Redeemed Love

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About a girl who told his boyfriend she loved him, but he didnt say it back.

Submitted: October 19, 2010

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Submitted: October 19, 2010



Upon entering my office a card fell from the door,

I opened it and inside it said “I’ll love you evermore.”

“How odd” I murmured to myself, as I sat down in my seat,

That’s where I found a sticky note that read “You make me complete”

I became confused, and left my office, searching all around,

Then I came across a stack of papers just sitting on the ground.

I picked the first one from the pile, and read it in my mind,

I’m sorry, honey, for all I’ve done, how could I be so blind?”

I picked the second paper up and read this one in a whisper,

One day I woke and said to myself ‘man, I really miss her.”

The third paper down now, I put my hand up to my chest,

without you in my life, my love, I cant get any rest.”

Tears began to swell in my eyes as I read the last note,

There’s something that I’ve always wanted to say, but its caught up in my throat…”

I felt a tap on my shoulder, and quickly turned around,

We looked deep into each other eyes, neither making a sound.

He hesitated, then took a step, my nervousness rapidly grew,

He put his hands around my face and said “I love you.”

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