Picture Perfection

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Submitted: October 13, 2018

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Submitted: October 13, 2018



Study the flaws in perfection. Don’t use it as direction.


It will dictate how to act and react that’s a self inflicted attack.


Now when reading direction. Can you define yourself. 


I’ll find a different shape if every year I got a pen to outline myself.


It’s ultimately up to you to find your path, being lost isn’t a loss.


I was told to be perfect. Because perfection you are,


And nothing looks better than a symmetrical star.


With my conscious behind eyes, I’ve grown wise.


I’ve opened my eyes as if societies a colourful Braille,


I don’t want to be perfect, stagnation’s stale.


Out of the proof I find there’s no room for improvement.  


I can list per fact why perfection is limiting. 


It implies a firm threshold which is suffocating 


Because a hold around you mind might as well be a hold around your neck,


Irony is that if I’m perfectly wrong then you don’t even need to check.



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