Rule The World

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Justin Bieber, the popular guy at school.

Selena Gomez, one of the nerds at school.

Justin never really noticed Selena. But when Selena starts revealing parts of her things happen, for the best or for the worst.

This is a series.

Find out in Rule The World.

Submitted: August 05, 2013

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Submitted: August 05, 2013



Chapter 1

A/N means Author's Note ok?

Selena POV:

I walked though the hallways in my jeans, top and converse carrying a binder. I reached to my locker, took my books and adjusted my glasses. I hate being a nerd but being so smart might get me in a college, I was cool once, until I got bad grades and decided to study hard. It became addicting because my parents got proud of me and got me anything I wanted. So here I am, the school's nerd. Excuse me for being rude, I am Selena Gomez, I am 17 years old, I live with my mum and dad and young sister Kayleigh. Kayleigh just turned 15 and we're pretty close. Sigh, there's Justin Bieber, hottest guy in the school, popular, parties till the morning and has one night stands....he is so handsome but he will never go for a girl like me, I basically wear the same kind of clothes everyday and my hair is frizzy, I wear glasses and you don't wanna know my other flaws. There goes the bell, gotta get to class. I have a hUUUUUUGE crush on Justin. my bestfriend is Demi and MIley.

"Hey Miley"

"Hey girly, what's up?"

"Nothing much really" I reply and sit down. "You done with your biology reading pages 234-245?" I ask her.

"Nope, was busy making out with Nick last night"

"Your gonna fail Miley, unless you start paying attention to your grades" I say and sigh. Ugh, why can't she just study! the teacher just came in and said "I will pair you up on a project to dissect a frog, and you will bring in the dissected parts for grading ok? teams are of two, Demi and Niall, Miley and NIck, Justin and Selena,...." Every girl just froze at that name and looked at me with disgusted looks on their faces. See? All girls envy me now. thanks to Mrs. Stockholm. Mrs. Stockholm continues with the list, "Carly and Joe, Marissa and Luke, Zayn and Perrie, Harry and Taylor, Jojo and Mojo and Giordana with Fredo"

I pick up my things and go to the sit next to Justin and say,"I'll do all the work, don't stress your self ok? Just go bang a girl and I will just do the work alone, again" I mumbled the last part. "Cool, thanks" He said. Ugh, douche bag. I also dance if you didn't know, only Demi knows. Why not Miley? Well she is a loudmouth.

I start dissecting the frog and in 30 minutes, I am done, I put the pieces back in the container with labels on each part (A/N: I really dont know anything about dissecting a frog lol) I go out of the class to my locker and took my backpack and walked home. I am really happy that I am going to get another A+ without the douche's help. I like Justin but I pretend like I hate him to keep my crush on him a secret.

My parents aren't here, so isn't Kayleigh so I go do homework and listen to Little Bad Girl by David Guetta feat Taio Cruz and Ludacris. David Guetta is awesome. I forgot to do my music homework on purpose cause I have no idea how to. Ugh. I feel rocks being thrown on my window and look out to see Kayleigh. I open the window and ask, "What?" 

"Tell Mum I am sleeping over at a friend's house ok?"

"Is this a boy.........friend?"

"Yes, and nothing will happen don't worry" She shoots me a reassuring smile and leaves. I sigh and go to sleep. 



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