The Invasion of The Sun People

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A stingy man must save his town from dangerous aliens called The Sun People.

Submitted: July 21, 2019

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Submitted: July 21, 2019



The Invasion of the Sun People

“I’m not giving you any money!” screams a stingy man as he tries to get through another cold day in the city of Iceville.

The temperature is negative five degrees in the tiny rural town.  The city is flooded with snow and ice.  The snow is so thick that the residents need snow boots just to walk through it.  The traffic is slow because there is so much black ice in the street.In this town, there is a man named Joseph Wade.Joseph is an elderly man.He is tall and lanky with white hair and dark skin.He is very mean, and he does not like being around people.  He is so mean that the residents of the town call him Stingy Joe. 

It is night time in Iceville, and Stingy Joes is smoking a cigarette outside of Misty’s Bar.  A homeless man is haggling him.“Can I have cigarette?” asks the homeless man. 

“No, you can’t,” says Stingy Joe.  

“Do you have any spare change please?” asks the homeless man. 

“Didn’t I just tell you I’m not giving you any money!  My money is my money, and I’m keeping it all for me!” exclaims Stingy Joe. 

The homeless man leaves, and Stingy Joe goes back inside the hole in the wall bar.  He takes a seat at the bar near the bartender.  The bar is empty, and the only people in the bar are Joseph and the bartender.

“What do you want to drink Joe?” asks the bartender. 

“Give me some whiskey straight!” commands Stingy Joe. 

The bartender pours him some whiskey and in a shot glass.  He drinks the shot rather quickly, and he demands another shot from the bartender.He drinks the shot faster than he did the first one. 

“You alright today?”  asks the bartender.

“Don’t speak to me!”

“What’s your problem man?” 

Stingy Joe pays the bartender and walks out of the bar.  He begins to walk down the cold snowy street of Leva Avenue.  The snow is pouring down heavily.  As he walks down the street, he notices a group of children who were walking into their parent’s houses.  They see him, and they began to wave. 

“Hey Stingy Joe,” says one of the children. 

“Argh!” exclaims Stingy Joe. 

“He’s so mean,” says another one of the children. 

Stingy Joe continues to walk down the street, and he arrives at his apartment complex: a small, red, two- floored building. The apartment is very old, and it is cold inside the complex.  He pounds his fist on the wall. That cheap landlord never wanted to turn up the heat! 

He reaches his dirty apartment door and brushes old red paint chips off it and goes inside.  His one room apartment is very tiny but luxurious.  It includes a king-sized bed, marble floor, a marble table, a sixty-inch flat screen television, a leather sofa, and fully refurnished kitchen.  All the windows in the apartment are covered with duct tape and black curtains so that no one can look inside of it because he wants his privacy.  He violently stomps on the floor and grinds his teeth. Darn it!  The heater is broken!

He storms down to his landlord’s apartment, and aggressively kicks his landlord’s door. 

“Open your stupid door Harold!” 

Harold opens his door and gets in Stingy Joe’s face.  “Why are you kicking my door?” 

“My heats off you little punk,” says Stingy Joe. 

Harold, the landlord, frowns as he stared at Stingy Joe. 

“I’m sorry Joseph, but the heating system just broke in the apartment complex, and I just called a repairman to fix it, but he won’t be here until the morning.”  

Stingy Joe turns and marches away from his landlord.It’s five below outside and this jerk’s heater is broke!  

He trudges over to Gina’s Department Store.  -Gina’s Department Store is an enormous sized yellow department store with a black sign that reads “Gina’s.”  -The store sells everything from groceries, pharmaceutical drugs, clothing, sports gear, electronics, and appliances.  -Stingy Joe steps inside the large department store.  The greeter greets him with a wave. “Good morning! Welcome to Gina’s Department Store.”  

Stingy Joe ignores the greeter and strolls past him. 

“I hate that man because he is so mean,” the greeter mutters under his breath.

