Forbidden love Part 2 AngelicAttitude challenge

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
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Submitted: July 25, 2009

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Submitted: July 25, 2009








In fairy land fears grab hold of the fairy king who did not receive calmly news of his daughter remaining in human world. He launches extra guards to run off with Leonora from Edward but that wretched human had not left her side. Neither had she.

In the meantime Leonora learnt on the world and the more she unearth about she desired to be a fraction of it all.

One day she was bid up the stairs. Edward stood beside open door at the end of the corridor. Light from the room colored the floor in gold. With soft voice his voice that called Leonora had been interrupted for a short time period because he coughs abruptly. At the sound of it, worried, Leonora, run up the stair to find him is bending over. With one hand he was holding himself for the wall.

“Edward, Edward,” she wail bothered.” Are you unwell? Do you have need of aid? Let know me what I have got to do.

He waved his hand to inform her without spoken words it’s nothing to be alarmed of. He pointed in the room where a gown that went with her eyes laid bent over chair back. Leonora loosed her breathe for a second and when she found it there was nothing she could do expect to jump for joy as she absorb the sight before her.

“This is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in my life.”

Edward draw near and standing behind her kissed tenderly in cheek.

“I knew you’d love it. I designed it myself you know.” he exclaimed proudly. “Drawn a sketch, gave it to local waiver.

This made her cry. Crystal tears strolled down.

“What is the event?” Leonora enquired separating herself from Edwards’s closeness to rub the fabric through fingers.” I assume such a generous gift has one.

“In nearby village a festival is soon to be held. We may bring whoever we desire. I would be honored beyond words if you could be my partner. So what say you?

Without hesitating fairy princess gave him an answer in scorching kiss, bracing him tightly. She kissed him with even more passion then he her.  After she separated from him, he abandons her so as to allow her to try on the gown in privacy, casting for now, last glance full of yearning.



That big day came. Leonora ready awaited in parlor. When she calculated him in a rented suit she could not find a flaw in it, she placed a kiss upon his lips, approving of his looks. Gentlemanly he held the car door as she sat next to drivers’ seat.

Then it happened again. He coughed again. Leonora panicked her ice like eyes showed fear.

“Maybe we ought to skip it. You are not feeling very well. I think you should see a doctor.

“No. I’ve planed the evening.” he replied.

Surrendered but still keeping sharp eye on her companion, Leonora looked as he took his place. In a few minutes they have come to place. People still came in. many stares laid on Leonora as Edward had predicted and in the evening darkness her beauty was more evident then ever. It raised question, caused envy. They danced a great number of songs-both slow and fast, until Edward thought the moment is near and he’d better steal Leonora from group of chattering girls. She gave her hand and he led her to the woods where in peace he can make he propels without being overheard by dozens voices. This will require not interrupting. Then he kneeled on one knee told to the beings in the woods, mammals to all about his undying love for fairy princess.

He asked the question.

“Leonora, you have no last name but I accept that. But the most importantly is you. Will you accept me? Leonora will you marry me?

Leonora found it hard to gasp. Her heart lifted and she was about to give him a reply when a flash of blackness took her, Edwards scared stiff screams lingered in her mind. When in a little while open her eyes she found herself in a familiar place. Splendor with which she grew up was well-known. In a hall. She glistens.

As power of speech came back to her, she screams getting up off the floor.

“Return me! I beseech you. I have got to supply him with a reply. I have got to say him I do!


In our world Edward startled stared at the spot where Leonora vanished. Wild with agonize, he dash towards the tree. Gate between this and their world. For you see he knew who she is.

A fairy.

 He never brought it up; out of fear she might grow to hate him. He treasured her beyond speech, but also his adored was the solution to longer life. He was ill, very, and gravely ill. He had hoped she would be capable to cure him. Even if she is not capable to do so, then at least he can spend years of his life with the girl he adores.

He had known about fairy world. He heard stories, and he knew with certainty Leonora had returned to her people. There he will find her.

He rushed towards the tree where a gate keeper, old goblin guarded entrance. Goblin raised his head a little as he was in light sleep.

“I’m sorry. No mortals’ permitted.” he said showing off his authority. It was obvious he enjoys it.” Unless, of course if you answer my riddle. Then I will let you pass.

Time had been running out.

