Memories, Dreams and a Shadow Over You

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what dreams do you dream?

have you ever dreamt of a strange land, a familiar face or an unexplainable experience? but what about a mysterious door?

what if all there is is a single door just waiting to be opened and a single fear that kept you away. Would you dare to open it?

Submitted: August 09, 2012

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Submitted: August 09, 2012



Every night its the same dream.

Over and over it plays through her mind. Over and over, time and time again. 

But this time will be different.


She looks up at the spiral staircase which seems to have no end to it.

But she knows it all too well.

After all, she has reached the top before. Countless times she has set foot at the very last step.

She knows what`s waiting for her, and so she takes her first step and begins the long journey once again.


With every step closer her heart beats faster, her mind races with anxiety, and her breathing becomes uneven.

She tries to calm herself, but her heart only beats louder as if shouting out to her. 

But what is it? what is it that she needs to know so badly? 


All of a sudden she reaches the very last step and once again faces a red door.


Every night its the same. The same climb, the same door, the same fear.

She doesn`t understand it. She can`t seem to find the reason why, the source of this fear, but its always there.

Gripping her, suffocating her, its this strange fear that always keeps her from opening that door. 

But not this time. 

This time would be different. She told herself that, she repeated it over and over with every single step. Now is the time.


She slowly lifts up her hand, she is shaking all over, but she doesn`t stop. She can`t. 

Her pale fingers touch the knob and a shiver runs down her spine as she feels the cool metal pressing against the palm of her hand,

And gathering up all her strength and courage, she turns the knob.




The door creaks open.

Then all too suddenly her eyes widen and her face turns a deathly white. 

Her mouth opens with a silent scream as she stumbles back and falls into the dark abyss. 


With a start she finds herself in her bed, drenched in a cold sweat and violently shaking to her very bones,

And there is nothing she could do but hold herself and sob uncontrollably.


In the morning the nurse walks in with a tray of breakfast and medicines. 

She sets down the tray and calmly walks towards the girl still clutching herself.

" There, there you poor, poor child. Everything`s going to be alright. Why don`t we pay a little visit to the Doctor, m`kay?" the nurse whispers

And gently taking the girls hand, she leads the girl down the hall and up the flights of stair.

Finally they reach the floor, the girl still keeping her head down. In this floor there is nothing but white walls and a single room at the end of the hall. 

And she doesn`t need to see it, she knows it all too well. 

How clearly she recalls the golden name of the Doctor so neatly arranged on his bright red door.

The nurse reaches forward and turns the knob.




The door opens.



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