Stingy Joe strides through the store and aggressively searches for a small heater for his apartment.He goes down aisle twelve and finds the small heater that he is looking for.  As he is walking down the aisle, he catches sight of a very beautiful woman who is looking for appliances as well.  The gorgeous woman is tall with a slender physique.  She has tan skin, orange hair, and an orange dress with orange shoes on.  –He is so infatuated by her beauty that he just wants to stand there and fantasize about her. The woman gets a glimpse of him, and she asks him a question. “Do you know anything about air conditioners sir?’’"

Stingy Joe normally doesn't like talking to people, but he is so captivated by the woman's beauty that he answers it. “Aargh! The Seamore Air conditioners are good ones, and its over there.” 

In the back of his mind, he is wondering why she needs an air conditioner in below five- degree weather.

“Thank you, kind sir. By the way my name is Kendra.”

“I’m Joe.”

As Kendra and Stingy Joe are talking, Kendra’s parents come down the aisle. They both are dark skinned and tall with a muscular build.They were both dressed in an orange sweater and orange jeans with orange hair. -

“Mom and Dad this nice man showed me where the air conditioners were!” mentions Kendra.

“Well that is rather nice of you. My name is Adam Smith and this is my wife Sandra,” says Adam. -

Adam reaches out his hand to Stingy Joe while Sandra just stands there and frowns as she tries to look as stoically as possible. -

“We are the Smith Family,” says Adam. 

Stingy Joe does not want to shake Adam’s hand because he never shakes anyone’s hand.  -Since he has a crush on his daughter, he decides that this time he will shake it.As he is shaking it, he feels that Mr. Smith’s hand is extremely hot.- “Ouch!” he screams. -

“My apologies,” says Mr. Smith. 

Stingy Joe became angry and gets away from the Smith family. - He takes the small heater and stands in line where the cashier is.  -The cashier is Stingy Joe’s best friend – his only friend. - He is an elderly man who is tall, light-skinned, and thin with a hunched back.His name is Comic Book Jimmy.  Comic Book Jimmy has a dream of being a comic book author, but he often procrastinates. 

“Hey Joe,” says Comic Book Jimmy. 

“What do you want Jimmy?” asks Stingy Joe as he puts the heater on the cashier’s counter. -

“Joe, I have this new idea for a comic book.It’s about this man who lives in a mountain, and he fights crime in the mountain.  The name of the comic book is called Mountain Man!” -

“Jimmy you always have an idea, but you never go through with it.”  

Jimmy frowns, and his eyes are watery because of what Stingy Joe said.  “Joe I am going to start on the comic book.  - Um, I’m going to start it next week.” -

“No, you’re not!” -  

Stingy Joe purchases the heater and starts to storm back to his apartment.  As Joe leaves the store, the greeter speaks to him.  “Good bye! Have a nice day.” -  

“Don’t talk to me!” blurts out Stingy Joe. 

As Stingy Joe walks through the freezing cold and snowy streets of Iceville, he finds that there are more panhandlers on the street begging people for change.  - “Do you have any change?” asks the panhandler. 

“No, it’s my money, I’m keeping it for myself.  - I don’t want to be broke like you,” says Stingy Joe. 

“Can I have a quarter?” asks another panhandler. 

“Get out of my face!” commands Stingy Joe. 

“He is so mean,” says a third panhandler. 

A short while later, Stingy Joe arrives home.  - He plugs up the heater and put his hands by it to warm them up. While heating up his hands up, he begins to wonder why Mr. Smith's hands were burning hot and why they didn’t have a coat on.  - After Joe feels comfortable, he goes to bed. 

The next morning, he wakes up and turns on the television.  The news is on, and the weather forecaster states that the temperature is fifteen degrees. He stands up and puts his hands on his head. Fifteen degrees, that is unusually warm for this time of the year. 