“Tell the riddle.

Goblin stroke hand contented and with uneven tone of voice started.

Lady of the sea, waves are summon by her voice,

Chant in waters but on heavens she find salvation,

This is sad excuse for a puzzle. Too apparent.

Reply you seek is moon.


Leonora shattered kneeled ahead of the throne. From distance the king looked at his child that raised now hand in a plea. Throne room was vast, build out of cold, azure stone. He held himself proud, despite having his own daughter as a prisoner. He did not hear any of it, not because he could not, but because he refused to do so. In point of fact all he was able to think about was the finding that pitiful Edward, punishing him for what he has done to Leonora. But one issue had been more significant then twenty Edwards.

How to make her beautiful wings grow up again.

“Please, father, do not do this to me. I love him.

“Silence!” the king yelled fist hitting the throne.” I perceive my daughter, and can not believe it. You’ve fallen in love with a human. Have you no shame?

“I haven’t.” Leonora rebelliously replied.” It is no disgrace to love. Real disgrace would be not permitting it to flourish. Oh, fathers can you not see? Why won’t you release it? I’m not what I used to be. I’ve lost my wings.

“Don’t say that!” he snarled.” We will uncover a way.”



Edward cautiously stepped into the citadel in greeting hall where into his vista came a long table. It was roofed with most excellent food. Without delay an idea popped onto his mind. In all stories he’d heard one tiny part about consumption fairy food. His heart jumped at the thought of it. If he were to eat some then by the law they would have to keep him forever with them. Leonora would be his wife; they could live a blissful life together for eternity.

Stretching his lips into a devilishly smile; he took a cake that simply tempted him to bite it. With thoughts of Leonora he raised a piece and bit it.

In the same moment air was filled with wings sound. Fairy noticed him now that he has made his presence known to them.

“Man! Man! What is more, a human!” in a choir they screamed.

Take him to our king.

He allowed them to conduct him to the location. As he approached he prepared plans. All went in bliss when he saw Leonora.

Leonora cheerful beyond words hurried in the direction of loved one, only to be split by guard. But even tough they were mythical creature’s they could not stop two lovers from feverishly seeking a way to hug themselves.

She looked deeply into Edwards eyes and covered her lips in shock.

“You’ve eaten off our food!”

“Hush, love, I’m here. By your side forever.

“Oh, no you are not!” king yelled at them.

“But I won’t be by your side. What have you done?

They detached. Edward held her in place.

“What do you imply?” he asked paying no heed to the screaming.

“I can stay in your world. I will die there. You will stay here, forever until Judgment day. By that time, my existence would be forgotten. It will become nothing more then a remembrance kept by you and others.

“Listen to me, Leonora, I asked you a question. What say you? Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Edward. Edward!

He separated from her and drew back. Then his knees touched the ground as he fell onto it, coughing like mad, like never before. Now he coughed scarlet puddle, ruining perfectly clean floor.

“It appears that I will be the one to leave soon.

“No, you won’t. Father calls the healers. Lend a hand; help me to restore Edward to health. If you refuse to comply me I will in person destroy this real if you do not do as I say.

In fairy king a great battle fought. What to do. Should he act like Leonora ordered him or to simply let the human rot?  If he disobey plea she would grow to hate the world she was born in that he had no doubt she would destroy.  While he struggled Edward lost blood rapidly.

Leonora cradled him in her arms as if Edward were a baby, stroking his forehead gently, whispering don’t leave me my love.

Then something snapped into him. He roared.

“Bring us the best healers in the land.

The last thing Edward saw and felt before presenting himself to the darkness was Leonora’s face, glistening from shaded tears, touch of her fingers on his skin.



Three years later fairies came to visit new offspring. Leonora although lost her wings still could visit her loved ones, but unlike them she would surely die. Child resembled a lot to both parents. It was most certainly the only child in county to have real fairies for a godfathers and grandfather.  Edward worked to make a living worthy of Leonora and his child, a daughter called Maya. As the years pass she will grow and become a mother’s image. Confine peoples heart and mind as her mother still did even though she’d married.

Edward was thankful to wife’s people for not only did they cure him, but they’ve given him their precious fairy.

And every day before he enters bed, he thank universe for it.

© Copyright 2020 Jelica. All rights reserved.

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