for me so to me they are family. As my life went on I started to wonder where my “Biological” dad went and what happened to him. Why was I put up for adoption. Many questions arise from this situation, all questions that if I could find answers to I would be happy to know. It's not because i’m mad that my dad, it's because i want to know my history and complete the story.

My life has had its ups and downs with many challenges. I’m not one to let many bad things effect me the way they maybe should because I’ve been through it before. I just try to get over it and past it because I know if I let it affect me it's going to eat away at me till I'm broken down and hopeless. I was never “popular” and school wasn’t easy for me on the academic level but also the social level. My life is my life and I can support it and change the outcome by the choices I make but all in all it's always going to be my life and nothing can change that. I just live day by day, living each day to the fullest, always trying to strive for new things that I haven't experienced. My past is a interesting one with many great stories, many things I can connect too and I wouldn't change that for the world. All these experiences are great ones with different challenges and skills that I've learned because of them.

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