He puts on his black winter coat and goes outside for his daily exercise.  - There is not much do because Stingy Joe has never worked before because his father, Leonard Wade III, was the richest oil tycoon in town, and he left him a large inheritance after he died.  He is happy that he never had to work because he hates people and sharing his wealth. Throughout his childhood and adult life, he was picked on and bullied.  - People made fun of his tall, lanky physique.  - The children called him names like “Toothpick Boy”, and “Stick Man” because he was so skinny. -

Stingy Joe roams outside of his apartment and out into the cold.  The snow is still rather thick, but Stingy Joe decides to trek through it anyway because he wants the exercise.  He treads only five feet, and he pivots around and perceives a rather tall and muscular salesman with white skin and an ugly gray suit. The salesman reaches him “Excuse me sir!  Would you like to buy a subscription to the magazine Kelsey Weekly?” - 

“No, I want to keep my money for me. It’s mine!” erupts Stingy Joe. 

Stingy Joe continues to hike through the snow and passes the church.  The husky pastor of the church hurries toward him.  “Joe, I haven’t seen you in church in a long time.  Are you going to come today?” 

“No! No! No! Pastor Dennis!” wails Stingy Joe 

“Joe, don’t you know that if you’re mean to everyone then nobody will like you or want to help you?” asks the pastor. 

“I don’t care,” says Stingy Joe as he storms past the pastor. 

The pastor gently starts to brush the snow off his white robe and goes back inside of the church.- I’m going to pray for Stingy Joe. -

Stingy Joe stops outside Misty’s Bar, and he recognizes a small group of girl scouts come toward him.  - Before they said a word, he shouts, “Get out of my face you little twerps!”  

“Why do we approach him every year?  He is so mean,” said one of the girl scouts. 

Stingy Joe plods into the bar, and he orders a shot of whisky.  - A man from his high school who is wearing a dark blue policeman’s uniform and hat sees him.  “Hello Joe!”  -  says the man. 

Joe glares at the man and pounds his fist on the bar counter.  - “Don’t speak to me!  - You called me names in school!” roars Stingy Joe. 

The man leaves.  Stingy Joe drinks his first shot and orders another one. After two hours of drinking, Stingy Joe notes that the beautiful woman, Kendra, from the department store comes inside of the bar.  He is mesmerized by her gorgeous hour glass figure body, her tight orange pants with her a small orange t-shirt.  - As he’s looking at her, he is wondering why she is not wearing a coat again and why she is sweating even though it is so cold outside. 

She immediately goes to approach him, and he takes his comb out of his pocket to straighten his gray hair.  “Oh hi!  You’re the nice man who helped me find an air conditioner.”

“Yeah.  So, what?” says Stingy Joe.

Kendra blushes as her faces begins to turn red. “I just want to thank you again silly.”

Suddenly, Stingy Joe falls off his bar stool on to the floor.  He tries his best to get back up, but he is so intoxicated that he cannot stand up on his own.  She helps him up to his feet.  “Are you okay?” she asks.

The bartender aggressively points his finger at Stingy Joe.  “Get out of my bar!  I don’t need you barfing and passing out in here!”

Kendra helps Stingy Joe to his feet, and she walks him out of the bar.  As he leans up against her, he closes his eyes and takes a deep sigh.  He has not felt so good in many years.  Other than Comic Book Jimmy, she is the only other human being that he can tolerate.  “I’m going to walk you home Joe,” says Kendra.

She starts assisting Stingy Joe back to his apartment.  The two pass many panhandlers on the way to his home.  Even though he is drunk, he still tells them all no.  She continues to talk to him as they walk down the cold snowy street.  “Why do you say no so much?” asks Kendra.

As she has her arm around him, he cannot get over how hot her body feels, and he does not answer her question.  They arrive at his apartment, and he opens the door.  He is sweating profusely from leaning up against her scorching body. - He wonders about Kendra as he scratches his head.  “Why are you so hot?”

She blushes, and she smiles “Are you flirting with me?”

“No, I’m wondering why your body is so warm?”

She holds her gorgeous head down, and she stares at the marble floor as she can see her light blues eyes in the reflection.  “It’s because I am not from around here.”

