Forever, Dead or Alive.

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Emily Walker is a gossiper by nature. She knows every secret in school, all the nooks and crannies of her town so she can sneak around and hear things she wasn't meant to hear.
She hasn't had time for love, and wasn't interested in it, for she's a paranoid girl who thinks someone is out to get her, waiting for her to do something dirty so they could do what she does to them.
But when she meets a hot but annoying and stubborn secret agent who needed her knowledge on the best ways to get around town without arising suspicion, she's happy to oblige.
Until she realizes what was at stake.
Her heart.
Her life that used to be full... that might end up always half empty.

Submitted: November 05, 2011

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Submitted: November 05, 2011



Chapter One~

A short story.


"He asked you out?!"

"Shut up, Alisha! Emily could be near-"

"Too late!" I sang, coming out from the corner. "Already found out."

I didn't feel a twinge of remorse as I walked away, smiling and swinging my hips as I heard the girls behind me, yelling at eachother, blaming one another for letting it slip. I sighed contentedly. Oh, how I loved my job.

Not that I got paid... that would have been awesome. It's something I love doing, though. I love it so much that I don't mind doing it without pay. You want to know what it is? Um, drummer? Drum roll please...

A school gossiper.

There's one in every school, every get together, every place. I'm a gosssiper, and I'm proud of it. I think I deserve an award from how much I've leaked into the schooling system. Not only do I love my job, but I'm good at it too. What I want, I get.

Oh, I made sure of that.

I rounded the corner, into the flood of students, merging with them. I walked like I normally did, as if I was deep in my thoughts and wasn't listening to anyone around me, when, on the contrary, that was exactly what I was doing.

"Yeah, did you see him?"

"Is he a student here?"

"No, he didn't have a back pack or anything."

"Damn it."

"I know."

I snaked up to the group of naive freshmen that were the ones talking and I smiled brightly as I said, "Who are you guys talking about?"

Out of the corner of my eye, I caught the sympathetic and pitiful looks towards the group of freshmen I was talking to, for getting caught by the school's biggest leaker. Of course, the freshies had no clue, and the upperclassmen didn't dare interfere with my snooping, for fear of making me angry.

And we all know what that means. Rumors.

I rolled my eyes. Well, that's what it means to them. They should know that I never blog about something unless I'm sure that it's true.

But whatever. Intimidation is good if it's on my side.

"This really sexy guy is outside of our school right now." one of the preppier ones informed me, delighted that an upperclassman was actually acknowledging her presence.

I nodded shortly and left their clique, making my ways to the entrance. If there was some dirt on this mystery guy outside, I wanted to be the one that got it.

Call it an obsession, but if anyone else got the scoop before I did, I was always pissed off, and I usually put that person on my black list.

When I burst through the doors, I didn't know what to expect. Surely not this.

I've seen hot guys before. Hell, I live with three! But Derek, Michael, and Jake weren't this degree of burning. Oh no.

The guy was leaning on the fence that outlined the school property. I could tell he was very rugged and badass. He had stubble on his chin and his hair was probably shoulder length, although I couldn't be sure with it tied into a low ponytail at the nape of his neck.

I walked a little closer and noted that his hair was a golden brown and his eyes were crystal blue. They were so soft and gentle that I found myself swimming around in them, trying not to get lost.

I felt a heat rush as we somehow locked eyes, out of all the girls that were crowding around him on the other side of the fence; my side of the fence.

I tried to get a grip, so I wouldn't lose myself in those blue pools.. but I wasn't succeeding. A billion hours later, though, sunglasses that I just noticed were perched on his head, slid down, going lower so that they concealed his eyes, leaving me confused and blinking.

I took my phone out quickly and thought, Holy shit, am I going to have a whole lot to blog about.

I got close enough to lean against the chain link fence, a few feet left from the hottie. I glanced discreetly to my right and saw him staring in my direction. But with those damn shades on, I couldn't tell if he was looking at me or the pretty scenery behind me.

The warning bell rang, then, and all the chatting girls flounced away, trying to make their exit as cute and sexy as possible while at the same time sprinting across the yard, trying to make it to class on time.

