Unaware - Poem

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Written while flying over the city at night. It can't be summarized in a few words - you might as well just read it. ;) And comment?
All punctuation/capitalization (or lack thereof) is intentional.

Submitted: December 31, 2011

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Submitted: December 31, 2011



the girl stands

at her fingerprint-smudged

kitchen window.

unruly hair and

premature dark circles

framed by the 

deceptively warm light behind her

she reminisces about the days

before her life had

gotten so


glancing upward

she can't help miss



when the faraway light

of an airplane

traveling across the dark sky

was a shooting star

a hope

a wish.

it's now just

a reminder

that the hundreds of passengers above

have better lives than her

and when they reach their


there'll be a warm embrace

to step into

or an obligation

to rush off to -

either way

they're moving forward.

unlike her.

but yet

twenty-seven thousand feet up

in what looks

to everyone else

like a blinking red speck

a girl sits.


the glittering mosaic lights

of the city below.

dreads the duties she faces

at the other terminal.

unaware that the young woman

she writes about

in her battered notebook

full of aimless thoughts

is watching her.

unaware that they would both


disappear into the other's life

into that tiny dot

in their own vision.

unaware that they know so much

about each other,

yet so little

about themself.

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