I'm a Proxy

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Evelyn is seeing things. Or, at least, that's what she told when a mysterious and frighting man with no face begins to follow her. What has she become?

Submitted: June 16, 2015

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Submitted: June 16, 2015



"Perhaps you, miss Glowing, can help us further understand...?" Evelyn's teacher, Mrs. Bruiser asked. Evelyn stood up, her long black hair falling all over her desk and books.

"Jack the ripper preyed mostly on women. This is why he was thought to be male. He Killed at night, and tore out his victim's stomachs. For the most part. There were several medical tools left behind, suggesting that they were either stolen, or the killer used to work in a hospital." She said boldly. She looked back at the flabbergasted boy whose question she had just answered for him. When it came to history, Evelyn could study anything. Homicides of the nth centuries were no exception. She sat down.

"Thank you, Evelyn." The teacher respond. Evelyn nodded. "Now then," The teacher continued. Don't forget. This weekends assignment is a 12 page report on Jack the ripper. And if any of you study like Evelyn-" The whole class snickered and whispered, 'smart ass.' "Then you'll pass." The teacher finished.


The bell sounded, perfectly timed. Each student stood up, gathered their things,and walked out, including Evelyn.

"Hey smart ass." Someone said, throwing a paper ball at her head. Evelyn gave the boy a polite smile as she picked up the paper. It was the boy she had answered for.

Uncrumpling the paper, she saw a mutilated drawing of herself. "Your next." The paper read. Evelyn laughed to herself, leaving the school. She folded the paper and stuck it in ner back pocket. It WAS actually a good drawing. She would have to save it.

When Evelyn returned home, her mother was on the phone with James, her dad. "Straight As. She doesn't even care. ... Collage for sure. ... Yes we'll pay for it! Especially if she graduates with that. ... Maybe."

Evelyn loudly closed her door, letting mom know she was home. She sighed as she sat down at her desk. She opened her laptop. Seeing no new messages, she went right into studying Jack the ripper through the internet. All she needed to do was find reliable sources, and she'd be able to know more. She soon located a history channel video that looked promising.

Dad had recently changed the WI-fi code, and basically only her and her father used it, so Evelyn was surprised when the video wouldn't load for a full 10 minutes. It had never done that before.

Suddenly, the video DID start, but it sure didn't look like a Jack the ripper one. The video took place in the woods, following a tall man in a suit. Every now and then the man would stop, and when he did, the screen would go fuzzy. About 5 minutes in, Evelyn suspected that someone had tried to troll the site. She tried to exit out of the video... but to no avail. "What the...?" Evelyn asked, confused. The screen again fuzzed, only this time for longer.

Out of the corner of her eye, Evelyn thought she saw movement outside of her window. When she turned to look, she screamed.

An out dangerous tall man stood, dressed in a suit. Long, black tentacles danced about him, and he wore no face. Only pale, white skin, with rough outlines of a nose, mouth, and eye sockets.

Evelyn's mother burst through the door. "What is it?!" She demanded. Evelyn merrily blinked, and the thing was gone.

She pointed to the window in confusion. "T-TH..." She looked toward her computer, which was about half way through a Jack the ripper bio video. Her mother frowned.

"Evelyn. It's 10:30. I think maybe you've studied too long." Evelyn looked at her alarm clock. She HAD been studying for nearly four hours. Maybe she had fallen asleep... ?

"I'm sorry mom." Evelyn said. "I have over worked myself. I'll just go to bed. Good night." She said, pacing to her bed. Her mother nodded in agreement.

"Alright. Goodnight, Evelyn. I'm so proud of you." Mother said, closing the door.

As Evelyn finally laid down, she watched her window before dozing off. The no faced man didn't return.


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