“Where are you from?”

She looks around his apartment trying to find any reason to change the subject. “Why are there so many expensive things in your small apartment?”

He is so intrigued to find out who this woman is and where she’s from that he answers her question.  “I am a very wealthy man and I hate sharing with people.  I want to keep my money for me.  My mother never made me share.  I live in this apartment because I’m hiding money from the IRS because I don’t like sharing.”

Kendra stares in into the stingy man’s eyes as her heart is pounding.  Suddenly, she kisses him on the cheek. “I would really like you to come to my family’s house for dinner tomorrow.”

She writes down her address and phone number, and she gives it to him and goes home.  He stands there in the middle of his apartment, and for the first time in a long time he smiles, and his cheeks are dark red.  Other that his late mother, this is the first time that any woman has shown him affection.  No matter how stingy and mean he was, she always showed him love and affection.  He did not talk to his father much because he was always at work.

He lays in his bed thinking about Kendra.  He is really looking forward to eating dinner with her tomorrow night.  The next morning, he wakes up and eats breakfast.  He shaves and combs his hair.  He opens his closet and pulls out a black pinstripe suit that he has not worn in over twenty years.  He sprays some cologne on and sits in his chair and watches television.

The news is on, and he sees that the temperature is forty degrees warmer than it was yesterday.He scratches his head in bewilderment because it is fifty degrees in Iceville, and it is never this warm this time of year. 

It is 5pm, and he makes his way toward Kendra’s house.  He notices that all the snow is melting and there nothing but puddles of water and slush on the streets of Iceville.  People are taking off their winter coat and gloves.  “What’s up with this weather?” asks a man on the street.

“I don’t know this is so weird,” says a woman on the street.

A short while later, Stingy Joe arrives at Kendra’s house.  Her home is a one- story ranch style home that is painted all orange.  Stingy Joe finds it peculiar that all the houses in the neighborhood are painted orange and covered because of the tall trees and bushes.

Kendra opens the door, and he gawks over her body in her orange tank top and mini skirt.  “Welcome to our home Joe!”

Stingy Joe quickly wipes the drool of his mouth and enters.  He feels how hot it is in her house, and that everyone in the house is wearing nothing but orange again.  He is sweating profusely because of the immense heat.  Adam waves at him and tells him to come inside of the kitchen.  Their kitchen is filled with nothing but hot and spicy foods.  There are hot chips, hot sauce, and jalapenos on the orange kitchen counter.  The kitchen table is loaded with spicy peppers, curry, and hot coffee.  His eyes and mouth open wide as he watches the Smith family drink the hot and steaming coffee down like it is water.

“Who are you people?” asks Stingy Joe

“We’re not from around here,” says Adam as he lights a cigarette with his finger while sitting in his orange t-shirt and boxers.

Kendra is sitting down eating a spicy pepper and winking at him.  Sandra is locking the door.  His heart starts racing as he takes a deep breaths to control his fear.  Adam puts his arm around Stingy Joe and tells him to sit down.  Out of fear he quickly grabs a seat at the kitchen table.  “Joe this may be hard for you to believe, but everyone in this neighborhood including us are from the Sun,” says Adam as he puffs his cigarette.

Stingy Joe’s jaw drops, and his face looks pale.  “What do you mean that you are from the Sun!”

Adam downs another cup of hot coffee.  “Have you ever wondered why when we touched you that you we were burning hot or why the weather is getting warmer?” asks Adam.

“Yes, I have,” says Stingy Joe.

Sandra comes over to the counter and grabs a bottle of hot sauce and drinks the whole bottle fast.  Stingy Joe’s whole body begins to shake and tremble. 

“There are thousands of magical people that live on the Sun. We have a society that copied most of your culture.  We also were criminals on the Sun, and we left before the Sun King captured us. I am the leader of our cause,” says Sandra as she stands with a straight face and her long orange dress buttoned all the way up to her neck.

“Wa! Wa! What kind of crimes?” asks Stingy Joe.

