Unexpected Return

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Massey Vela is heading home and she notices that someone's following her. But when she looks back, it isn't what she thinks it was.

Submitted: September 06, 2014

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Submitted: September 06, 2014



Massey Vela is a beautiful young lady. This particular day, she wears short jean and a white sleeveless shirt. You can see the ghost of her black bra and it brings men to their excitement, and she knows it because she sees men staring at her through her sunglasses.

Halfway through the empty street, she notices that there are heavy footsteps behind her. She can barely feel the hot breath on her neck.

Massey walks faster as she clutches her purse tighter. Oh my God. Someone’s following me, she thinks.

She had just spent her day with sun bathing at the beach and she is heading home. It is really hot and sweats begin to glide down her forehead. She longs for the day when David was still alive. He can protect her from all bad might, holding hands together. With his muscular body by her side, it surely keeps any strangers away from devouring her beautiful body.

Instead, she walks faster, faster and faster. She was literally running on her raised platform of shoes. It bothers her but she doesn’t care, someone’s still following her and he seems to run too but she doesn’t dare to look back. He could snatch her purse or her dignity right here.

Massey is angry. She sees the stranger’s reflection on the glass door of shop she passes. He is a man for sure but she doesn’t see the face clearly because she is sprinting now.

The crowd! I can run toward the crowd and he will not dare to pursue his intention or he will be beaten to death if he still does what in his mind, she thinks.

Sure enough she sprints toward the crowd in the mall. After she moves into a safe place, she turns back. It would be a good idea to know the face of her potential predator so she can avoid him the next time and get him pepper sprayed if she happens to meet him again!

But as soon as she sees the face, she recognised it. Her mouth opens ready to shout on top of her lungs.

He smiles as the crowd covers his tall body and turns back, running where he came from, going out of the building. He is crying.

Without thinking, Massey runs towards him, hauling away people who blocks her way. He is too far now, I must meet him! I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it and fucking cannot BELIEVE it! Now she is the one who are following the stranger screaming his name.


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