All She Wanted

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic
A woman wanting to see again....and risking anything (or anyone) to do so.

Submitted: August 19, 2011

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Submitted: August 19, 2011




All She Wanted

By Jelainea Black



She walked. Blindly.


He followed. Quietly. Secretly.


The moon watched them both, the one of the two witnesses bearing the horrible scene. This wouldn't be the last....


She carried her purse and her cane easily; unusually strong for a woman so handicapped.


He held his weapon ready, waiting for her to realize what was about to happen. Or what was supposed to happen.


She turned down an alleyway, falling right into his trap. He grinned crookedly at the sight of it.


The contents of the woman's purse didn't contain the usual pepper spray, cell phone, or makeup. Unfortunately, her pursuer didn't know or care about that-he was following orders. He, actually, thought of it as a thrill to shake him up. That sounded like a good night to him. But the thrill he was in for wasn't considered a good one.


By the time she reached an end zone, the man decided to speak up. "Nowhere to go, baby-just you and me."


She stood still, not hearing him.


"Hey, Lady! Didn't you hear me? You're trapped!" the man screamed, confused. She hadn't turned around to see him. She just stood facing the brick wall with her back turned. Annoyed, he rushed mindlessly toward her.


In a split second, she flashed her cold, deadly eyes on him. The man froze in his tracks, petrified by her gaze. His good night suddenly morphed into his worst nightmare.


This mysterious woman had the face of a statue: grey, lifeless, ghostly, and yet, beautiful, angelic, and perfect. Her black eyes as dark as her heart, as deep as the passion, the hatred toward that man. The hatred didn't come from his rash act of evil. No-she wanted him; needed him. Envied him.


Dropping everything she held, she walked eerily slow toward him. Hypnotized and unable to move, the man watched wide-eyed. Now at her attention, he felt surprisingly stupefied by her beauty. He didn't care what happened to him anymore. He'd give up his life for her. But as she drew a knife from out of nowhere, he suddenly realized that this was the wrong woman to be chasing after.


Watching this gruesome scene from across the street, a man cowered in his car, now knowing what he was coming home to.


Cathrine Stelman came home late that evening smelling the scent of a nice, home-made meal. That moment she knew dinner was ready, cooked by her loyal servant and friend Thomas. He had grown up with her as a child. When she became blind, he stood by her side, despite her parent's decision to send her away. He's been there ever since.


Guided by her cane, she headed hungrily toward the dining room. The aroma of the food smelled familiar, like an old recipe of her mother's: green beans, buttered potatoes and sliced ham. Classical music played softly.


"Oh, finally, you're home! I was getting worried!" said Thomas, relieved. "I thought you'd gotten mugged or something!" A short chuckle came out of his throat.


Cathrine mumbled something faintly.


Although hurt, Thomas continued, "Well, I made your favorite: green beans, sliced ham and-"


"-I know." Was all she said.


"OK, then; let's eat!" Thomas exclaimed on the outside, concerned on the inside. He set the table and pulled her chair out for her. But when he reached to get her things, she pushed them under the table.


"No peeking," she played with a sharp expression on her brows. Happy that she was blind, he slowly bent down to try again. Without warning, Cathrine kicked him for being so nosy.


"I was just going to put them in your room," he protested innocently, rubbing his head.


"Not tonight." Then she simply started eating, ignoring the silence that followed.


Rain pattered heavily on the windows. A mouse scurried across the floor. Cathrine was supposedly asleep, and Thomas sat in the living room, thinking, wondering, conspiring against his mistress/old friend.


Something was very odd about her every now and then. One day, she would be the happiest in her life; then others she would be irritated, mood, or creepily quiet. She used to talk to him, go out, and laugh at every joke. Now, she had flipped completely, only going out on these "special occasions" and rarely speaking at all. His view of her especially changed when she showed no gratefulness or joy when he made her favorite dinner. Not even a smile crossed her face. And from the incident he'd witnessed, there had to be more to that-and he was going to find out.


The dusty grandfather clock struck one a.m. An old wooden floorboard creaked. Cathrine tip-toed carefully down the hall, cursing herself for making noise. Sure that Thomas was asleep, she crept down the steps when she knew near. At the bottom of the steps were two doors-one that goes to a bathroom and another going to the basement. Without turning back, she opened the basement door. Unknown to her, her old colleague followed her once more.


In the basement, Cathrine hurried over to a table in the middle of the brightly lit room. Emptying out her purse, she smiled madly, her eyes disappearing in blackness again. She grabbed a jar near her, putting the contents in, but leaving two of the items out.


"Finally, my life will be restored! I, Cathrine Stelman, will be blind nevermore!" she screamed wildly. Opening her eyelid wide, she picked up the small, delicate item-"




She jumped at the sight of Thomas staring unbelievably at her. "Thomas? Thomas!" she yelled, suddenly angry. "What are you doing down here?" Panicking, she tried clumsy to hide her things.


"I would ask you the same thing!" he shouted back, looking at her savagely trying to shove everything in a drawer. "Stop it, Cathrine! You're caught in the act!"


Obediently, she stopped, but turned away from him. Starting again, he said, "What were you doing?" Looking around the room, there appeared to be jars of the same items everywhere, labeled green, blue, and brown. Realization hit him hard as he focused on his betraying friend now in a dark corner of the room. "Cathrine...?"


"....all I wanted..." she mumbled, cried.


"It's okay," Thomas whispered, inching toward her.


"....all I wanted...."


"I know what you wanted, but you didn't have to go through all of this. You're fine just the way you are."


He got closer.


"....was to...."


Almost touching her.




A pause. Then-


"....TO BE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!" Facing him now was no longer the Cathrine he knew. Eyes black as the death that was rapidly approaching, Cathrine lurched toward him, tackling him down to the ground.


"Cathrine, get off of me!" he shrieked, struggling.


"No! I realize what's wrong now!  Why all the others didn't work!" she replied ecstatically.


Coming closer to his face and holding him down, she whispered, "It's your eyes I've been wanting."


Like the man he'd sent to follow her, like the way that man had lost all control of himself and his consciousness, like the horrifying death he witnessed earlier that night, he, too, never realized the truth about her until then.


The rain had stopped. The mouse was hidden. The dusty grandfather clock struck two a.m. Thomas was permanently asleep, and Cathrine wept with her new eyes all alone.


"What have I done?" she cried. Thomas was right. It wasn't worth it. She didn't have to do anything because she was perfect just the way she was in his eyes. Ironically, it was his eyes she was looking through, but when looking through a mirror, all she saw was a monster. A killing robot powered by hate and jealousy.


Only one thing to do now, she thought, to put everything the way it's supposed to be. With the moon as her only witness, she put herself out of her misery.

© Copyright 2020 Jelainea Black. All rights reserved.

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