Sandra’s eyes are now bloody red.  “Murder, violent assaults, and any other evil crime that you can think of,” says Sandra while stomping her feet on the ground.

“How! How! Did you get here?” asks Stingy Joe.

“We transported here through the power of sun magic.  This town was perfect for us because it was small and not a lot of tourists,” says Adam as he chimes in the conversation and smokes another cigarette.

“What is sun magic?” asks Stingy Joe.

“Sun magic is magic that people of the sun are born with,” said Adam.

Sandra then closes her eyes and steam comes out of her body.  Suddenly, her whole body transforms into white-hot fire.  The fire around her body is only brief as she quickly turns back to her normal form. 

Stingy Joe screams as loud as he can as he runs toward the door.  Adam quickly grabs him before he reaches the door.  “Help!” yells Stingy Joe.

Adam covers Stingy Joes mouth with his hands.  “Relax Joe! We are not going to hurt you man!”

“What do you want from me?” asks Stingy Joe.

“Listen, I know my wife can be a little strict and intimidating.  We the Sun People are tired of living in hiding.  We want to take over Iceville and have a town of our own.”

“So, you are going to kill me!” screams Stingy Joe as he starts to breathe heavily.

“No! We are not because we need your help,” says Adam

“Why do you need my help?” asks Stingy Joe.

“We’ve been watching you Joe.  We see how mean you are to everyone in that town.  You seem to hate those people.  If you can give us all the information that we need to take over that town, we will give you something in return,” mentions Adam.

“Give me what in return?” asks Stingy Joe.

Adam takes a step back from Stingy Joe, and he calls Kendra over to him.  She stands next to her father, and she puts her arm around him.

“Joe, we see the way you look at our daughter, and we can tell how much you like her.  See the only reason why you are alive because she likes you.  If you give us the information we need to take over this town, we will allow you to marry our daughter,” says Adam.

“We would look cute together; Joe,” says Kendra as she blows a kiss at him.

Stingy Joe is afraid to tell them no.  So, he agrees to the deal, and he spends several hours telling them all the information about Iceville.  He spends much of the time communicating information about their police, the national guard, the spicy food factory, the people, and the weather.

“Thank you, Joe for the information!  We trust you man because we know how selfish you are and how much you want our daughter,” said Adam as he blows out more cigarette smoke.

“We will gather our troops and make our attack soon.  After our attack, you can marry our daughter,” says Sandra.

Stingy Joe walks out of the Smith house, and he detects other Sun People dressed in orange staring at him.  He quickly leaves the neighborhood and for the first time in years he feels guilty.  Although he is stingy, he does not want anyone to get hurt or killed.

He takes out his cell phone and dials 911.  “Help! The Sun People are coming to use their magical powers to kill the people of Iceville!”

“What are you talking about?” asks the 911 operator.

“We have alien in our town and they’re going to kill us all!” exclaims Stingy Joe.

“Please stop making prank calls sir!” screams the 911 operator as she hangs up the phone.

Stingy Joe doesn’t think the police will believe him.  So, he rushes to Leva Avenue.  He is out of breath, and he is sweating from the fear and fatigue that he just endured.  He spots the homeless people who always asks him for money.  He gets close to them “Help! Help!  The Sun People are going to invade this town!”

The homeless people grind their teeth.  “You dare ask us for help!  You’re mean to us!” screams one of the homeless people as he clinches his fist.

“Get out of our face Stingy Joe!” vents another homeless person.

The rest of the homeless people strut away from Stingy Joe. 

He is desperately searching for other people to help him.  He stops in Misty’s Bar, and he causes a scene.  “Help! The Sun People are coming to destroy us all! Help!”

He hears chatter in the bar.  “Is that that jerk who is mean to everybody,” says one of the bar patrons. 

“Yes, it is.  I told that fool that we went to high school together, and he was mean to me,” says another bar patron.

“He must be crazy,” says a third patron.