I didn't move, though. The school was so old that there were billions of secret ways to get in and out of the school without getting caught. I happened to know every single one.

The stubble on his chin and his face up close in detail tipped me off that he was way out of highschool and at least in his senior year of college. He looked at least twenty, which made my heart sink. Damn, he won't want to date a seventeen year old Junior.

Pushing the thought aside, I waited until he finally noticed that I was still there. His hand went up to his face and pulled the sunglasses up onto the top of his head again. Once again, I was caught in a trance. But this time, I reminded myself of a job. That did the trick, tearing me out of my daze almost instantly.

I cleared my throat and broke the silence. "So you new?"

I mentally hit myself in the head over and over again when I was met by silence. That was probably the stupidest thing I could've ever said. Of course he wasnt a new student here! He had to be at least twenty!

I almost sagged in relief when he finally replied, "Nah."

I nodded before holding up a hand and said, "Later." before ambling away calmly.

I smirked when I caught the whole cheerleading team still outside, hiding behind a jeep in the parking lot. They were chatting between themselves and stealing glances at the fence. And I was pretty sure it wasn't to see the pretty sky.

That's all I needed for a new story.


"Shit, that bitch caught us, girls." I heard Courtney, the head cheerleader, say as she held her blackberry in the middle of her little cluster of anorexic girls, letting them read what I'm assuming was my blog.

"She sure did." I sang as I pranced by, my skirt swaying back and forth.

"We'll get you back, bitch!" Courtney shouted behind me, and I tried not to wince at all the cheers she got. I forced myself to harden. My job required no friends, and I'm going to be perfectly okay with that.

Perfectly okay.

I cleared my throat and started my day, wishing every second that it was over.


After school, I walked out with my messenger bag slung over my shoulder. I stretched my arms, bringing them behind my back and yawning as I trotted down the worn down steps, absently noticing the beautiful day and nice breeze. In my right hand was my car keys. My left hand held my life, AKA my blackberry.


I looked behind me to see Taylor trotting down the stairs. His sweet honey brown eyes shown with energy as he rushed to catch up with me, his brown hair flouncing.

"Hey." I greeted him, smiling. Taylor was the only person I could talk to for more than an hour and not have the familiar itch to gossip about him and what he tells me.

"Where you headed to?"

I shrugged. "Anywhere away from here."

He laughed and we chatted a little longer before he politely excused himself. I was confused though, since he said bye a little abruptly. Frowning at him, I turned towards the direction he was staring at when he bid me farewell.

All I saw was a few cars rolling away and... wait. Was that? No,... The hottie from the fence this morning? For some reason, my palms started to sweat.

He was walking closer to me, not even glancing at all the girls that "accidentally" bumped into him. Or rather, should I say, rammed into him with their newspaper filled breasts.

Rolling my eyes at them, I got into my car. It was obvious he wasn't coming towards me to talk to me, the school gossiper. And then, I forgot. He didn't know my status at school. I dropped my keys on the ground and got out again, picking them up slowly.

I gave him time to catch up with me, and smiled smugly when he stopped in front of me. I gazed at him expectantly, waiting for him to say something like, "Wanna come over tonight?" or "You have beautiful eyes. Don't look at your blackberry screen all the time. Look at me."

Unfortunately, he wasn't thinking on the same brain wave as me.

"You dropped this."

I looked in disbelief at the cranberry crazy lip gloss tube in his tan hand, reaching out for me to take. I hadn't even noticed that it was missing until now. "Thanks." I said, trying to appear noncholant as I grabbed it from his hand and continued my way to get in the car.

"You're welcome." he said, as if on an after thought.

I rolled my eyes. He obviously has no idea how to talk to pretty girls.

But then again, I was always a sucker for that kind of guy, I thought as I drove away, watching him through my rearview mirror the whole way out of the parking lot.

Hey guys!

This is Kacie.

I was planning on entering this for StephanieJane's contest, but I just didn't have the time to complete it.

So I hope you enjoy it, and I just wanted to apologize to Stephanie for not being able to finish in time!

Sorry, girl!

Have fun reading, y'all!(:

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