Stingy Joe dashes toward the bar to get the bartender’s attention.  “Help me!  The Sun People are coming to kill us all.”

The bartender throws his white towel at the loud stingy man. “Get out of my bar!  You’re a mean old man who is talking crazy all the time.  Get out my bar!” 

Stingy Joe grabs his chest because he is feeling chest pain because of the stress.  He sprints out of the bar and notices the girl scout troupe that he previously encountered.  He gets on his hands and knees in front of them.  “Please help me!  The Sun People are coming!”

“No! No! No! You, big meanie!” says one of the girl scouts as she sticks her tongue out at him.

“Get out of here Stingy Joe!” commanded another girl scout.

“We are not helping you because you’re always mean to us,” says a third girl scout.

Stingy Joe puts his hands on his face to wipe the tears out of his eyes.  He continues to search for a soul that will help him.  He sees the salesman that approached him earlier.  “Please sir!”  he pleads as he tries to get the man to listen to him.

The salesman ignores him as their paths cross.  Stingy Joe runs over to the church, and he see the church patrons standing outside of the church.  “The Sun People are coming to kill you!” he yowls.

One of the church members points at him.  “The evil man is talking evil.  He’s possessed!” squawks one church member from the top of his lungs. 

All the church members run inside of the church and lock the door.  Stingy Joe goes to the church door and knocks on it.  Pastor Dennis comes to the screen. “The Sun People are coming Pastor Dennis, and nobody wants to help me,” says Stingy Joe.

Pastor Dennis shakes his head.  “Joe, I told you that if you are always mean to people then nobody will like you,” says Pastor Dennis.

“Forget about how much of a jerk I am. The Sun People are coming,” says Stingy Joe. 

The pastor opens the door, and he puts his arm on Stingy Joe’s shoulder.  “Joe you have a lot of people in here scared.  There is no such thing as Sun People.”

Stingy Joe backs away from Pastor Dennis because he knows that he will be no help.  He stares at the ground as he tries to calm his breathing.  Why didn’t I think of this?

He rushes toward his best friend; Comic Book Jimmy’s house.  The house is around the corner from the church.  He gets to Comic Book Jimmy’s old house that is white and starting to fall apart.  He knocks on the door, and it falls off the hinges as it lands on the ground.  Comic Book Jimmy comes toward the door, and he sees his best friend sweating and tears pouring down his face.  “Hey! Joe, what’s wrong?  Why you sweating and crying? You just gave me an idea.  I’m going to write a comic book about a super hero who sweats and cries.  I’m going to call him Sweating and Crying Man.”

“Jimmy!  The Sun People are coming!  Do you believe me?”

Comic Book Jimmy quickly gives him a hug.  “I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I am here to help.”

“You’re my only friend!  I would never do anything to hurt you!  Please believe me!” cries Stingy Joe.

“Well what do you need Joe?”


“I trust you Joe, but I’m not shooting anyone.”

“Do you wonder why Iceville has been so warm lately?  We’ve been best friends for over fifty years.  Do trust me?” asks Stingy Joe.

Comic Book Jimmy takes him to his basement and pulls out two long rifles that his father left him before he died.  The two load the weapons and put extra bullets in their pockets.  Stingy Joe takes Comic Book Jimmy to the neighborhood where the Sun People live, and they hide in an adjacent forest that’s in the neighborhood. They see twenty Sun People standing outside of the Smith’s residence.  The Sun People came in different shapes and sizes.  Some were men, women, and children. 

They can hear Sandra talking to the aliens.  “Today is the day that we no longer become outcast from the Sun and vagabonds.  We will have our own town where we will live in peace with just us Sun People,” says Sandra.

The Sun People cheer.  Suddenly, white hot fire surrounds each of their bodies as they’re cheering.  Stingy Joe and Comic Book Jimmy see this, and both of their eyes grow wide, and their bodies start trembling.  “What the heck is that?  They just turned into fire people!” screams Comic Book Jimmy as he tries to run.

Stingy Joe quickly grabs him.  “Calm down before they hear us.”

“I can’t Joe because I’m scared.”

The two turn and look back at the Sun People, and they see them running toward them.  “We’ve been spotted,” says Stingy Joe as sweat drips down his face, and he points his rifle at them. 

Stingy Joe fires one shot, and then he fires another.  The bullets knock two of the Sun People to the ground.  “Jimmy fire that gun!” commands Stingy Joe.

“Comic Book Jimmy points the rifle at the aliens.  His arms are shaking, but he manages to get a shot off.  The bullet hits one of the aliens and he falls into the bushes.  The fire around the alien’s bodies they shot goes out.  The other Sun People continue to sprint toward the two heroes.  The two heroes run out of the forest and go down one of the alleys and hide behind a green dumpster.  They hide there for a few minutes, and Stingy Joe peaks out to see if anyone is coming.  He sees four aliens coming their way.  The two heroes shoot all four of them and continue to run.  They reach the end of the neighborhood corner, and they are surrounded by the Smith family and ten other Sun People.  The aliens grab the heroes, but they do not hurt them. 

“Did you think your bullets were going to hurt us?” asks Sandra.

The two heroes look up and see that the aliens they shot were back up standing with white hot fire around their bodies.  “We had a deal Joe?” says Adam as he bites his lips.

Tears roll down Comic Book Jimmy’s face as he screams loud “We’re going to die!”

Stingy Joe drops to his knees as he looks at the Smith family.  “I’m sorry I tried to shoot you.  I still did my part of the deal.  I don’t care about the town.  Keep me alive! Me and only me!”

“What about me Joe?” asks Comic Book Jimmy as he begins to hyperventilate.

Kendra goes over to Stingy Joe and begins to rub his head as she smiles at him.  “Mom, and Dad he did help me out and nobody was hurt.  Let him live,” says Kendra.

“Fine! We will let him live.  We may need him for later but kill the other one,” says Sandra.

Comic Book Jimmy screams as he soils his pants.  Stingy Joe closes his eyes and sticks his head down.  Am I really that selfish?

He has a moment of clarity.  He knows he hates people because he was bullied so much as a child.  He knows that he doesn’t like sharing.  He begins to think about his loving late mother and the fact that Jimmy has been his friend no matter how much of a jerk he can be.  He stands back up and tries to fight back the tears in his eyes.  “Mr. and Mrs. Smith, I have a great new deal for you.”

“What is the deal?” asks Sandra

“I know a quite island off the Artic Coast, and nobody lives there.  I’ll buy it for you so that your people can live in peace.  I’ll also give you millions of dollars so that you can buy as much spicy foods as you want.  Please let Jimmy go!  Please don’t hurt the people of Iceville!” begs Stingy Joe.

Kendra sees the goodness in Joe’s eyes.  It was the same goodness that she had seen when he helped her find an air conditioner at the department store.  “Mom we should take the deal. If we kill all those people, then we will draw attention to ourselves.  We don’t want the Sun King to know that we are here.”

The Smith family holds each other’s hands.  “How do we know that we can trust Stingy Joe now?” asks Sandra.

“He may come back next time with an Army,” says Adam.

“I tried to get help and nobody believed me.  Your secret is safe,” says Stingy Joe.

The Sun People agree to Stingy Joe’s deal.  He buys the aliens the island and gives them millions of dollars so that they can buy enough spicy foods and build homes there.  The Sun People leave Iceville to go live on the island.

Several months have passed and Stingy Joe now lives in Comic Book Jimmy’s basement because he is all out of money.  The two are having dinner and watching television.  “You know Stingy Joe I came up with an idea for a comic book.  It’s about a super hero who watches television all day.  I’m going to name the comic book Watch Television Man.”

Stingy Joe looks at Jimmy, and he smiles with his white teeth showing.  “You know Jimmy my name is no longer Stingy Joe.  It’s just Joe.”


The End


















© Copyright 2020 Jeffrey Roy Ford. All rights reserved.

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